Cameron Dallas | Memories.

Cameron is not a regular teenager. He is vine famous.
Which means that millions of girls wants him and ofcourse he likes that.
But he falls inlove with his bestfriend. Ava doesnt see the signs and keeps treating him like her bestfriend. But then he kisses her everything changes.
Will she see how he feels?


23. Heart.

#Ava's POV#

I felt so Happy, But Then again so scared that this Girl from the magcon was going to Take cameron away from me.

"Ava! Get Down here!"

It was my mom. I could hear her calling my name from the kitchen.

I ran Downstairs and towards my mom.

She Quickly looked up at me With tears in her eyes.

I Got worried. "Mom, is everything okay?" I moved closer and looked at my crushed mom.

"We have to move away sweetie. I'm so Sorry. I know You and cameron just started really Loving each other. I'm so Sorry baby, We have to move away"

I felt the tears coming. "Why? What happened?"

I tried to keep the tears in my eyes.

My mom looked Down. "We're Being kicked out of the house, me and John are splitting up. He wants us gone before tomorrow Night"

In that moment, i broke.

Tears rolled Down my cheeks. My mom hurried Down from the chair and hugged me.

"We're gonna Stay With grandma in malibu, We Will be fine baby i promise" i felt my moms arms wrapped around me Holding me tight into her warm body.


"Malibu? That means i have to break up With cameron"

I looked Down. "I'm Sorry Honey"

I stopped Hurting my mom and Walked out of the house.

I looked around on the street. Kids Were Playing.

Laughing, having fun. Where me and cameron once did the same things.

Everything id Worked so hard to get, gone in less Then 3 seconds.


I Walked towards my moms car and drove to Cameron's place.

He just moved in With Nash.


I Got to Their place and parker outside.

I Walked towards the Door and rang on Their buzzer.

"Hello?" Nash sounded tired.

"Hey Nash, is Cam home? I really need to talk to him"

I looked Down Hoping for an yes.

"Yeah sure, he is in his room. I'll let You in"

The buzzer rang and the Door opened.

I took a deep breath and Walked into the elevator.

I thought about how i was going to Tell him that i was moving away and that he couldn't do anything to make me Stay.

I guess it Actually was that easy. Just saying those words. Nothing Else, cus If i did i would bust out in tears.


I Got to the apartment and Knocked in the frontdoor.

Nash opened and smiled at me.

"Hey" i tried to smile and answer.

"Hey" he smiled again and Waved me inside.

I looked around and looked at nash again.

"Great place" he nodded. "Thanks, cams room is upstairs."

He pointed at the stairs.

I nodded and Walked up the stairs.

I was on my Way to break Cameron's heart.

I was the worst person ever.

I found Cams Door and Knocked on.

I took a deep breath and the Door Got open.

There he was.

Smiling at me.

I wish he could just make this so much easy by cheating on my or something. But i guess i'm just not getting it tht easy.

I have to be the Girl that breaks his beautiful heart...


"Hey Ava, I've missed You" he smiled at me.

I tried to smile back.

He moved closer and kissed me.

But i didn't kiss him.

I just stood there, looking stupid.


#Cameron's POV#

She looked so perfect just standing there.

I moved closer to kiss her.

My lips touched hers, But She didn't kiss me back.

Something was wrong.

I stopped kissing her and moved away from her pretty face so i could look at her.

Tears rolled Down her cheeks.

I Quickly grapped her and wrapped my arms around her.

"Whats wrong Ava?"

She started crying.

I felt the years soaking my Shirt, But i didn't Care.

She grapped my Shirt With her left hand and held tight.

I made her looked at me. "Ava, Whats wrong? Dont cry! I love You" she sniffed and moved away from me.

She starred at me for a While.

"Cameron, i'm Sorry...." I looked confused at her.

"Dont say that, You did nothing wrong" She broke and the tears flowded out.

"I'm going to Malibu" i looked weird at her.

"Thats nothing to cry about?" I grapped her hand and kissed it.

"No Cam, i'm moving"

I felt the tears coming.

"What? Then what about us?" She Shoked her head While crying.

"there can't be an us" a tear rolled Down my cheek.

"Yes, yes there Can. I Can come visit You, and You Can visit me, and We Can FaceTime all the time and talk on the phone and text"

She kept shoking her head and She let go of my hand.

"Cameron, We both know that long distance relationships never Works" i Shoke my head.

"Thats not true, We Can do this"

She kept crying.

"No cameron, i can't be so far away from You, never knowing If some fan Girl Wins your heart While i'm not there. I Wont allow myself that pain, that jealousy, those pictures of You in my head Holding Another Girl so close that You used to hold me"

I moved closer and wrapped my arms around her.

"You already won my heart" She sniffed.

"I love You so much Cameron"

I looked into her eyes.

"I love You too Ava"


She stopped touching me and Walked towards the Door when She stopped and looked back at me.

I couldn't let her go like this.

I Quickly Walked towards her and grapped her.

I pressed my lips Against hers so close i could.

I didn't want to stop.

"Please be mine for just an hour more!"

She smiled.

I grapped her and pulled her With me towards my bed.

I wasn't going to let her go that easy.

I pulled Off my shirt and kissed her again.

I stopped for a second to breath and pulled her Shirt Off.

I kissed her on the neck and felt her heavy breathing.

I removed out clothes pretty fast and starred at her.

She was so beautiful, laying under me, With her arms wrapped around my back.

I slowly entered her.

It was magical.

I Wanted to make this the Best time of her life.

I started out slow and before long i started moving closer.

She Moaned and had her eyes closed.

She was filled With sweat. So was i.

I kissed her boobs and felt her scratching her nails Down my back.

It was painfull, But i didn't Care.

She could do anything to me.

She had my heart in the parm of her hands.


I felt it coming.

I was close.

"I'm close Ava" She looked at me and tried to anwser. Tired and out of breath.

"Do it, its okay" i looked scared at her.

"Its okay, i'm on the pill" She made my calm.

She grapped some of my hair and pulled a little bit.

It was coming.

There is was.

I Moaned One last time as i let myself release inside her.

I rolled Down from her and looked into her eyes.

She smiled at me and moved closer.

She lay Down on my chest, Catching her breath.

It wasn't long before i fell sleep from all the hard Work.

"I love You cameron" was the last Thing i heard before dosing away.


I Woke up a few hours later, and looked next to me.

Ava was gone.

Gone With my heart, and there was No Way of Making her Stay.







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