Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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71. Episode 71

Simran and Leila enter the Patel house. 

Simran: What is going on? 

Leila: Yeah, we came here as fast as we can!

Kokila: A lot has happened. Amber was raped by Abhi. 

Simran: What? This cannot be so. How can he do such a thing? 

Kajal: We are all shocked about this news. It is disgusting. 

Leila: I know right! It is horrible. Poor Amber! Where is he now? 

Kokila: We don’t know. 

Leila: I will show him my world. 

Kajal: That is not necessary, we will let the police deal with it. 

It goes to a scene with Prem driving Amber and Pia. 

Prem: (In this scene he is speaking to himself.) I cannot believe that Mina Aunty was a part of this plan. Why would she do something like that? It is her daughter’s life that she is ruining. Who can believe Abhi anyways? I can’t, so maybe he is just putting the blame on Mina Aunty when it really isn’t her fault. He is known for doing that. So maybe I should just relax, we saved Amber. (He is talking to the girls at the back now.) We are home. 

It goes to a scene in the house and everyone is in the hallway. Amber, Pia and Prem enter the house. Amber runs to Kokila and Kokila hugs her. 

Mina: What happened Amber?

Kokila: Not now. 

Mina: So Prem, I cannot believe you found Amber in Premier Inn. You are a saviour.

Prem: Yeah I just had a hunch they would be there. 

Mina: Well thank you so much for saving my daughters. Let’s all go in, Amber you must be tired and hungry. 

Prem: I will take your leave.

Kajal: No, please come inside and eat something. 

Prem: No thank you. I am fine. I will leave. (He leaves the house.) 

Kokila: Come on Amber, let’s go inside. 

It goes to a scene with Prem outside. He is talking to herself.

Prem: Now I know. How did she know that he was in the Premier Inn and not Holiday Inn unless he called her and told her the plan or she came up with that plan? Oh, no! I have to keep an eye on her just to make sure. Maybe I am just dreaming things. I need to find out. 

It goes to a scene with Mina combing her hair in front of the mirror. She is talking to herself. 

Mina: That stupid Prem saved Amber’s life. I cannot believe he did that. And also that Pia who was there saving her stupid sisters life. I hate them all. Don’t worry, Prem’s life will be ending soon when his precious wife and my dumb daughter is going away somewhere. (She laughs and gets her book from the cupboard and reads it.) Oh yes, this is what I shall do? (She goes to the first page and gets her pen.) So I have done this and done this and they all have been a failure. (She ticks it in her book.) The next thing I will do has to come true. 

It goes to a scene with Prem in his room and he is on the phone and calls Abhi.

Prem: Hello Abhi. 

Lady1: Hello, who is this? 

Prem: This is Prem here.

Lady1: Oh is everything okay? This is the lady at the hotel. I think I have your phone. 

Prem: Actually you have my brothers. 

Lady1: Okay, well what shall I do with this? 

Prem: Tomorrow I will go get it. 

Lady1: Okay, I will leave it here. Bye now!

Prem: Bye. (He puts the phone down.) I will know now if Abhi called Mina Aunty. I will know everything. 

It goes to a scene as the next day and Mina goes to Kokila’s room. 

Mina: Mum, I will be going shopping. 

Kokila: Okay, sure. You should take Pia or Amber with you. 

Mina: I would but Pia is going out with Prem and I don’t think Amber is ready. 

Kokila: I was thinking we should call a counsellor to help Amber through this tough time she is going through. 

Mina: Well, okay. I will do that when I get home. Bye now. (Mina leaves. She goes downstairs and Pia is sitting on the chair.) Hey Pia. Can you come to the shops with me? 

Pia: Well, I am actually going to Prem’s house. We are going out today since we couldn’t go out yesterday.

Mina: We will go shopping and then I will take you to his house. Now can you come? You know I hate going to the shops by my self. Sometimes I have to but today can you come. 

Pia: Sure, I will definitely come. 

Mina: Let’s go. (They leave.) 

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