Cameron Dallas | Memories.

Cameron is not a regular teenager. He is vine famous.
Which means that millions of girls wants him and ofcourse he likes that.
But he falls inlove with his bestfriend. Ava doesnt see the signs and keeps treating him like her bestfriend. But then he kisses her everything changes.
Will she see how he feels?


10. Friends.

#Ava's POV#

I missed talking to Cameron, but tbh i understood what he coudlnt break up with Julie after she had just lost her dog.

I missed kissing him, thoughting him, loving him.

I just wanted all this to be over so we could be together.

I looked at my phone. it was only 11.13 AM and i had to meet Lilly and Erika at the mall.

I took on my shoes and walked outside to my skateboard. I didnt actually have a car, sometimes i borrowed my mom's but that was it. I always used my skateboard and i loved it. the wind in my hair and the people you meet when youre rolling down the street.


I got to the mall and walked inside.

Erika and Lilly told me to meet them at the juice bar so that was where i was heading.

I couldnt stop thinking about Cameron...


I saw the girls and slowly walked towards them without them noticeing me.


"AAARGH" I thoughted their shoulders and god they jumped high.

They both screamed and turned around.

Erika smiled and laughed, but Lilly looked mad at me and bunshed me on the shoulder.

"I hate when you do that" I couldnt stop laughing.

"Sorry Lilly" She smiled and drank the rest of her juice.


"So what were you doing last sunday?" Erika looked weird at me.

"I was with Cameron" Lilly had her mouth wide open.

"What, you guys finally got together?" I looked away.

"No we didnt, he hasnt broken up with Julie yet" 

Erika took her juice and threw it to the trash. "What, so what happened?" 

We started walking around in the halls. "We kissed and then he told me what had happened"

Erika stopped and looked at me. "And???" "and then i kinda told him that i didnt want to talk to him, until he had broken up with Julie" 


Lilly hugged me. "But sweetie, you love Cameron, and he loves you. i bet youre missing him right now"

I laughed. "Maybe"

Erika pointed at something. "Well, there he is!" 

I looked at Mary's and yup there he was, together with Nash, Hayes, Matthew, Taylor, Brent and taylor.

Erika and Lilly ran towards them and kissed their boyfriends.


I stood still infront of the store and looked at the ground.

I didnt want to look at Cameron,

cuz if i did i was just going to kiss him

and i didnt know if he was told the guys about us yet and about Julie.

I looked up and smiled at the guys but when i got to Cameron who was standing with a big smile on his face i just looked away.


He walked towards me.

"Hey, can i talk to you in private?" I looked up.

"Sure" He took hold of my hand and pulled me with him out and behind the mall where no one ever came.

"I miss you Ava" He held his hand tight around mine. 

Dont look at him Ava, dont look at him. 

But it was to late. 

I lifted my head and looked into his wonderfull brown eyes.

"Cam" He stopped holding my hand and let his hand move up to my right cheek. 

I couldnt do anything, he had me in a trance.


#Cameron's POV#

She was so beautiful, and i wanted her to know how much she ment to me.

I looked into her pretty blue eyes and held my left hand on her right cheek.

She was so warm.

"I miss you too Cam" She made me smile, she always did.

"Why have you been ignoring me then?" She looked away. 

"Because youre with Julie" I remembered.


Julie was a sweet girl and i didnt want to hurt her.

She ment alot to me, but so did Ava.

"Maybe we should just stay friends" Why did i just say that? I wanted to be with Ava! 



She looked up at me and a tear rolled down her cheek.

"I guess" i ran my fingers through her silky dark brown hair.

I placed my right hand on her neck and pressed her lips against mine.

I closed my eyes and just enjoyed our last kiss.

She wrappred her arms around my neck and pressed even harder.


I didnt want to let her go, but i had to cuz Julie didnt dissurve all this, she dissurved someone who was loyal and that was what i was going to be for now on.


I stopped kissing Ava and just looked at her.

She was the most beautiful girl ever, and i couldnt believe that i'd just told her to be just friends.


But sometimes you have to make some choises even tho you dont want to take them.

and in this situation i chose to not let any of them go and for now that was how it  was going to be cuz this way i could be with Ava even tho i was dating Julie.


I just had to learn to control my thougths...


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