Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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85. Episode 85

It goes to a scene with Amber in her room, she is on her phone. Pia enters her room. Amber is still on her phone smiling.

Pia: Don’t you have time to say hello to your brother-in-law and sister.

Amber: (She puts her phone down and smiles.) Pia! You came back! (She goes to hug her.)

Pia: Oh my God! I am so happy to see you.

Amber: These past few days you haven’t been FaceTiming me. Why is that?

Pia: I don’t know. It was probably because I wanted to start giving you some space as I thought we were actually going to have to live in America. But now we are back for good!

Amber: That is amazing news! Prem Kumar!

Prem: Amber! (He hugs Amber.) How have you been?

Amber: I have been amazing! I am so thankful that you guys are back. So what have you brought me?

Pia: Well, I didn’t bring you anything since I didn’t even know I was coming here but Prem might have. I am going to check on Raj. (She goes out of the room.)

Amber: So did you bring me anything Prem Kumar?

Prem: Yes I have! A reality check!

Amber: What do you mean?

Prem: Don’t think that I don’t know about Amber and Abhi!

Amber: How do you know?

Prem: Abhi told me! I am his big brother and for your own good I am going to talk you out of it.

Amber: Did he tell you the whole story?

Prem: Yes, that you helped him and then you got back together since these few weeks.

Amber: Wrong! It started 4 months ago. We just dated a couple of times and now we are just going out.

Prem: I am telling you know that I think this is a bad idea. Don’ t go out with him after what he did to you.

Amber: This special thing that we have has actually made me better. I was such a state with I was nearly raped twice and my big sister left me. I needed someone and he helped me. He never told me why. He told me for my best interest I shall never know.

Prem: So he has never told you why?

Amber: Wait, do you know?

Prem: No I don’t!

Amber: You do! You know why he did it! Why did he do this to me?

Prem: I can’t-

Amber: Please tell me now!

Prem: I really think-

Amber: Please, I won’t tell anyone!

Prem: I agree, for your best interest-

Amber: Just tell me!

Prem: He was made to! That is all I am going to say!

Amber: So why are telling me to back off him?

Prem: I am just saying that your family won’t like it and I am just saying that I don’t trust him.

Amber: I will tell my family one day what has been going on but don’t tell anyone. We will all meet one day and talk through everything.  

Prem: Okay.

It goes to a scene with Mahi and baby Neil. She is holding him and playing with him. Pia enters the room and Mahi sees her.

Mahi: Pia! You have returned! How are you?

Pia: I am fine! I am good! How are you? I left you in such a state!

Mahi: I am amazing with my Neil!

Pia: He is so cute! Are you coping well with everything?

Mahi: At first I thought everything didn’t feel right with the baby, but now I am enjoying life and realising the amazing thing I did.

Pia: I am so proud of you. (Mahi puts the baby down in the cot and hugs Pia.)

Mahi: I am so happy your back. You want to hold Neil!

Pia: Yes! (Pia holds Neil.) Hello baby! Remember me! I said goodbye to you but now I am back! I am back to play with you! How is Simran? How is everyone else?

Mahi: Everyone is good! Have you seen Ba?

Pia: She is so modern!

Mahi: It is amazing! She looks amazing!

Pia: Tell me about it! (Raj enters the room.)

Raj: Amber, I just got a text from Ba! What is going on?

Pia: Well I am back for a start!

Raj: Pia! It is amazing. (Pia hands Neil to Mahi and hugs Raj.) When were you back? Why didn’t you say?

Pia: Prem thought it as a good idea to surprise you all including me!

Raj: Come on! Let’s all go downstairs!

Mahi: What about Neil?

Pia: I will bring him down!

It goes to a scene with Amber and Prem.

Prem: I just wanted to make sure you know what you are going through again!

Amber: I know what I am doing. We will meet all three of us and discuss this matter together and decide how we will tell everyone about this.

Prem: Good! I just want everything to be okay. Abhi and you were meant to be married. Now come down stairs. I might have actually got you a gift after all.

Amber: Cool! (Prem opens the door and finds Pia there, holding Neil, shocked.)

Pia: You are back together with Abhi!

Amber: We have been back together for 4 months now. 

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