Mine,Forever, ALWAYS

Amy Snape is Severus' and Lily's secret daughter. She goes to Hogwarts school and discovers that she has a massive crush on her half-brother Harry and he has a crush on her, but does she tell him they are related or let her dream boyfriend happen.


10. Ron

Draco and I sat in the Cafe, laughing and joking. "Can I get you anything?" It was the waitress. "Two butter-beers, please." Draco ordered. I smiled at him. "Is that all?" The waitress asked. We sat in silence for a while and then... "A pumpkin pasty with a light salad." Draco ordered my favorite meal. How did he know my favorite meal? I gave him a look of confusion and he smiled. The waitress left and soon came back with our drinks and my pasty. 

"We have to do something Harry!" I heard Hermione's voice and turned round. She was coming in with Harry and Ron. "Hide me!" I whispered to Draco.

"Why?" He said, "Are you ashamed to be seen with me!"

"No!" I said, "It's just none of my friends really like you, especially Harry. I just don't want that getting in our way!" 

Draco laughed,"I understand."

"You do?"

Draco laughed and leaned forwards. So did I. Our lips ever nearer. Our hearts beating ever faster.

"What are you doing Amy?" I pulled away from Draco and saw Ron standing over me. "Nothing." I said looking around me trying to add a touch of humor to the situation.  "Amy, I can't believe you! You know what Malfoy is like!"

"Leave her alone!" Draco chipped in.

"I hate you Ron! I really do!" I yelled and then stormed out of the cafe.

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