Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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9. Episode 9

It is now a big leap. It shows it is a 5 year leap. Raj who is in a bedroom different to his original one is sleeping and is having nightmare. There are different flashbacks. He is tossing and turning.

Devesh: So you knew about it and never said!

Kajal: Think about your poor sister.

Kokila: Aren’t you ashamed?

Amber: It is mean but you had maybe good reason.

Shashi goes to him and slaps him hard and then drags him out the house. He is about to be chucked on the floor but then Raj wakes up. He starts panting. The camera zooms out to show that he is an old dilapidated flat. It then turns to morning. Raj is sitting in his kitchen eating what he can find. He is looking around as he is scared. Then someone is at the door knocking. Raj jumps. He goes and answers the door.

Manger: Rent? (He goes to his drawer and gives him an envelope with money.) Cheers. (The manger goes away.)

Raj then gets ready into some clothes.

It now goes to university. Raj is at first sad, he then goes into the teachers room with a smile on his face.

Raj: Hello!

Jane: Hi there, come on in! You emailed me about your problem with cartilage.

Raj: Yes, I was really stuck, could you help me?

Jane: Sure, no problems. See you have to ask your questions now.

Raj: Thanks Ma’am.

Jane: By the way, your work experience is coming.

Raj: Now I can feel the life as a doctor!

It now goes back to the house again, everything is the same but there is a happy vibe there. Everyone is sitting around the telephone.

Kajal: Once this phone rings it will be time to pick up Simran from the train station.

Amber: I know, it is exciting.

Shashi: Who would have thought it, Simran as a doctor; it is weird how things turn out.

Amber: And me nearly getting in to dentistry school.

Kokila: Really try hard; we will be so proud of you.

Amber: Thanks Ba!

Devesh: Regardless if you get in, we will always care for you.

Amber: Thanks Kaka, thanks all of you. (She is thinking all of this.) Dad, one day you will back with Pia and we will all love you in a big house. I am just waiting for that day. Also Raj, your family don’t love you but I will find both of you. I hope you are all fine. (The phone starts ringing and everyone runs out the door and runs to the car, Kokila, Amber and Kajal are all left behind.) They are all excited to get Simran. She is great. She is now a doctor and is working at a centre in the city.

Kajal: She can always commute there and back from here.

Kokila: The family is all back now Simran is here.

It now goes to Pia and Sachin, they are in there pent house flat. It is very modern. Pia is much older and looks different and she is in her room studying for some exams, Sachin enter.

Pia: Hi dad.

Sachin: What are you revising, for the biology exam or maths?

Pia: Maths at the moment. I will be on biology next.

Sachin: Great I can help you if you want.

Pia: Yeah, I just need this last A-Level and then I am finished so I can relax and then go to university for business study course to be a chef and run a chain of business.

Sachin: That’s great that you have plans. I wish I was like you. Do you know that when I used to not study my dad will bribe me? If I studied like you then I would have not lost him out his money.

Pia: That is funny! What is for dinner?

Sachin: We are going to the mandir to pray and then I will buy you something. A treat!

Pia: Yes, dad! Dad, do you ever think that we will go back home. We haven’t even seen Mina and we have all the money back.

Sachin: I was going to decide something with you. I think we should move to Canada. It is will be great for us. The family won’t ever accept us and that is a fact. We will decide soon. (He leaves.)

Pia: This is all due to that Mina, if it wasn’t for her, we would be together. I am going to be the glue that holds us together. I look so much different than before; they won’t recognise me now, so I will ask if I can stay with them as Amber will remember me, I will find out the deep reasons and then we can unite as one again! I need to pass my grades before this can happen. I just don’t want to leave my dad alone, he has done so much for me, how can I say goodbye like Amber did and never phone back.    

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