Cameron Dallas | Memories.

Cameron is not a regular teenager. He is vine famous.
Which means that millions of girls wants him and ofcourse he likes that.
But he falls inlove with his bestfriend. Ava doesnt see the signs and keeps treating him like her bestfriend. But then he kisses her everything changes.
Will she see how he feels?


24. Malibu

#Ava's POV#

"This is it, i'm moving away now"

The last tweet i would ever write While Living in LA..

Everything came so fast, i couldn't follow the speed.

I hated that id left Cameron like that, But i didn't want him to remember the last time he saw me when i was trying.

I Wanted him to remember me when i was happiest. Laying With him in bed. The Only place i Actually felt save.


Id totally stopped crying.

I couldn't do it, No matter how much i Wanted to and believe me, i tried.


I Walked into my empty room on the 1st floor Right beside the bathroom.

I looked around on the carpet, Where the marks of my Stuff still was.

I walked towards the spot where my bed had been standing for the last 11 years because i was covering for Cameron.

The stings in the carpet where juice.

Cameron spilt them when we were like 6 i think.


We were jumping in my bed while drinking our juice boxes even tho my mom had said like a million times that we shouldnt drink and jump on the same time.

I remember Cameron's face when he spilt.

He looked so scared at me, like he was going to get in trouble.

I just smiled at him and told him that we should move my bed over the strings and they would never know. Cameron's face ligthed up from release. He looked so cute.


I couldnt believe i was leaving.

I didnt know how i was going to live so far away from here while knowing that 1 million other girls wanted Cameron.


I couldnt let this make me weak.

I couldnt let myself think about it, cus if i started then i wouldnt be able to stop and then the thoughts were going to kill me from the inside and out.


"Ava! We're ready to go!" I looked out the window. 

My mom waved at me.

I grapped the last box, looked around the room and closed the door behind me.

I walked outside the house and towards my mom.

She smiled at me. "Hey sweetie, its time to go" I smiled and nodded at her.

"You and i are going to the airport and the movingtruck will meet us in Malibu"

I nodded again and followed my mom into the taxi.


I couldnt believe that i was actually leaving.

I was leaving my friends, my life...

On the way to the airport, i started deleting some pictures in my phone

I deleted pictures of me and some of my friends from high school, i deleted pictures of my mom and John, i deleted pictures of myself where i was actually smiling.

After a while i'd deleted 33 pictures. 33 memories.

I got to all the pictures of me and Cameron...

I hesitated for a few minutes and clicked on all pictures, but after thinking it through i canceled the deleting and locked my phone.

I wasnt ready to delete him yet, and that was when i remembered...

We didnt say or kiss goodbye...


#Cameron's POV#

I couldnt believe it, she was gone..

I really hoped that she would be happy in Malibu.

I wanted her to be happy and smile even though i couldnt be there to see it.


"Cameron, are you okay dude?" 

Nash, Matt, Hayes and Shawn looked at me.

I quickly turned my head towards them, instead of my phone.


Hayes looekd weird at me. 

"We asked you if you wanted to come with us to get pizza" 

I looked down.

"Yeah sure" 

I sighed and looked at my phone again for a sec.

A picture of me and Ava was showing.

I looked at it for a few seconds and then locked my phone.


I followed the other guys out of the apartment and down to the streets when Shawn looked at me.

"Im sure she is fine bro" I looked up at him and smiled.

"Atleast you got to kiss her goodbye" I looked at Nash with huge eyes.

Nash opened his mouth and starred at me. 

"Dude, you didnt kiss her goodbye?" I shoke my head. "I didnt even get to say it"

Everyone stopped and looked at me.

I stopped and starred into the air of just sadness.

Hayes punched me on the shoulder.

I looked at him, but didnt say anything.

"Where is she now?" Matt walked towards me.

"What time is it?" Shawn looked at his phone.

"Its 10.20" I looked at Nash, he was nodding at me.

"Lets go!" Nash and the other guys started running towards shawns car and got in.

I jumped in and then we drove.



Shawn drove fast.

I looked at the road all the way.

"When is her plane boading?" I heard Hayes moving closer behind me.

"At 10.30" Hayes looked at Shawn.

"Well, go faster shawn!!"  Shawn looked back at Hayes.

"I cant! The traffic is awfull!" 


"Just stop!" Shawn stopped the car and looked at me.

"We're only a few miles away from the airport, ill run!" 

I got out of the car and Shawn was about to step on the speeder when Nash looked at me.

"Stop Shawn!" Nash gave his skateboard and smiled at me.

"Go get her bro" I took the board and smiled at him.

"Thanks!" I jumped on the board and started rolling.


I kept looking at teh signs.

Only 3 miles more.

I kept rolling.


and finally i got to the airport.

i looked at my phone. "10.28" 

I had 2 minutes.

i ran through the airport and towards the place where Ava was suppose to be.

I looked around and saw the plane boading.

There were still a few people in line to show their tickets.

I looked closely and saw Ava giving her ticket to the lady in the blue uniform.

I ran towards her and yelled her name.

She quickly turned around and smiled.

"Cameron" She kept smiling.

I pulled her to the side and looked at her. 

"I couldnt let you leave without saying goodbye. We didnt even get to kiss one last time" 

She looked down, but then looked up and smiled at me.

"I know" I smiled and took her hand.


"Ava, i love you so much" 

A tear fell down from her cheek. 

"I love you too Cameron" 

I moved closer and pressed my lips against hers.

After a few minutes we stopped and she just starred at me.

"I have to go..." Her voice was low and sounded sad.

"Dont leave me" I held her hand tight.

"I have to" She looked into my eyes while our noses still touching.

"Dont forget me okay?" She kept looking into my eyes.

I shoke my head a little. "Never" 

She smiled and slowly moved away.

She walked towards the lady in the uniform, showed her ticket and walked towards the boading hall.

She looked back at me and waved.

I smiled and waved back at her.


I watched my one true love walk away, and i'll never forget her.

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