Cameron Dallas | Memories.

Cameron is not a regular teenager. He is vine famous.
Which means that millions of girls wants him and ofcourse he likes that.
But he falls inlove with his bestfriend. Ava doesnt see the signs and keeps treating him like her bestfriend. But then he kisses her everything changes.
Will she see how he feels?


11. Dinner.

#Ava's POV#

"You just have to make him want you and not her" Erika was eating some cherrios as we were speaking on the phone i could hear it.

"But how? I dont want him to get mad at me" I was laying on my bed wearing my PJ'S.

"You have to make him want you and not her, i mean in every single way possible" 

I got a bit scared

"Wait, every single way?" 

She laughed. "Im sorry Ava, but yeah. you just have to let go of all your sexual scares. I promise that you'll be fine. you just have to play around a bit" 


I couldnt do that, how was i suppose to make him want me sexual? I wasnt that sexy.

and i had my scares. I was so scared that i was going to lose my virginaty to someone who wouldnt understand what i was giving him. I wanted it to be with someone i was inlove with and he in me.

I had to trust him and feel save around him.

I know it's alot of things but im really scared about it.

"Sweetie, you dont have to sleep with him, you just have to act like you want to" 

I understood now, i just had to touch him a bit.


After a long talk with Erika, we hung up and that got me thinking.

What if he was going to deny?

What if he didnt like it?

I didnt want him to hate me.


My phone rang "Incoming call - CAM" 

I Answered.


"Hey Cam" 

"Hey Ava, hey do you want to go with me, Julie and all the other guys to dinner in like 2 hours?"



I hung up and ran towards my clothes.


I had to look perfect, cuz maybe it would make him look at me more then he would look at her.

I found my black long dress and pulled it on.

It looked so perfect on me, my curves looked almost good.

I took on some flat black shoes, but i really couldnt walk in heels, i would just fall and break a leg or something.


Julie on the other hand, was really good at it, she was almost perfect. She had been modeling for Vogue! I couldnt compete with that... 

Maybe i should just stay home i couldnt win Cameron anyway....


I curled my hair and put on some make up, i just wanted to look perfect, i wanted to be prettier then Julie but that was really really hard....

but i guess that if i wanted to win Cameron, i had to try.


I was ready and looked at the time, 

6.37 PM FUCK i was 7 minutes late!! 

I ran towards my mom.

"Mom! Can i borrow your car?" 

She looked up at me. "No" 

I looked mad at her. "But, i dont know how else to get to the resturant"

She smiled. "Use your skateboard" 

I looked away and ran to get my skateboard.

Great, i had to roll to the resturant.. classy.


I rolled down the road, and saw the resturant. 

I took a deep breath. I was gonna win Cameron.


#Cameron's POV#


We were all here. 

Well almost all.

I looked next to me, and Ava wasnt here yet. Where could she be?

before i knew it, i heard Ava speak. "Sorry im late guys" 

I looked back, WOW

She looked so beautiful in that dress.

She looked girly. She never why now?


She sat down next to me and smiled at me.


"So Ava, whats up?" Nash smiled at her.

I have to admit i got a little jealous....


We ordered and soon came our food.


suddenly i felt something on my legs.

I looked at Julie, she was sitting with both her hands on the table.Weird.

I continued eating.


but it wasnt long before i could feel it again, and this time it was slideing up and down against my inner thighs.

I looked at Ava, her left hand was under the table, i wonder if it was her.


She looked at me and smiled as i felt the thing on my inner thighs moving more up.


I now knew that it was Ava thoughting me.

I tried to ignore it and kept on eating 

but it wasnt long before i fetl her hand opening my belt and slide her hand into my pants, i was lucky she wasnt under my boxers.


I looked at her.

She smiled again and started rubbing on my boxers.

It felt so good, i closed my eyes for a sec and licked my lips.


"Is everything okay Cameron?" I opened my eyes and looked at Julie who was looking confused at me.

"Yeah, i just had to sneeze, but i couldnt" She started eating again.

I looked at Ava again, she bite her under lip and looked at my pants.


I wanted to kiss her so bad, but i couldnt...

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