Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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76. Episode 76

It goes to a scene at night and Radha is waiting in the hallway.

Radha: Where did everyone go all of a sudden? It is weird that everyone is gone. (Everyone except Mina enters. Radha is speaking to everyone now.) Where have you all been, again you all left without me?

Kokila: Sorry beta! We were in a rush!

Radha: Pia, your back! (She runs up to her and hugs her.) Where have you been? 

Pia: Well-

Sachin: She was kidnapped for a while but we found her. It was actually Mino here who found her. She will be staying with us for a while. 

Radha: Okay, where is Mum? (Everyone gets worried but Radha gets confused.) Well, where is she? 

Sachin: She has gone somewhere, she might come back soon. You will see her in a while. 

Radha: Okay. (Everyone goes into the sitting room and Radha stays outside, she starts to think about something.) Well, it looks like mum you are right. They have done something to you. Now I wouldn’t be able to find you and bring you back home, however I will promise one thing. The list will be complete. This family will experience the pain that you are in and the pain that they all deserve. The tricky part now is which one shall I start with first. 

It goes to a scene next morning and Radha goes down the stairs and finds Kokila, Kajal and Mahi in the living room. 

Radha: Good morning everyone. What is for breakfast?

Kokila: Kicheri, it will be great for Pia and Mino. 

Radha: Oh great, but for breakfast? 

Kajal: We have so much left over we thought of just having that. There is Chass in the fridge. 

Radha: Okay. 

Kokila: That would be good for Pia and Mino and also Mahi here as she is having a baby. It is good for that. 

Radha: Cool! (Radha runs into the garage and looks around and finds a bottle of Phenyl. She brings it into the kitchen.) This will be the first thing on the list, killing 2 birds or 2 babies. (She opens the fridge and pours some Phenyl into the Chass. She then gets a spoon and stirs it.) Watch out everyone. This is going to be explosive. Do you really think that I will forget my Mum? Never! (She puts it back into the fridge and runs back upstairs.)

Kajal enters the kitchen and takes the pot of Kicheri into the dinning room.

Kajal: Breakfast is ready. Come on everyone! (Kokila, Mahi, Shashi, Devesh, Raj, Pia, Amber, Mino, Simran and Leila enters the dinning room and some stand and some sit. Radha enters last.)

Mahi: I will get the Chass. (She goes to the fridge and brings the Chass out.) Simran, you love to drink Chass, we all mix it into our Kicheri. (Mahi pours Chass into bowls and pours Chass into 2 glasses and gives it to Simran and Mino.) Here you go. Please drink away. (Mahi starts to hand over the Chass to the everyone and they all mix it into there Kicheri while Simran puts her Chass down. Radha smiles.) 

Radha: (She is thinking this.) Now I will laugh when all these idiots starts drinking Chass which will make them all die a painful death. (Mino starts to drink all the Chass.) Wow, she will the first to feel the pain.

Kajal: Mino, would you like more? You seem thirsty. 

Mino: (Her eyes becomes bigger and she starts to cough.) Help me! (Everyone runs to her aid.) Please. 

Kokila: What happened? What’s wrong? 

Mino: (She is choking.) Chass! Chass!

Kokila: Kajal, check the Chass. 

Kajal: (Radha frowns and Kajal smells the Chass and then is shocked.) Oh my God! This smells weird, slightly like oil or Phenyl. 

Raj: Get Mino Aunty into the car. (They quickly rush her to the front door and everyone except Radha leave.) 

Radha: Oh, no! Mum, one day I will make you proud but it seems like it wasn’t today. I hope I don’t get caught. It seems like she will survive this time but she will die soon enough. I will one day make a big impact. It looks like I now have to care about what they are doing. (She leaves.) 

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