Assassin (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

This girl is an assassin hired by Simon Cowell to destroy the talentless side of the music industry. One by one, she hunts down the terrible bands and singers in hopes to slow down the parasitic plague that is modern pop music.

Targets: Nikki Minaj
Justin Bieber
Lady Gaga

and of course...

One Direction


8. 1D: "Little White Lies"

"Her name is Aubrey" I say.

"And you just met her today" Zayn asks.


"Don't you think it's a little too fast to have a crush on her, Harry" Liam thinks.


"Haz, I'm on your side. You've been looking for someone. Maybe you found her" Niall tells me.

"I'm with Niall and Harry on this one" Louis adds.

"Thanks guys." I then hesitate. "Uh, do you want to meet her?"

And chorus of 'sure' and 'yes' is among my friends.

"Invite her to the party tonight" Liam suggests.

"She has a boyfriend" I say.

"Him too."

I pick up my phone and slowly dial her number, thinking of what to say.

"Hello" Aubrey says.

"Hey Aubrey. It's Harry, from the café yesterday."

"Oh hey Harry. What's up?"

"Me and the boys were wondering if you'd want to come to our album release party tonight? You and your boyfriend, if he wants."

"Um, sure! I'll be there."

"Great. I'll text you the location and everything."

"Alright" she laughs. "See you later, Harry."

"See ya!"


(Aubrey's POV)

"Who is this" Toby asks.


"Who. Is. This" he asks, beginning to get aggravated.

"A friend."

"A friend? a friend named..."


"Harry? Why were you with him, A?"


"Just get out."

"This is my house!"

"And now it's mine. GO!"

I run up to my room, grabbing a suit case, and pack. Out the front door I go, with nowhere to be. I walk into town and decide to sit in the park.

"Are you lost" a boy asks me.

"Uh not really. I just don't have anywhere to stay."

"Oh. I'm sorry. I'm Niall by the way" the blonde says.

"Hi Niall. I'm Aubrey."

He thinks for a second then asks, "Are you friends with Harry?"

"You know Harry" I ask.

"Yeah. He's my band mate. Here, come with me."

I'm not sure I can trust this guy, but I have my stuff in my bag, so I should be safe. He leads me to a convertible and tells me to put my bag in. I do as told and he opens the door of the passengers seat for me. I climb in before he does too.

"So Aubrey, you from here" Niall asks, driving away.

"Yup. And I can tell you aren't. Where are you from? Ireland?"

"The one and only" he laughs.

"Cool. So are you going to the party tonight?"

"Yeah. Of course. It's me and the boys' album release party."

"Oh yeah. Right. Sorry."

Me and him laugh the whole car ride, but then we pass a McDonalds.

"I need food" Niall whines. "Want anything?"


We pull into the parking lot, me already loving this guy.

"Kay. I'll be back" he says, running into the building.

Just then, my phone rings.

"Hey Simon" I say, slowly.

"You called earlier. What's up?"

"I'm in" I tell him. "I got close to Harry, and I'm actually in Niall's car right this moment. He just ran in to get food."

"Great job. Anything else to tell me?"

"I got invited to the album release party."


"Hey Simon" I say. "These boys are going to be hard to take down. We need to take it step by step. Step one happens tonight."

"Can't wait."

"I have to go Simon. Niall is coming. Bye."

"Wait, Aub..."

"Hey Aubrey. Who were you talking to" Niall asks.

"Oh just my boyfriend. That's all. we kind of, got in a fight. That's why I left the house."

"Okay. Is he coming tonight?"

"No. He can't. Thanks for inviting us by the way."

"No problem. Now let's go to the home of 1D!"

Don't get too close, Aubrey. Harry's a charmer... -S

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