Mine,Forever, ALWAYS

Amy Snape is Severus' and Lily's secret daughter. She goes to Hogwarts school and discovers that she has a massive crush on her half-brother Harry and he has a crush on her, but does she tell him they are related or let her dream boyfriend happen.


1. Harry

Harry joined when I was in second year. It's pretty upsetting if you go to talk to your brother and he doesn't recognise you. I got a lot of judgement back then 'cause I was Snape's daughter. No-one could suss out how I was in Gryffindor. They didn't know who my mum was. 

Harry, was unsurprisingly, popular. I was average I suppose. People quite liked me once they got over the fact Snape was my dad. I'm not gonna start the story when Harry first joined though, I'm gonna start it in his fifth year

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