Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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84. Episode 84

It starts with Prem and Pia getting out of the car.

Pia: That Buber was a fast and enjoyable ride. Thank God it was only £15.00. Cheaper than any taxi.

Prem: Well at least I tried to teach you the name.

Pia: Well the house doesn’t look so different on the outside but looks very different on the inside hopefully.

Prem: I know! We haven’t talked about anything but change yet.

Pia: I am so scared to meet everyone!

Prem: You don’t even need to see them because the door doesn’t seem to have changed. You can use your old key.

Pia: I wouldn’t have brought my old key. I didn’t even know where I was going. I was expecting a Europe tour.

Prem: Well. Here you go! (He gives her the key.)

Pia: You got it!

Prem: This moment needs to be special since it is the first time you are setting your foot in this house in over 6 months.

Pia: Thank you!

They walk up to the door and flashbacks appear. They show Pia entering the door when she was younger, then it shows of Pia leaving the house and then Pia goes to the front door. She puts the key in the hole and flashbacks appear with Pia closing the door. She twists the key and then opens the door. Pia and Prem arrive and enter the house. It has been completely changed and looks more modern. A modern looking, old women standing with her back faced away from the door. Pia and Prem look confused.)

Pia: Hello! Who is this?

Kokila: (Kokila turns around. She is dressed in a modern Sari holding an iPhone 6 and smiling.) Pia!

Pia: Ba!

Kokila: (She runs to Pia and hugs her.) My granddaughter! You have returned.

Pia: It gets better, we are staying for good!

There are flashbacks of Pia saying goodbye to Kokila on episode 82.

Kokila: You should have told us! We would have done something big and picked you up from the airport.

Pia: It was fine. We took a Buber!

Kokila: Not Buber, Uber! I use it all the time.

Pia: Wait, how do you know? And why are you carrying an iPhone 6. What is going on?

Kokila: I have learnt my new ways as a modern grandmother.

Pia: Also great-grandmother.

Kokila: Yes, yes! But I have learnt everything while you were gone.

Mino: (She enters.) Bhabhi and I taught mum!

Pia: Mum! (She goes to hug Mino. There are flashbacks of all the memories of Pia and Mino including when Pia left and when they were both trapped in the shed. ) How have you been?

Mino: I have been great but how have you been!

Pia: Everything was great and we are back for good now!

Mino: That is great! We have to start the preparations for you wedding.

Pia: Yes we do!

Mino: Bhabhi and I would have prepared a feast if we knew you both were returning.

Kokila: Kajal! Kajal! Please come down here! There is a surprise for you!

Kajal: (Kajal walks down the stairs and sees Pia.) Pia!

Pia: Kakie! (She hugs Kajal and there are flashbacks of their memories.)

Kajal: How have you been? We have all missed you.

Kokila: Kajal and Mino both missed you the most Pia!

Pia: Well I have missed everyone here but I have missed the three awesome girls the most.

Prem: Hi everyone-

Kokila: Wait a minute! (Kokila takes her iPhone out.) We should take a SnapChat and I will put this on my story.

Pia: Ba! You have SnapChat!

Kokila: Yes, my name is ‘itskoki’. No capitals!

Pia: Wow everything has become so modernised.

Mino: I know!

Kokila: Let’s take one! (She takes a selfie and posts it on SnapChat.) My score is 50,376. What is yours?

Pia: Mine is only around 11,000.

Kokila: Prem Kumar! (Prem goes to Ba and touches her feet.) May God Bless You Always!

Prem: Thank you Ba!

Kokila: We need to take another one! (They all take another selfie.)

Prem: Wow Ba! You have become such an expert!

Kokila: Thank you! One day I will show you my selfie-stick!

Prem: Oh, caption it ‘Son-In-Law In Da House’.

Kokila: No I am calling it ‘Jamai Raja’ with lots of emoji’s.

Prem: Oh! The ones with the hearts are the best.

Kokila: Those are my favourites too.

Prem: Mum. (She goes to her and touches her feet.) Kakie! (She goes to her and touches her feet.)

Mino: May God Bless You!

Kajal: Stay happy Beta!

Prem: Thank you both!

Kokila: Well anyways, I was going to go to Joshna’s house but since you have returned I will stay here.

Prem: Ba, you can go! It is perfectly fine!

Kokila: No, I want to make food and spend time with you guys.

Prem: Okay.

Kokila: I will Viber call her. (She leaves.)

Pia: That is amazing that she can use all these faculties and all her friends can as well.

Kajal: Basically Mino Bhabhi started this amazing idea to run classes to use all the technology stuff.

Mino: Well we both did it together. It took us a long time but we both did it. We both felt sorry for all these Ba’s that don’t have all this technology stuff and they get bored just looking outside so we thought we would do it.

Kajal: It worked as well; now Ba is always occupied and never gets bored. She is still the same and she will always make food for you guys whenever you all want but she now has something to do other than looking outside and watching the wildlife shows.

Mino: Other than that, she is still the same Ba.

Kajal: Before all of this and after.

Pia: That is great!

Mino: Just never leave her out of all your photos now.

Kajal: Have you seen Mahi, Raj and Amber?

Pia: Not yet but we want to see all of them.

Mino: Why don’t you both go upstairs and meet them all.

Pia: Sure. (Pia and Prem goes upstairs and Kokila comes back.)

Mino: They are back!

Kajal: Oh yes! They are back,

Kokila: Everything is back to normal again. (They all 3 hug.)

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