Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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72. Episode 72

It goes to a scene in she shed and Mina throws Pia inside the shed. Pia is asleep. Mino is shocked. 

Mina: Look after Pia for now. You both along with a few others will be dead soon. (Mina leaves and Mino goes to Amber as far as she can as she stuck to the pole due to her being handcuffed.)

Mino: Pia, Pia, Pia. Wake up! Please wake up! Pia, Pia! Oh no! Pia isn’t waking up. I hope she is okay. What has this mental woman done? 

It goes to a scene with Simran, Raj, Leila, Mahi, Kajal and Kokila in Leila’s new house with Sarah. 

Sarah: Everything looks really good, it seems like you have a good case. You will do well. Along with my amazing report I am giving you, Simran, you will definitely get the baby. 

Simran: Really? 

Leila: Really? 

Sarah: Yes you will. 

Mahi: When will we find out because I will be due soon. 

Sarah: Well you will find out the news when I organise the next meeting. I will call you. The meeting to decide this is in the next 2 days and so I will organise the meeting maybe in 5 more days time. But don’t worry, your case seems good and you will probably get it. 

Raj: Thank you so much Sarah. 

Sarah: I will take your leave. (She leaves.) 

Raj: We did it. 

Leila: Mahi, are you sure you will be able to do this?

Mahi: Don’t worry, I will be able to! 

Simran: Thank you so much! Yay! 

It goes to a scene with Mino in the shed with Pia and Pia wakes up. 

Pia: What is going on? Where am I?

Mino: Pia, you are awake? That’s great. 

Pia: Mino Aunty! You are here with me. What are we doing? 

Mino: Your mum left us here. 

Pia: Why? 

Mino: She is very evil. You have to save us. She forgot to lock you up to this pole. You need to find a way to get us. 

Pia: I cannot, I have a big headache and I think I am going to faint. Is there any water?

Mino: There is no water, nor is there food? Please try. 

Pia: Oh my God! How did you live? Okay I will try. (Pia gets up and starts to stumble, she walks to the door and tries to open it but then falls to the ground and faints.) 

Mino: (She is shouting this.) Pia!

It goes to a scene with Prem walking to the front desk.

Prem: Hiya, my brother left his phone here. I have come to pick it up.

Lady3: Yes, someone did leave there phone. (She hands it to him.) There you go. 

Prem: Thank you! (Prem leaves and sits on the seats. He searches through the phone and on the phone is shows all calls from Mina and some other people. Then Prem’s phone starts to ring. He picks it up.) Hello. (He is then shocked.) 

It goes to the next scene and Pia is on the phone and Mino is yelling. 

Mino: Please, Pia. Wake up! She might come back. Wake up. Oh, no! I will have to keep quiet about everything I know because I need her to help me. What shall I do? We need to get out of here. I need to find water and food. What do I do? 

It goes to a scene with Kokila opening the front door and Prem enters. 

Prem: Hello Ba! 

Kokila: Prem, please come in! (He enters.) What brings you here? Wait, I shouldn’t say that. You will be the son-in-law of this, you are allowed to come in anytime you want. Please do as well. 

Prem: Well I have come with some news. 

Kokila: Well do tell me then. 

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