Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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86. Episode 86

It goes to a scene with from the end of episode 85.

Pia: Amber! What are you doing? You do understand what he has done to you.

Amber: I know.

Pia: So why do you want to get back together with him? It just confuses me.

Amber: I am going to get older and older and I still haven’t found the one. The person that I want to spend my life with. I now realise that that person was Abhi! I truly do love him now.

Pia: And what about the other way round? Does he even like you?

Amber: He loves me a lot. Believe me.

Pia: We better go downstairs now, so come on! Just don’t say anything to anyone.

Amber: I won’t. Also you and Prem are both going to have lunch with Abhi and I and we will discuss everything from there.

Pia: Okay, let’s go.

Prem: Is that Neil?

Pia: Yeah. Do you want to hold him? (Prem takes Neil.) Let’s go.

In the room downstairs Kokila is on her phone, everyone except Shashi, Sachin and Devesh are siting on the sofa. Amber, Pia and Prem walk down the stairs. Prem is holding Neil.

Prem: He is such a cute baby. Boys are always cuter babies.

Mahi: Prem Kumar! How are you?

Prem: I am good. Better now that I am back. Hi Raj!

Raj: Hi Prem. How was everything in America?

Prem: It was a fun trip but we realised that we are now at home here.

Kokila: We must get a big family photo.

Prem: Oh, I can take them.

Kokila: No way. You are now family. I have my amazing selfie stick that will help him take it.

Prem: Oh, I love the modern you.

Radha: (She is shouting.) Pia!

Pia: Radha! (Radha runs down the stairs and hugs Pia.) How are you my baby?

Radha: We have all missed you especially me!

Pia: I have missed you as well. How was your final exam?

Radha: It went well and I will find out the results very soon. And Gijju! Looking Dapper!

Prem: Hi Radha!

Kokila: I am so glad you guys are back, just in time for Janmashtami.

Pia: Yes, Lord Krishna’s birthday.

Kokila: We will hold a Bhajan Party in this house and pray to Lord Krishna celebrating his birthday.

Mino: We can also include a celebration on the return of Pia.

Pia: If I was pushing it further we could also include my Engagement Party that day.

Kokila: We would but we are trying to make this a big special event because it is sending our daughter away. We need to celebrate big and do everything properly done.

Shashi, Devesh and Sachin enter the house.

Sachin: Pia!

Pia: Dad! (She goes to hug him and touches his feet. There are flashbacks showing their relationship.) Dad, where have you been?

Sachin: We came home just to meet you. How are you? Are you back for good?

Pia: Yes I am back for good and I have been great. America was great. That is our next holiday destination.

Shashi: You haven’t forgotten me have you?

Pia: Of course now Dada. (She goes and touches his feet and then hugs him.)

Shashi: I have missed you so much.

Pia: I know. I really thought you all wouldn’t be able to function without me but you all managed to cope well.

Shashi: Oh, don’t worry. We couldn’t cope without you.

Devesh: I hope you haven’t forgotten me. The last family member to greet you.

Pia: I haven’t forgotten you at all. (She touches his feet and hugs him.)

Kokila: We are back together after a long 6 months. We finally reunited.

Radha: Oh, no! Not another Kokila Speech!

Kokila: Thank you Radha! We need to take that family photo.

Simran: (Simran appears.) You have forgotten us haven’t you?

Pia: Simran! (She runs to her and hugs her. Leila enters with the baby.) Leila Kakie! Awh! Pari is very cute!

Leila: You are finally back. Everyone missed you so much. Simran missed you a lot.

Simran: I did. Mahi! (She runs to her and hugs her.)

Mahi: How are you Simran?

Simran: I am good! How are you and how is Neil?

Mahi: We are both really good!

Leila: (Talking to only Pia.) She always wants to go to Mahi first.

Pia: Has Mahi learnt to cope with all of this?

Leila: Yes, she has. Simran and I are always thankful to her. We have payed back everything she has given to us and a bit extra.

Kokila: Now I can finally finish what I was going to say. We have been reunited again and now I want to use my selfie stick. (They all gather and Kokila sets up her selfie stick.) This was the best thing I brought, until the Google Driverless Car comes out. Ready everyone.

EVERYONE: Ready! (Kokila takes the pictures and everyone laughs and smiles.)

Mino: Now no one can ruin this family now and this photo has proved it!


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