Assassin (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

This girl is an assassin hired by Simon Cowell to destroy the talentless side of the music industry. One by one, she hunts down the terrible bands and singers in hopes to slow down the parasitic plague that is modern pop music.

Targets: Nikki Minaj
Justin Bieber
Lady Gaga

and of course...

One Direction


5. Rihanna: "She Shined Bright"

"I'm making a move."

Sneaking into the flat, I open the cabinet under her sink. I undo the filtration and open the packet. Covering my nose and mouth, I pour the black dust into the water. I pull the water filter out of the spout and place the water back in the sink set up.I hear a car door slam outside and head to the opposite side of the flat.

"So I like your idea" I hear a woman speak.

"It will sell millions of copies!"

And that would be Simon.

"Would you like something to drink?"

"Just some water."

"I'll pour two cups."

"Great" Simon says.

I shoot him a text.

Don't actually drink it

Why not?

You will see. Just dont


He took the cup from Rihanna and raised it.

"To the next album!"

She took a sip and immediately began to cough. Let's just say it was a painful death for her. In minutes she was pale and colourless on the floor. She was announced dead the next morning.


"I see you accomplished yet another person" Toby says.

"I did. now how do I get Lady Gaga?"

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