Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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8. Episode 8 - Mother's Day Special

Devesh and Kajal are at the door of Kokila and Shashi’s house, they knock on the door, but there is no answer. They look around the house but they can’t find them.

Devesh: Mum! (He starts knocking on the door but very hard.)

Kajal: Where are they? We need them, tomorrow is mother’s day, how will we make the surprise if they are not even there. Mum! (Someone unlocks the door. It is Kokila; she has tears in her eyes.)

Devesh: Mum.

Kokila: Devesh beta! (Devesh bends down and touches Kokila’s feet.) Bhau! (She touches her feet as well.)

Kajal: Come back home with dad.

Kokila: Come in first! (They both enter the house. They then all sit down.) Shashi is out, he isn’t here are the moment! He will be here soon though. How are you, and your brother?

Devesh: You still don’t know. I don’t live with my brother, he lives somewhere with his stupid wife!

Kokila: What?

Devesh: We are just alone, us three.

Kajal: We miss you, and don’t worry your batura recipe is still in safe hands.

Kokila: Where is Sachin?

Devesh: We have no idea! He is somewhere.

Kokila: Hopefully dead!

Kajal: Please don’t say that. He might change.

Kokila: Even if Shashi will never forgive him.

Kajal: Anyway, I am holding a party, for you and dad to come to so that Raj is happy, he has been so sad since you have left. He has also always blamed his sister for what happened.

Kokila: We must live all as one. To be honest, I hate it here. Stupid sister-in-law! (They all laugh.)

It is now the next day the big day, mother’s day! It starts off with the early sun set and then it goes to Mina and Pia.

Mina: (She is angry.) Why do I have to go to this silly party? I could be having fun with my other husband. Like real fun!

Pia: Mum! That is not what I want to hear. I am still young. Do you actually know how old I am?

Mina: I know 18 years old.

Pia: No, I am 15 years of age.  

Mina: Shut up! Just get out from here. You have fun for this stupid party. (Pia leaves.) Now I need to think which sari I should wear. Why do I have to wear a sari, I should be allowed to wear whatever I want, but I am stuck with a stupid sari! When I get married to the man whom I love, I will wear anything. Jeans and a t-shirt!

Pia goes in to the bathroom where her dad is.

Pia: Can I ask you a question?

Sachin: Sure!

Pia: How old am I?

Sachin: Every parent should know how old there child is, they wouldn’t a good parent if they didn’t know.

 Pia: How old am I?

Sachin: You are 15 years old. You’re birthday is on the 5th of May and you have had the chicken pocks so it’s okay. When you were having your boaster shots, your mum ran home and I had to run from work to help you get through it, you did it at the end.

Pia: (She starts to get teary up and then hugs her dad.) Really?

Sachin: I will tell you another first, this is the first time you hugged me since you were young. (They hug each other again.)

Next Shashi and Kokila are packed and ready to go to the hotel. Kajal and Devesh carry their bags to the car and they all get in the car.

Shashi: Nice car!

Devesh: (He gives him the keys.) It’s new, it’s yours!

Shashi: What?

Kajal: My idea, welcome home present. But not home yet, we are going to the hotel and then we are going to the party.

Devesh: Have you packed everything?

Kokila: Yes, I checked! (Shashi starts driving the car.)

It now goes to Simran and Raj. Simran goes into Raj’s room.

Simran: Get dressed into something nice, we are going to a party.

Raj: Okay.

Simran: There might also be a surprise for you.

Raj: What is it?

Simran: A surprise is something that shocks you in a good way, so take a hint. Also I have some news to tell you all.

Raj: I hope they are all good.

Simran: They are all the best. Do you want some food before we go?

Raj: Maybe a cheese and onion sandwich.

Simran: I’ll bring it up with crisps.

Raj: And chocolate milk?

Simran: Okay! (She leaves the room and Raj starts to smiles.)

Devesh, Kajal, Kokila and Shashi enter the hotel and then they all go up to their rooms.

Devesh: Get ready then we can go for lunch, when we come up we get ready for the party.

Kokila: Okay, see you in a bit. (They all enter their rooms.)

Kajal: (This is all happening in there room.) Well, that is great! Our mum and dad back and we are all united.

Devesh: No I hope there are no more dramas.

Kajal: Hope so, fingers cross! (She turns on the T.V and then her phone makes a noise.) I got a text from Simran. She says, have you got Ba and Dad back, and when is the surprise? I’ll text her details. (She starts texting.)

Sachin calls Simran. Simran picks up the phone.

Sachin: Hello Simran?

Simran: Yes I am here, is everything going through plan.

Sachin: Yes, I hope so! The best thing every happened to me. Pia hugged me.

Simran: I thought Pia was on #TeamMina.

