Cameron Dallas | Memories.

Cameron is not a regular teenager. He is vine famous.
Which means that millions of girls wants him and ofcourse he likes that.
But he falls inlove with his bestfriend. Ava doesnt see the signs and keeps treating him like her bestfriend. But then he kisses her everything changes.
Will she see how he feels?


18. Forever.

#Cameron's POV#

I walked down the hallway towards Ava's room again, i had to find her.

I knocked on the door and there stood Brent.

"Sup Cam?" He smiled. I looked behind him inside the room, but i couldnt find Ava.

"Where is Ava?" Brent looked smiley at me. 

"She is with Nash, they just started the magcon meeting" I ran.

I ran downstairs and into the dressing room behind the stage.

"This is my friend Ava, she is really sweet so be nice" I heard Nash introduce Ava for all the fans. They screamed.

I knew what i had to do.


I walked towards the stage and opened the door to the big room where all the fans where.

I looked at my right. Nash, Hayes, Matthew, Jack, Jack, Shawn, Taylor and Ava was standing on the stage.

Shawn started singing.

All the fans looked at me and screamed.

"CAMERON I LOVE YOU" i smiled and almost ran up on the stage.


Ava looked at me. "Cameron"

She didnt say anything, before i'd pressed my lips against hers.

I held my hands on both her cheeks and didnt let go for a while.

All the fans screamed again and everyone looked at us.

I let go with my lips but kept holding my hands on her cheeks, while looked into her beautiful eyes.

"I love you Ava" She smiled.

"I love you too Cameron" I smiled and kissed her again.

I got down on one knee.

Ava laughed. 


I took her right hand and looked up at her.

"Ava Stewart, will you be my girlfriend?" She laughed and smiled.

I kept looking up at her. Everyone got quiet.

She looked at me and nodded. "Yes" 

I smiled and hurried up to kiss her again.

the fans screamed while we were pressing our lips against each other.

She jumped a little. 

It was cute.

I truely loved her and i wanted to be hers. 



#Ava's POV#

I was finally dating Cameron.

I always knew that he was the one guy i loved the most.

I actually was kinda nervous about it, cuz he was vine famous, which ment that lots of girls wanted to be with him, and they wouldnt give up that easy.

I was nervous that he might find someone else who was prettier then me....


We were laying in Cameron's bed, talking to the other guys in the room.

Nash looked at us. I felt kinda bad, he had invited me on this tour with them and then im laying here, giving all my love to Cameron.

Love wasnt easy...

Nash looked down at the ground and he wasnt talking to us.

He just sat there.

I didnt know what to say to him.


"I have to make a video for youtube" Cameron smiled.

I looked at him. "Oh, should i go?"

Cameron smiled. "No, this video is called. Meet my beautiful girlfriend"

I smiled.

Nash hurried up and walked out of the room.

Cameron looked at me. "What's wrong with him today?" I looked down and didnt answer.


Cameron sat the video camera up and sat down next to me on the bed.

Everyone else left the room, so we could record in private.

it was some kinda role they had.

Recording time, was alone time.


Cameron turned on the Camera and waved at it.

"What's up guys, Cameron here and now youre thinking, who is this beautiful girl next to me?" 

I smiled and waved at the camera.

"This is Ava, my girlfriend" I nodded and laughed.

Cameron kissed my cheek and smiled at the camera again.


Cameron started talking about our next stop on magcon tour which was New york city.

We were leaving in the morning.





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