Pewdiepie- brofist

It all starts when Sophie moves to Brighton and hears a knock at her door…


2. death threats..

"Do you know any people from around here?" He asked as we say down in the now fully-unpacked kitchen, "no-one actually, I came here for a new start" I said casually, I now feel like I can tell Felix anything. He's been over for an hour and a half and we're already best friends! "I will be your tour guide then!"he shouted,"wanna go out right now?" Shure why not? I have nothing to do, "okay then, I'll just get my phone" and I ran to the living room.

I clicked the home button to see if I had any messages... And there was one from him, 'I will find you Sophie, you can't hide. And this time I will kill you'…

I sat down on the spot and started crying, at first just a few tears, but then I just let it all go. Felix walked in and spotted me on the floor, running over to me, "hey, Sophie what's up?" I've told him about my ex, but not in detail. He sees me glance at my phone and hits the home button before I could stop him, he reads it and hugs me. He smells of Lynx and mints (great combo) and I relax into his jumper and cry silently until he pulls away and says "let's have a sleepover!"


I wake up and see Felix walking to me with a picnic basket, a quilt and loads if pillows, "what's up bro." I say tiredly, "coming for breakfast?" He asks and pulls me up off the sofa. "Shure" I say hungrily and follow him outside. We pass my back garden and walk up a hill, eventually we get to the top and there's a cute stream and a little bridge. "Beautiful isn't it" he says sarcastically, "am I that typical?" I ask punching him lightly in the stomach, "not really, I just guessed" he answered. We lay down on the grass and ate pancakes all morning until we got back to mine…

A/N 🙌is this okay?? I mean like really??


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