Sachin: I know, weird. I have a feeling that something good will happen this evening. It is going to be great. Any way I better get ready!

Simran: Me too, it is nearly 6 o’clock and the party is at 8.

Sachin: I better hurry up then. I’ll see you soon.

Simran: Bye Kaka! Love you.

Sachin: Ditto! See you soon and thank you! (They put the phone down and Sachin starts to smile.)

Kokila, Shashi, Devesh and Kajal are all in a cafe and they are all drinking tea and having a sandwich.

Kokila: This is nice that we are all together. I want to talk about something but I want to do it seriously.

Shashi: Go ahead!

Kokila: It is about Sachin. (They all frown.) What happens if he has changed?

Shashi: Nothing, he still made a mistake for living with that Mina for the past 6 months.

Devesh: Seriously! Not even his side of the story.

Shashi: I will do that I just hope it isn’t bull-crap what he says and he better of divorced Mina! But I will never let Pia or Mina in the house.

Kokila: Pia is your granddaughter.

Shashi: The evil granddaughter. I hate her so much. Mean person!  

 Kajal: We better get the kids surprise sorted now. Let’s go! (They all get up and go out the cafe.)

It is now the party, guests start coming to the venue. The kids are already there and they are all talking to guests. The DJ says something.

DJ: Happy Mother’s Day, from all the kids here today. And here to do a quick dance performance to keep you entertained, here is Simran.

Simran dances to ‘Baby Doll’ from ‘Ragini MMS 2’

Sona Sone Patole Lakkha
Sona Sone Patole 
Aye Takdiyaan Rehendiyaan Ankhaan
Aye Takdiyaan Rehendiyaan

Yeah Ho
Was sup
You Soniyo She Put Up A Show
Unless I Am Impress
Baby I Got to Go
I Won’t Mind Tell
You That I Take You Floor
But Tonight No Bites
Cause The Wife Will Know

Sona Sone Patole Lakkha
Sona Sone Patole Lakkha 
Aye Takdiyaan Rehndiyaan Ankhaan
Aye Takdiyaan Rehndiyaan Ankhaan
Main Ki Dassaan Apni Ve

Aye Chan Karda Hai Tareefa
Ho Mere Husn De Kone
Kone Kone Di
Ho Kone Kone Di

Ho Baby Doll Main Sone Di
Ho Baby Doll Main Sone Di
Ho Baby Doll Main Sone Di

Yeh Duniya 
Yeh Duniya Pittal Di
Yeh Duniya Pittal Di
Yeh Duniya Pittal Di
Ho Baby Doll Main Sone Di
Ho Baby Doll Main Sone Di

Gore Gore Pairaan Vich
Nachdi Nu Pain Hove
Lawa Zandu Balm Soniye
Nach Nach Wagh Changi
Baanh Vich Ajj Meri
Aaj Karle Aaram Soniye Soniye

Gore Gore Pairaan Vich
Nachdi Nu Pain Hove
Lawa Zandu Balm Soniye
Nach Nach Wagh Changi
Baanh Vich Ajj Meri
Aaj Karle Aaram Soniye Soniye

Chamka Chamka Meriyaan
Main Cham Cham Karke Chamka
Lava Zandu Balm Ji Nachde
Nachde Paijan Thamka

Chamka Chamka Meriyaan
Main Cham Cham Karke Chamka
Lava Zandu Balm Ji Nachde
Nachde Paijan Thamka

Mere Hi Charche
Meri Aahein Gallaan
Jag Sara Karda Ni Baar Ve

Yeh Duniya
Yeh Duniya Pittal Di
Yeh Duniya Pittal Di
Yeh Duniya Pittal Di
Ho Baby Doll Main Sone Di 
Ho Baby Doll Main Sone Di 
Ho Baby Doll Main Sone Di 

I Want To Tonight 
I Want To Love
I Want To Tonight 
I Want To Love

Hirani Vargi Chal Meri Te
Nagan Vargiya Gutta
Menu Vekh Ke Lang Diya Ne
Aisa Vardiya Rutta

Hirani Vargi Chal Meri Te
Nagan Vargiya Gutta
Menu Vekh Ke Lang Diya Ne
Aisa Vardiya Rutta

Khul Jawan Sadh Ke
Chamlenge Vaj Ke
Mein Da Sharmava Hai Bar Ve

Yeh Duniya
Yeh Duniya Pittal Di
Yeh Duniya Pittal Di
Yeh Duniya Pittal Di

Ho Baby Doll Main Sone Di 
Ho Baby Doll Main Sone Di 
Ho Baby Doll Main Sone Di 

Ho Baby Doll Main Sone Di 
Ho Baby Doll Main Sone Di 
Ho Baby Doll Main Sone Di 
Ho Baby Doll Main Sone Di

Everyone claps and cheers. She bows down to her guests and takes the microphone.

