Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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80. Episode 80

It goes to a scene with Mahi in her room. Raj enters. 

Mahi: It is around 2 more weeks until the babies comes. 

Raj: I know. Are you feeling okay? 

Mahi: I am feeling slightly fine but just on edge. I just need to get out more. I need to go somewhere. Let’s go somewhere, maybe the shops. 

Raj: If you want. Let’s go. (They leave.) 

It goes to a scene with Radha in her room and she looks at the book. 

Radha: Mum, I don’t know what to believe in now. I am not going to follow the list on this book. Maybe you might be wrong this time. (The phone rings and Radha answers it.) Hello!

Robert: Hi, this is Robert. I am calling to give you the details about Mina Patel. Is this Mrs Kokila Patel? 

Radha: Yes this is. So please give me all the details. 

Robert: Mina Patel is diagnosed as mental. She has gone to a mental asylum. 

Radha: Okay. 

Robert: They did all the checks and it is confirmed. She is not a murder. She should get better hopefully. 

Radha: Okay, thank you! Bye! (She puts the phone down and picks up the book.) Mum, the reason you did this all is because you are unwell. You will get better and realise your mistakes. You won’t need this book anymore. (She puts the book away into her cupboard.) 

It goes to a scene with Mahi and Raj in the shopping centre. They are walking around. 

Mahi: I need to sit down for a bit. 

Raj: Okay. Here is a bench. (They sit down.) Let me get you some water. Stay here. (He goes to get water.) 

Mahi: Oh, no! I don’t fell well at all. I am feeling sweaty and everything. Gosh! What is going on? 

Raj: (He comes back and finds Mahi there and he also finds a pile of water on the ground.) Oh my gosh! 

Mahi: Oh, no! I think-

Raj: The baby is coming! It is coming today! 

Mahi: My water is broken. Get me to a hospital. 

Raj: Okay. (They quickly go.) 

It goes to a scene with Radha rushing into the living room and Kokila and Kajal are siting inside. 

Radha: I got some amazing news. 

Kajal: What is it? 

Radha: So mum was sent to a mental hospital. They found out that it was all to do with her mental state and nothing to do with her personality. Do you know what this means? 

Kokila: No. 

Radha: It means she will one day get better and everything will be fine. She will come home with us and everything will be fine! 

Mino: (She rushed in.) Everyone get ready. 

Kokila: What is wrong Mino? 

Mino: Mum, the babies are coming. 

Kokila: What? 

Radha: That is amazing news. The babies are coming and mum is coming back. Today is a good day. 

Mino: We have to go to the hospital quickly. 

Kajal: I will contact Simran and Leila. 

It goes to a scene with Pia going into Prem’s house. 

Pia: We have been quite distant these past couple of days. 

Prem: With everything going on, I wanted to give you some space after everything that is happening at home. 

Pia: I know about the America trip. We need to go and secure a place when we get married. 

Prem: So what are you suggesting? 

Pia: We go to America for around 6 months and then we come back. We will then get married and decide what to do from there. 

Prem: The reason for the America trip is because there is a business there that some family I know want me to manage. We will be moving there forever. 

Pia: But what about Visa’s? 

Prem: My mum is from America. I have an American passport. All we need is you to get one. 

Pia: So we will move away from your family and my family. 

Prem: I guess so. We are both making sacrifices. We both just have to deal with them together. What are your thoughts? 

Pia: I don’t know because I have these. (She hands him a E-Ticket.) I booked flights to America. We can go and see if it is for us. We might want to return. Let’s just do it the plan I have. We will go and check it out for 6 months and come back for our wedding because then we can get married with all the people we love. Then we can decide from there if we are going to live there or not. Do you really want to move? 

Prem: I don’t know if we have a choice. Do we really have a choice if we move or not? 

Pia: Well shall we do it this way or not? 

Prem: You are right. We will do it this way. When are we going? 

Pia: 2 days. There was a cancelations and so I just booked it. We have family friends in Boston, we can stay with them for a while. They allowed us. 

Prem: Let’s do it!

It goes to a scene in the hospital and everyone is in the waiting room. Raj enters and everyone stands up and surround him. 

Mino: So what happened? 

Sachin: Has she had the baby? 

Kokila: Are they healthy? 

Kajal: How is Mahi? 

Devesh: Why aren’t you saying anything? Tell us. 

Amber: Is everything okay? 

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