Cameron Dallas | Memories.

Cameron is not a regular teenager. He is vine famous.
Which means that millions of girls wants him and ofcourse he likes that.
But he falls inlove with his bestfriend. Ava doesnt see the signs and keeps treating him like her bestfriend. But then he kisses her everything changes.
Will she see how he feels?


16. Virgin.

#Cameron's POV#


Ava moved her head closer and pressed her lips against mine.

She got on top of me but kept kissing.

I wrapped my arms around her and held tight, i wasnt going to let her go ever again.

She stopped kissing me and pulled off her shirt.

She kissed me again, one more time before she looked at me while holding both of her hands on my cheeks.

"Cameron, im ready" 

I nodded and started kissing her again.

She lay me down, still being on top of me.

She kissed my neck and ran her warm fingers through my hair.


I opened her bra and she stopped touching me.

"What's wrong babe?" She held her arms infront of her boobs and looked down.

"Im sorry, they are too small" 

I smiled and took hold of her arms.

I slowly pulled her arms away and looked at her boobs.

They wasnt that small, and they were beautiful, just like the rest of her.


She looked away.

I pulled my head closer and kissed her boobs.

I looked up again.

She was starring at me.

"They are beautiful. Just like the rest of you" 

She smiled.

I pulled of my shirt and kissed her again.

We lay down again and she kissed my on the neck.

I moaned and pulled off her shorts.

Before long we were both laying in our underwears and kept making out while i was holding tight around her.


"Are you sure?" I looked at her.

"Yes, i want it to be you" She smiled.

I nodded and slowly took off her undies.

She closed her eyes.

I looked at her.

"Dont worry, ill be gentle. i promise"

She opened her eyes and got down and kissed me.

"I know you will" She smiled and pulled of my boxers.

Before long she grapped it and starting rubbing up and down against it.

It felt so good and she was pretty good at it actually.


#Ava's POV#

I wasnt worried, or scared or anything anymore.

I trusted Cameron.

I loved Cameron.


I knew that everything was going to be okay, and he was going to take care of me.

Before long, he had a boner and smiled at me.

He kissed me again and smiled.


He moaned as i pulled in it one last time before looking at him.

He got on top of me and held his body up in the air before laying down on me.

"Are you sure about this?" 

I smiled. "Yes, im sure" 

He kissed me on last time before he let his warm body lay down on top of me.


He looked down. 

"Spread your legs" He kept looking down.

I did as he said and smiled at him.

He looked up at me and kissed me again.

"Ready?" His hair was all meshed up.

"Wait" He looked at me.

"I have to tell you someting" He smiled. "What is it Babe?" 

I took a deep breath. "Im a virgin" 

He kissed me. "I knew that, just trust me"


He made me feel save.

"Im ready now" He held his left hand on the sheets and his right on my left cheek.

I didnt want to closer my eyes.

I held them opened and looked into Cameron's wonderfull brown eyes as he pushed it inside of me.

It hurted.

I closed my eyes and let out a soft moan of pain.

He didnt move. 

I felt it inside of me, but he didnt move.

I opened my eyes again.

"Are you okay? Does it hurt? Do you want me to stop?" 

He looked scared at me.

I kissed him and smiled.

"It's okay, go on" 

He started moving slowly as he looked at me.

I closed my eyes and bited my lower lip as i tried to hold the pain screams inside.


He started moving a bit faster, and the faster he moved. The lower became the pain.

"You can move faster now, youre not hurting me anymore" 

He let out a soft moan and moved faster.

He kissed me over and over again.

I wrapped my arms around his bag and moaned along with him.


Before i knew it, i was scrathing his back and pulling a bit in his hair.

He pushed his hair away from his face and kissed me on the neck.


It was so perfect.

I couldnt have asked for a better first time.

Cameron was so gentle to me.

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