Simran: Thank you and thank you for being here, lovely to see all your faces. Thanks for making this day special for me and everyone else. My mother is not her yet but will soon be and with someone special, then I will make my big speech. So keep enjoying the party and enjoy some nibbles, so chicken, lamb and other foods coming along soon, we are waiting for main courses but they will be here when my parents arrive. There are more dance performances as well. Enjoy the party!

Raj: (Raj goes to Simran.) Who is this mystery person? You have to tell me, I’m you brother.

Simran: I will tell you this, you will love it!

Raj: Okay, the food looks great, I think I will go. (He leaves and Simran smiles and then walks away.)

Devesh, Kajal, Shashi and Kokila are in the car and they are all on their way to the party. They are all anxious.

Kokila: Shashi, can’t you drive faster?

Shashi: I will try. I know you are all scared but everything will go per my plan. I will play a song. (‘Tattad Tattad’ comes on and Raj dances to it. While he is dancing there are some scenes when Shashi is driving and also when Mina and Sachin are in the car diving as well.)

Raam ji ki chaal dekho
Aankhon ki majaal dekho
Karein ye dhamaal dekho
Arey dil ko tum sambhaal dekho.

See Raamji's walk,
See the daring of the eyes,
see, he makes an uproar,
and see while keeping your heart safe
[or he might take it away]

Arey chaal dekho, dhaal dekho
Ragon mein ubaal dekho
Ho dekho, ho dekho
Dekho, dekho, dekho.

See his walk, his style,
see the boiling in his nerves (boiling of blood, his zeal basically)
See, see,
look at it.

Tattad, tattad, tattad, tattad,
tattar, tattar, tattar, tattar.

Raam ji ke taav dekho
Nazar mein alaav dekho
Khelein kaise daanv dekho
Bhar dein saare ghaav dekho

See the anger of Raam ji,
and see the fire in his eyes.
Look at the way he plays games
and see how his heals all wounds.

Arre haav dekho, bhaav dekho
Dhoop nikal chaanv dekho
Jo bhi sune gaaye jhoome
Chhedein aisi Taal dekho
Ho dekho, ho dekho
Ho dekho, dekho, dekho.

See his expressions, [haav-bhaav = expressions]
See the shade in the sun.
Whoever listens sings and dances,
such a rhythm he plays.
See, see.
Take a look, yeah.

At the end of the dance sequence, Raj is doing his dance and Devesh and family get out the car and they run into the hall.

Shashi: Raj!

Raj: (He stops and runs up to them and touches Kokila’s and Shashi’s feet.) Dada, Ba!

Everyone claps and Simran goes up to them and does the same. The DJ now announces something.

DJ: Well done to the dance performances, they were great! Now let’s eat some starters.

Raj: How did you guys come back and get here?

Simran: It was all mum and dad. There amazing idea. I had to keep it from you as well. Later on I am going to give a speech to welcome back Ba and Dada and my announcements. (Simran sees Amber going in the house. She smiles.) Also another speech is to be made from someone else that is special. You will have to find out later and more dance performances. (They both hug their grandparents.)

Now there are just scenes of everyone having fun at the party and eating starters. Simran now stands at the speech area.

Simran: It is time for the big speeches. Today we have two speeches, one from me and the other from a girl who wants to talk about their family.  First it will be mine. I just want to say thank you to my mum and Ba for being amazing. They are the best. They made sure I went to school, did my homework and went to bed on time. They are amazing and I can’t wait for us all to live in one house because our grandparents are finished living with their sister- in-law and now we can live together which is really cool? I can’t wait! I said earlier that I had an announcement to make, about my studies. Before I thought I was really smart. I was so smug. I thought I would know that I will get A stars for all my A-levels. Turns out I am wrong; I got 2 A’a and a B. Those grades weren’t enough to get me into medicine; I won’t be that doctor that everyone wants me to be. It is hard, very hard. I didn’t get in to many of the universities I wanted to go. That was then, 3 days ago, something happened! Oxford University accepted me after someone has dropped out. (Everyone smiles and claps and starts crying.) I’m going to be a doctor, Doctor Simran Patel! Yes! Anyways, Dr Simran is going to give it away to a girl. Here she is. (Pia starts walking to the speech area. Amber, Sachin and Mina are at the balk of the room. Everyone is shocked to see Pia including Simran.)

Kokila: Let her speak Shashi! (Everyone sits down and listens to her.)

