Mine,Forever, ALWAYS

Amy Snape is Severus' and Lily's secret daughter. She goes to Hogwarts school and discovers that she has a massive crush on her half-brother Harry and he has a crush on her, but does she tell him they are related or let her dream boyfriend happen.


4. Olivia

I'm a bit like my dad, sometimes I can be pretty fierce and when I have properly bad days it happens quite often. That day had been really bad. I had failed a test in my dad's own lesson. He was mad! Then I had been refused the opportunity to tell Harry the truth. And at the same time it was dad's birthday; the worst day of the year. I did buy him a present from Hogsmeade, but it was pretty boring. Well, I thought it was but he loved it. It was some rare ingredients I haggled of the apothecary dood. Anyway, I was having a really bad day and was pretty stressed and then my best friend Livi (Olivia) came up to me and said, "So, how's your dad's birthday going?" For some weird reason I felt so angry at her, "Fine Livi, so shut up and go find you slimy boyfriend!" She looked at me, almost intrigued at my reaction. She reached out to put her hand on my shoulder but I shook her off. "Livi, just no!" I yelled. She looked at me, asking for an explanation with her bright green eyes. I turned away and stormed off into the common room.

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