Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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74. Episode 74

It goes to a scene with Mina entering the kitchen. She picks up food and puts it in a bag. Kokila comes to the door.

Kokila: Where are you going? 

Mina: Just going out. 

Kokila: What are all these bags? 

Mina: Bags cost now so I needed to get some. Going to give these food to my sister. 

Kokila: Oh okay. Watch out for her dog. 

Mina: I know, hate dogs.

She then runs out of the front door and into the car. Prem and Abhi are in there car sitting. 

Prem: Look there she is. She is getting into her car. 

Abhi: Let’s follow her. (Mina gets into her car and drives off and Prem and Abhi do the same.) We will find out where they are at any case. (They keep on driving.) 

It goes to the next scene in the shed. Pia wakes up and Mino sees her. 

Mino: Pia, wake up!

Pia: What is going on? I need water fast. I need food. 

Mino: I know, I have needed to go to the bath room for a long time but toilet breaks are only in the morning and the evening. 

Pia: What is going on here? 

Mino: Please come her quick. 

Pia: I really need something to eat, I literally have no energy. 

Mino: Food will be coming soon. (Pia comes closer to Mino.) We will make it look like you are handcuffed. 

Pia: Why did mum do this to us? 

Mino: I have no idea. We will find a way out. We will get through this. 

Pia: I am scared. 

Mino: You can do this. Please, you have to be brave and be safe. You can do this. We will get through this and now that you are here someone will save us. Someone will come. I bet Prem is on his way right now. 

It goes back to the scene of Prem and Abhi follow Mina in her car. 

Prem: Remember the license plate. That will help us. 

Abhi: Okay. Now that we know it we can track it. (He pulls out his computer and opens it.) 

Prem: Look and find out where she is going. Find out her insurance numbers and then you can track where she is going. 

Abhi: Okay. Will do. You keep following her and you can find out where she is going. 

Prem: Okay, she is turning and turning again. 

It goes to a scene with Mina in her car. She turns her car and stops it, the car is parked on the edge of a field. She gets out of her car and runs into the field with the food in a bag. Abhi follows her. Mina then goes to the shed and locks it. She enters the shed and finds Pia sleeping and Mino awake. 

Mina: What has she told you? Has she spoken to you at all? 

Mino: Urmm, well.

Mina: (She is shouting.) TELL ME NOW!

Mino: Well no really. She was awake but then she fainted again. She really needs water and food. 

Mina: Shut it! (She puts the food down.) Good luck getting it. (Mina gets out of the shed and closes it. As she locks the shed, the camera pans to Abhi taking a video of Mina and then running back to the car. He jumps into the car.)

Abhi: Drive now! (Prem hands him the laptop and Prem speeds back to the Kokila’s house.) She was in this shed and then she came out. 

Prem: What was she doing there? 

Abhi: She just opened it and closed it, nothing else.Well I don’t know what she was doing inside it. 

Prem: Well look at the laptop. 

Abhi: Okay. (He looks at the laptop. He is now shocked.) What?

Prem: She has came to the same location everyday, nearly at the same time. Sometimes different times. 

Abhi: What can we imply from this? 

Prem: Pia and someone else is there. 

Abhi: It could be Mino. 

Prem: I think so. Let’s just check. We will go to her house. 

It goes to a scene in the shed. Pia wakes up. 

Mino: Get the food now and start eating. (Pia grabs the food and starts opening the food and eating it. She also drinks the water.) 

Pia: Please, have some. 

Mino: No, you eat it. 

Pia: Please have some. 

Mino: Okay. (Mino starts eating the food as well.) Now you have some energy, we need to find a way out of here. 

Pia: Okay. We need to do this. 

It goes to a scene with Prem and Abhi outside Mino’s house.

Prem: It smells here. Really bad!

Abhi: What is that? 

Prem: Wait, wait, wait! I hope it isn’t what I think it is!

Abhi: What? 

Prem: (He looks through the window.) That! Oh, no! (Abhi goes to check.) 

Abhi: No way. 

Inside the house is 2 dead bodies. 

Abhi: You don’t think that-

Prem: Mina Aunty must of did this. Mino Aunty is inside that shed. Who know how long she has been in there. 

Abhi: We need to save them, now! 

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