Pia: Hi I am Pia, at the back it my family, my mum, my dad and my sister Amber. (Everyone turns around. Everyone is angry and they then turn back to Pia.) I am here to talk about my family. I’ll start with my sister Amber, she is really annoying, we always fight, and she is seriously annoying! Hate her! Like all brothers and sister we fight! Deep down, I love her, she is my sister and I am sorry for anything I have done. Now my dad, Sachin, he is great. He remembers everything about me; really, I and my sister both love you more than anything in the world! (Everyone claps! But the family don’t except for Simran and Raj.) Now since it is mother’s day I have to talk about my mum Mina. (Mina starts smiling.) Well to be honest, I care more about father’s day than mother’s day. (She starts walking to them.) That’s because my dad love me unlike my mother who uses me for money. (Everyone is now shocked, Mina gets really angry! Sachin, Amber and Simran smile. The family start to move as well behind Pia.) That’s right, shall I explain? It’s simple. She uses my dad, she manipulates my dad only for money, she makes me take money from my dad and give it to her, so she can use it for, get this alright, her boyfriend. (Everyone is shocked.) Who is also my dad? Including Amber’s! (Sachin is very shocked, everyone is shocked and Amber is also shocked!) Yes, she gives money to him! The dad that I talked about so much isn’t my dad!

Sachin: (He goes up to her.) It doesn’t matter to me, you are still my daughter and I still love you both so much. (Sachin hugs both Amber and Pia. Everyone is happy and have tears in their eyes except Shashi.)  You are still my family, and I love you, I am sure everyone else will love you as well. (Pia and Amber go to everyone in their family, they touch their feet, last is Shashi. Amber and Pia get scared and go slowly to him and touch his feet.)

Shashi: Wait! (Amber and Pia don’t touch it fully. Shashi walks up to Mina and slaps her then walks back to Sachin and slaps him. He then goes to Pia and slaps her. He then goes to Amber.) You can touch my feet. (She does it and then Shashi hugs her.) I don’t care what you say but this is my granddaughter. None of you have any relations to me, especially you Mina! Amber must be hungry, let’s feed her. (He takes her and brings her to the table. The waiter brings her starter food; she smiles and then eats it.)

Sachin: This is not on; you cannot just take my daughter away from me, the one who I have revealed everything to, the one that came up with this plan to re-unite us together.

Shashi: All three of you, made your decision six months ago, tomorrow it will be seven. We told you and you didn’t believe us!

Sachin: I believe you know, doesn’t that count for anything!

Shashi: Nope! After you have eaten, Raj can show you his dance steps.

Amber: Let’s go know.

Shashi: Okay. (Raj takes her and the DJ starts speaking.)

DJ: Okay, what wonderful speeches(!) Well it’s mother’s day, so let’s dance. (He plays some song.)

Sachin: (He talks to himself.) I will get you back Amber, I will! (He takes Pia and leaves.) Mina, don’t follow, I’d changed the locks! (He leaves and she leaves crying.)

Now it is coming to the end, everyone is dancing and Amber is having fun.

Amber: I will bring you back dad, don’t worry!

Everyone is dancing; Kokila and Shashi join in as well. They all dance to ‘Navrai Majhi.’

Navrai Majhi laadachi ladachi ga
Avad hila chandrachi chandrachi ga
Navrai majhi navsaachee navsaachee ga
Apsara jashi indrachi indrachi ga

Navrai majhi laadachi laadachi ga
Avad hila chandrachi chandrachi ga
Navrai majhi navsaachee navsaachee ga
Apsara jashi indrachi indrachi ga

Navrai chali sharmaati ghabraati woh
Piya ke ghar ithlaati balkhaati woh,
Surmai naina chalkaati chalkaati woh,
Piya ke ghar bharmaati, sakuchati woh!

Chunar mein iski, Sitaare
Saare chamkeele chamkeele chamkeele
Kangan mein iske (ho) bahaare
Aaj hariyaale, hariyaale, hariyaale

Navrai maajhi laadachi laadachi ga
Avad hila chandrachi chandrachi ga
Navrai maajhi navsaachee navsaachee ga
Apsara jashi indrachi indrachi!  

Sunyoji isko, Rakhyo jatan se
O Badi naazuk hain naazuk hain naazuk
kali hai anmol.... kali hai anmol...

Aaoji aao... thumkha lagaoon...
Zara behako ji behako ji behako
Khushiyon ke baaje dhol
Khushiyon ke baaje dhol

Aankhon mein iske (ho ho) ishaare (ho ho.)
Bade nakhreele nakhreele nakhreele
Sapno ke lakho (ho ho) nazaare (ho ho.)
Saare rangeele, rangeele, rangeele

Navrai chali sharmati, ghabrati woh
Piya ke ghar itlathi balkathi woh
Surmai naina chalkati chalkati woh
Piya ke ghar bharmathi sakuchati woh

Navrai maajhi laadachi laadachi ga
Avad hila chandrachi chandrachi ga
Navrai majhi navsaachee navsaachee ga
Apsara jashi indrachi indrachi ga..


While everyone is singing, the credits roll for the first time.

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