Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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70. Episode 70

Abhi and Prem are still outside of the hotel. They are both standing up. 

Prem: You have ruined my life, you have ruined Amber’s life and you have ruined Pia’s life. You have ruined everyone’s life. These are the reasons why you are not my brother. You will never be my brother and I never want you near me, Amber or Pia again. No one will harm Amber now that I am here. I will save Amber and you will have to leave. Never come back. Go from us. I never want to see your face again. Mum and Dad will understand, in fact they will kick you out of the house themselves. Just go you ugly piece of work, you are not wanted anywhere. Just go and stop ruining our lives and harming us. 

Abhi: Prem-

Prem: Don’t say that. You have lost the right to call me that name. I never want you to say anything to me. 

Abhi: You don’t want to know what is really going on, fine! I will leave but you will be sorry once you find out what is really going on here. 

Prem: I am listening, you have 2 minutes to tell me everything. Tell me what is going on and don’t disappoint. 

It goes to a scene with Kokila sitting on the sofa, crying. Kajal and Mina sit down with her. 

Kajal: What is going on? Who were you talking to?

Mina: Mum, was that Amber? What did you find out? Where is Pia and everyone? Tell them to come home. 

Kokila: They are off the phone. I have some terrible news Mina, Amber was raped by Abhi. (Mina and Kajal are shocked.) 

Mina: What? 

Kokila: It is true. Amber was so close. Pia and Prem saved them. Amber is saved and she is still pure. 

Mina: That is wonderful news. You know that Pia and Prem were there to save Amber but where is Abhi now.

Kokila: Please control yourself. Just calm down, Prem is dealing with him. He was the one that new about this in the first place. Abhi was very sneaky, he tricked all of us giving us the wrong venue. 

Mina: Oh that Abhi! A big crafty man! 

Kokila: Everything is fine at the moment though. We will just wait for them to come home. Prem will deal with everything. 

It goes back to the scene with Prem and Abhi. 

Abhi: It wasn’t me who decided to do all of this. 

Prem: Who was it then? 

Abhi: I was influenced by the money. 

Prem: What?

Abhi: So when they gave me the offer I accepted. 

Prem: Who’s they? 

Abhi: With the business not going too well, we needed the money to keep it going. 

Prem: (He slaps Abhi.) Just tell me who this person is. Who gave you the so you can do this? Who is this person? Tell me now. Who is it Abhi, who is it?

Abhi: Fine, it was Mina Aunty. (Prem is shocked.)

Prem: Please don’t lie now. This is a serious matter. Please, is this true?

Abhi: Yes it is. Please, if you don’t believe anything I say, then please at least believe that. Please. 

Prem: Now get lost. 

Abhi: What, I thought you would let me stay? 

Prem: Please. Just go. I will speak to you later. You got your phone?

Abhi: Yes. 

Prem: Now go. We will talk later. We need to do some investigation. 

Abhi: I did it for us. 

Prem: Go now! (He gives him money.) Take this money and use the money Mina Aunty gave you. Go somewhere and hide. We will talk later. 

Abhi: But I am just going to get blamed for something which isn’t totally my fault.

Prem: Please go! This can ruin lives if I don’t get to the bottom of this. Please go!

Abhi: Okay. I will go. (Abhi leaves.) 

It goes to a scene with Leila and Simran in their new kitchen.

Leila: Tomorrow is the big meeting. This one would give them the last impressions of us so we need to be on our best behaviour. 

Simran: Yes obviously we will be. (Simran’s phone rings and it is Kajal on the phone. Simran answers the phone.) Hi Mum. What’s up?

Kajal: Nothing. Look Simran. Please come here quickly. 

Simran: What?

Kajal: Please Simran, come home. Bring Leila but we need you as soon as possible. 

Simran: But why?

Kajal: It is about Amber but please come. Quickly!

Simran: (Kajal cuts the line.) Hello! Mum! What is wrong with Amber? 

Leila: What is it? 

Simran: I don’t know. I am getting nervous now! Let’s go. 

Leila: Yes lets go! 

Simran: I’ll get a bag of clothes. 

Leila: What?

Simran: Oh we have to stay at the house.

Leila: Why? What is going on? 

Simran: I don’t know. But we are going to find out. 

It goes to a scene with Prem going into the hotel room with Pia and Amber sitting. 

Prem: Hello girls. Come on, let’s go home. 

Amber: W-w-where is-s-s A-A-Abhi?

Prem: He is gone. He will never come back. I promise. 

Pia: Really. Not even informing the police. 

Prem: Just shush for a bit and let’s go home. Come on. (He is thinking to himself.) Maybe Abhi will never ever get married to Amber now but I will get to the bottom of this to regain Abhi’s dignity. He has lost it and so I need to gain it back! Don’t worry Abhi, I believe you but I am not sure why Mina Aunty will do that. I need to find out. 


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