Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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7. Episode 7

It is now night time and Devesh and Kajal are still in the car.

Devesh: We are nearly there; it is about 1 hour and half away.

Kajal: Forget it, let’s go to a hotel and stay there.

Devesh: Come on, we could get there.

Kajal: WE will go tomorrow.

Devesh: But there are only 3 more days until mother’s day. We need to get the party sorted.

Kajal: We will organize it at the hotel, I promise.

Devesh: Okay, tell me when there is a hotel.

It now goes to a scene with Mina and Pia in the house. Mina is angry and Pia is eating chocolate cake.

Mina: Where is that stupid man?

Pia: Who are you talking about mum?

Mina: Sachin.

Pia: He is out for these couple of days.

Mina: Great, now I can go for dinner with your dad.

Pia: What about me?

Mina: Pia, stop thinking about you, and stop eating cake all the time. You are going to get fat, it’s not like you are in perfect condition now.

Pia: Mom!

Mina: Stop it, okay bye! (Mina leaves.)

Pia: (She is thinking all of this.) Mum always does this, unlike my dad who always stays with me. I don’t know what to do know. I am just so stuck.

The scene goes back to Simran; she is calling her mother and father.

Simran: (She is talking on the phone.) Mum, where are you?

Kajal: We are in a hotel; we couldn’t go see the thing we were going to see so we are seeing it tomorrow.

Simran: Mum, where are you going? You tell me know or else I will do something really evil.

Kajal: We know where your Ba and Dada live now.

Simran: What, really?

Kajal: We are going to tell them everything about you and Raj and then they will return back.

Simran: That’s great.

Kajal: You and Raj will both see them at the mother’s day party.

Simran: Oh, okay. Well I will invite the guests and you sort out venue.

Kajal: I have sorted it out, just send everyone the address. So check in the Chovis Gham book.

Simran: Okay. (She puts the phone down and then redials Sachin.) Hello, Kaka. You can’t come to the venue now.

Sachin: What? Why?

Simran: Ba and Dada are coming back and we will all be re-united as one again.

Sachin: Then maybe we should kill two birds in one go. I will turn up with Mina and- (He says everything to her but we can’t hear what he says.)

Simran: That could work! You are great! Okay everything will be sorted, fine! Okay, it will be exciting! Bye! (She puts the phone down.) Everything is going well, everything.

It is now the next day, it will be 2 more days until mother’s day. Devesh is getting change, when Kajal gets up and feels really sick.

Devesh: What happened?

Kajal: I think I have food poisoning from that restaurant we went to yesterday.

Devesh: Okay you stay here; I will go to the doctors and get medicine. (He leaves.)

It now goes to Mina and Pia who are looking at Facebook. Sachin comes in.

Sachin: Darling, on mother’s day we are going to a party. Me, you, Pia and Amber are all going.

Mina: I can’t go, I have other commitments. Sorry!

Sachin: Okay, well Pia doesn’t get the will then.

Mina: What? When did you decide that?

Sachin: About 10 seconds ago.

Mina: Fine we will go to your stupid party okay!

Sachin: Thanks, bye! (He leaves.)

Mina: You’re father is so annoying. I wanted to go to see my other kids and have fun with them, not stay here.

Pia: What will you have done with me then?

Mina: Kept you at home silly! I have to go, bye! (She leaves.)

Pia: (She is talking to herself again.) My mother is cheating on my dad, he is so hard-working and she is taking all his money. On top of that, she wants to leave me when she always says we will be together. What crap! I feel for you father dear.

The scene goes back to Devesh and Kajal, it is now night. They are both watching TV.

Kajal: I know feel so much better. It is like destiny doesn’t want us to know your mum and dad.  

Devesh: We will go tomorrow, even though it will be one day before the party, we will go and see them. I texted Simran that we won’t be here until the party.

Kajal: How did she take it?

Devesh: She was fine; she was planning a surprise for us as well.

Kajal: Maybe a dance or a speech.

Devesh: We will all have to wait and see, for anything strange could happen, you never know!


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