Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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79. Episode 79

It goes to a scene with Simran and Leila in Kokila and Shashi’s room. they are on computers and on the computers is the footage of the CCTV cameras. 

Leila: So we have to watch what everyone is doing? 

Simran: Not everyone, just Radha.

Leila: Okay, I get it. 

Simran: She could so anything and we need to either catch her in the act and tell Ba. 

Leila: Got it. Wait isn’t that her. (On the CCTV cameras it shows Radha going into the kitchen with some poison.) She is going to put poison in the food. Someone stop her. 

Simran: Okay. (She calls Kokila.) Kitchen, poison in food. 

It goes to a scene with Kokila in the living room with everyone except Raj and Mahi. 

Kokila: Got it! (She puts the phone down.) Okay, actions stations everyone. In the kitchen. 

It goes to a scene with Radha in the kitchen. The door is closed. She is looking around. 

Radha: Where is the food? I cannot put the poison in the food. Where is it? I hope they are not thinking out having a take out today. I just hope not. This cheap, stupid family would never do that anyway. Maybe it is in the dining room. I will go check. (She opens the door of the kitchen slowly and finds everyone except Mahi, Prem and Raj outside the door. Kokila is out in the front.)

Kokila: Busted. You are in trouble now because you are caught! (Kokila slaps a shocked Radha.) Poison in the Chass, a poisoned pill and now putting more poison in the food. Well that is over now.  Why did you do this? I have realised that you haven’t done this to just harm Mino, you have done this to harm everyone. I realised when the pill you gave to Mino was actually for Mahi to kill her baby. Why did you do this? You are becoming like your mother. 

Radha: Where is Mum? What have you all done to her? 

Kokila: She is in jail! 

Radha: (Radha is in shock.) What? Why did you put my mother in jail? She has raised me. 

Kokila: Into what! Look at yourself. You are trying to kill us all. 

Radha: Because of what you did to mum! I did all of this because of what you have done to my mum! She is gone! She has raised me so well! Why did you do this? 

Sachin: Your mum, Mina, was evil! She put poor Mino in  her captive. She threw her into a shed and left her there and gave her no food nor water. She did the same thing to your sister Pia! 

Pia: She threw me there and apparently hit me very hard. 

Mino: She hit me as well. 

Sachin: She is where she belongs. She is in jail. 

Radha: Is that where Pia was? 

Sachin: Yes, that is where Pia was. 

Kajal: We didn’t want to tell you because we didn’t want to give you any news that might upset you. Please don’t be upset. 

Radha: Is that what mum did to you? 

Pia: Don’t forget, she was my mum to. 

Amber: And mine, and she also did something else. She made Abhi out of his will to rape me. 

Kokila: She did that to her own daughter. 

Radha: Well that was because you didn’t love her. You didn’t care about her. 

Amber: Radha, please. Don’t you realise why you are here! You are here because of me. I brought you back on the day when we checked out the school for the garba. 

Mino: Not only that but Kokila Kakie picked Mina over me. She thought that Mina was the better person. 

Sachin: I also agreed with that as well.

Kokila: With all this information, do you now realise your mistake? Remember we will always forgive you because it was our fault that we never told you the truth. 

Radha: (She goes and hugs Kokila.) Ba don’t say that. I am so sorry. (She goes and touches her feet and hugs her again. She runs to Pia and Amber hugs them.) I am so sorry. (She runs to Sachin and hugs him.) I am sorry Dad! 

Sachin: It is fine! Don’t worry! Like mum said, it was our fault. 

Radha: (She goes up to Mino and takes her hand and puts it with Sachin.) Dad, Ba. You both made a mistake. Mino Mum is the best person for Dad. (She cries and hugs Radha.) I am sorry everyone for what I did. I just never knew about anything. I promise I will be a better person for this family! 

Kokila: Everything should be better now. We will be better now! 

Radha: But one more thing. I will never hate mum! 

Kokila: We are not saying that you should hate your mum. 

Radha: If she ever returns, I will help her get her feet up and then leave. 

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