Mine,Forever, ALWAYS

Amy Snape is Severus' and Lily's secret daughter. She goes to Hogwarts school and discovers that she has a massive crush on her half-brother Harry and he has a crush on her, but does she tell him they are related or let her dream boyfriend happen.


5. Hermione

As I entered the common room I was faced with Hermione. "Hey, are you OK Amy?" She asked. "Yes and no." I sighed. She put her arm round me and directed me to a chair. "You look shattered!" She said. I yawned and flopped against the back of the chair. "Do I?" She did a little shrug, not wanting to offend me. "Long day, you know!" I said. She nodded. Harry came over. "Hey girls!" He said. I raised my hand and yawned. "Hey!" Hermione replied brightly. He sat down on the table. "You look abit well, tiered!" He said to me. I pushed myself up on the chair so I was now upright. "Yeah," I said, "I know!" We then had one of those really awkward silences where we wanted to say something, but didn't quite think it appropriate for the situation. Harry suddenly spotted Ron. "I'll just go then!" He said awkwardly. "Yeah!" Hermione and I agreed. He left. I decided it was finally time to own up to my feelings. "Hermione, I kinda, just maybe have a kinda huge crush on someone!" She leant in. "Who?" I twisted my hands about awkwardly, "Don't tell anyone!" I said firmly. She shook her head, "Until I die your secret will be safe with me!" I trusted her word. "Harry!" She looked shocked. Yes, dear reader, I had a crush on my half brother. Pretty sticky situation I had there! "Harry!" Hermione repeated, "I've got pretty good news for you there then!" I egged her on. "Tell me then!" She took a deep breath, "Harry has a crush on you to!" My heart was racing, not with excitement but with fear. He was my brother I would have to tell him! "Still don't mention anything," I said, "I want to work things out first!"

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