Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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77. Episode 77

It goes to a scene with Mino, Raj, Devesh and Sachin returning home, everyone comes to see them, except Radha. 

Kajal: Mino, are you okay? 

Mino: I am fine. I feel much better. 

Raj: The Doctors discharged her but she needs a lot of rest and sleep.

Devesh: Did any of you solve the mystery of how Phenyl ended up in the Chass? 

Kokila: I don’t no anything about this but let’s just leave it for today, what happened happened? We don’t need to make a big song and dance about this. 

Kajal: Mum is right, let’s just forget this has happened. 

Sachin: But was the Chass a fresh batch? 

Mahi: No, we used it yesterday. 

Raj: Well that solved the mystery. What happened yesterday? 

Kokila: Oh, now I understand. 

Radha: I don’t get it, please, what is going on? Someone please tell me. I really want to know. 

Kajal: Nothing happened, everything is fine. Mino, I will take you upstairs. You need some rest and sleep. Have an early night but watch TV in your room if you need to. 

Mahi: Yeah, sleep in our room. We will go to the guest room. 

Mino: Okay let’s go. 

Raj: (The phone starts to ring.) I’ll get it. (Raj pick the phone up.) Hello? Hi. Okay, okay. Oh that is great. So when will we find out the results? Okay, can we find it out since the verdict is out. Okay. Okay, thank you, bye! (He puts the phone down.) Mahi, Simran, Leila Kakie, we find out the results tomorrow, the verdict has been done. 

Mahi: That was quick, I thought it was next week. 

Raj: It seems Sarah is on the ball. 

Simran: Okay, how much money did you slip her? 

Raj: Nothing I swear. 

Leila: We all need some rest, let’s go and sleep. Should we go tomorrow? 

Kajal: It was nice having you both here, I wish you could stay longer. You can leave whenever you guys want. 

Simran: Okay, we will go tomorrow. I need to go somewhere the day after tomorrow. 

Leila: Where? 

Simran: Well, there is job on offer nearer the house so I am trying to get it. It is in a private hospital near where we live so the money will be good and  it is close. Also the hours are less so I only got for 4 days a week but a really good salary. 

Kajal: Okay. 

Simran: I got the job I just need them to see me.

Mahi: What about the baby? 

Simran: Well when the baby is born, I will stop work and be on paternity leave. 

Raj: Cool, let’s go to bed. (Everyone leaves and the camera goes to Radha who is in the living room.) 

Radha: Well watch out everyone, what I have planned next is worse than today and it should have really bad consequences for everyone. They think that everything will be okay but it won’t be. The list is on the way to completion. 

It is really late at night and Radha gets out of bed and goes into her cupboard and gets pills. 

Radha: Mum couldn’t complete this one, but I know I can. (She goes out of the room and goes into Raj and Mahi’ room. She leaves on there table some pills, a glass of water and a note. She then leaves and Mino turns around. Radha then goes outside.) Mum couldn’t kills the babies but I know I can kill them. They will hopefully die and it will destroy Mahi’s, Raj’s and also Simran’s life. This should be good! 

It goes to the next morning and Mino gets up and looks at the table. She looks at the note and reads it.

Mino: Have this, it will help you from what happened yesterday. (She stops reading.) Oh, Raj probably got this for me. He knew that I needed it. (She then swallows the pills and sits back into bed. She then holds her stomach and starts pulling faces.) Oh, no! My stomach hurts. Oh, no! It really hurts. What is in that pill? (She shouts for help.) Help me! Please! Someone come here quick! 

It goes straight to a scene in the hospital. Kokila, Kajal, Raj and Sachin surround Mino while she is in the hospital bed. The doctor enters. 

Doctor: Mino, you are going to be fine. We have removed all of the poison from your system.You will be discharged very soon. I will get your papers. 

Mino: Thank you Doctor. (The doctor leaves.) Raj, did you leave that pill on my table? 

Raj: What pill? I never left anything for you to eat? I have been at home all this time. What was it? 

Mino: The note said that I should have this medicine to make me feel better. It was definitely not medicine. 

Kokila: What is going on in our house? There is so much bad things that are still happening to us and it has all started when Mina left the house. We need to find out who it is. I think it is something connected to her. 

Kajal: You don’t think. 

Raj: Who do you think it is?

Sachin: Your not thinking it is Radha do you? 

Kokila: Who said anything about Radha? But now you mention it, it makes perfect sense. 

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