Cameron Dallas | Memories.

Cameron is not a regular teenager. He is vine famous.
Which means that millions of girls wants him and ofcourse he likes that.
But he falls inlove with his bestfriend. Ava doesnt see the signs and keeps treating him like her bestfriend. But then he kisses her everything changes.
Will she see how he feels?


8. inlove.

#Cameron's POV#

I didn't see Ava for over 3 weeks.

Julie wouldn't let me, just because i told her about One little Dream i had about her.

I was going to see Ava today, Julie wasn't going to Tell me what to do.

I was 18, i knew how to Take Care of myself.

I'd just told her that i had to talk to Nash. Done.

She Actually believed me.


I drove to Ava's house, the light i'm her bedroom Window was on.

She was home.

I looked up at her Window and Called her phone.

"Ava speaking" i smiled. "Ava!" I kept looking at her Window. "Cam?"

I smiled again. "Look out your Window" i saw her shadow walking towards the Window and Then her curtain Got rolled up.

She saw me and smiled

"Cam, what are You doing here?" She opened her Window and hung up the phone.

"Open up the front Door" i kept smiling. I'd really missed her.

She Waked away from the Window and after a few seconds, the frontdoor Got Locked up.

Ava opened the Door and looked at her phone.

"Cam, what are You doing here? Its 11 at Night" i smiled.

"I just had to see You" i Wales towards her and hugged her.

She didn't hug me back....

What was wrong With her?

I stopped hugging and looked at her.

"Why haven't You Answered any ofte texts or calls the last 3 weeks?" She looked down.

Should i Tell her about what Julie Wanted?

"Uhm, i lost my phone" i looked away.

I felt so guilty about lying to my Best friend.

She looked up at me. "LIAR" She was about to smash the Door in my face. I grapped the Door.

Ava ran upstairs. I Walked inside and closed the Door.

I ran after her to her room.


I closed her bedroom Door and looked at her sitting on her bed looking Down.

I sat Down, next to her.

"Ava... I'm sorry" She looked up at me. "For what? Being a LIAR or ignoreing me for 3 weeks?"

I took a deep breath. I had to Tell her the intire truth.

"Ava, Julie asked me to choose between You and her" Ava's eyes Got full of water. "And You Chose her?"

I took Another deep breath. "For You, yes i did."


#Ava's POV#

I didn't get it. My bestfriend i'd known for Ages Chose his girlfriend he had known for a month over me.

"I did it for You" he looked at me.

I felt the anger getting to me.

"How Can that ever be for me?" He looked away.

"Because If i Chose You, everything would be clear" i looked weird at him.

"What would be clear?" He looked at me.

"Ava, i'm inlove With You"

WHAT?! I'd never thought cameron would feel the same for me as i felt for him.

"Why didn't You Tell me earlier?" He ran his left through his hair.

"Because i thought it would ruin our friendship and i dont want to lose You" i smiled and moved closer to Cameron's head.

He looked at my lips. I licked my lips and pressed my lips Against his.

He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer. I wrapped my arms around his neck and Got on his legs.

He held me tight and ripped his tongue around Against mine.

I stopped the kiss and looked into he's eyes. "Cam, i'm inlove With You too"

Cameron smiled and kissed me again.

"What about Julie?" Cameron looked away.

"I have to Tell her the truth" i ran my fingers through his soft silky hair.

"You Got a new hair Cut" cameron smiled.

"Yeah do You like it?" I smiled and nodded.

"I have to go home" cameron Got up and took on his jacket.

I Got up and Walked With him Down stairs.

He took hold of the front Door and opened it.

He stopped and smiled at me. "Come here" i smiled and Walked towards cameron.

He wrapped his arms around my waist While i wrapped mine around his neck.

He smiled and kissed me.

"See ya later" i smiled.

Cameron Got out to his car and drove away.


Finally i'd told him how i felt! And it was even better that he felt the same Way.


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