Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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65. Episode 65

It goes to a scene with Abhi and Amber in the car talking to each other. 

Amber: This wedding reception is going to be fun. Will there be dance performances? 

Abhi: Yep, there sure will be!

Amber: And also, is there a chocolate fountain?

Abhi: Oh, yes. That will be there too. 

Amber: That is good. I hope you don’t mind but everyone found out about us going to the wedding. 

Abhi: What? What do you mean? I told you to keep it s secret. 

Amber: Sorry, it just came out. I didn’t really mean to tell everyone. Ba found out as she overheard me telling it to Mahi. Then everyone found out. 

Abhi: Well, we will have to be quick.

Amber: Quick with what?

Abhi: Quick with- Quick with-

Amber: Abhi.

Abhi: Well the planning and stuff with the wedding. Remember we are doing that first and then we are going to the reception. 

Amber: Oh, yes. I cannot wait to plan the biggest day of my life, 

Abhi: Oh yes! It sure will be fun. 

It goes to a scene with Prem outside Pia’s house and Pia comes running out. 

Pia: Oh my God! Let’s go, now! (Pia jumps into the car and Prem does too. He then drives onto the main road.) Okay, so why didn’t you tell me about this and how did it come to this stage?

Prem: Well, I didn’t even know that he was going to do this. I had no idea he would do this. Normally before Abhi was not like this. Yes he may act like a stroppy teenager and be sad all the time and not hang out with family, however he wouldn’t have done this. he would have never done something like this. 

Pia: So why is he doing this?

Prem: Well he is just- To be honest I don’t know. I will find out but I think someone has been putting bad thoughts in his mind and that is why he is doing this. Someone  else is making him do this. He has always been good. 

Pia: Well I don’t care. I just want to protect my sister and no way is Abhi going to marry my sister now after what he is going to do or he is doing right now. 

Prem: Relax, it will take some time for them to arrive. They left half-an-hour ago and we just left and so they will be there in the next 15 minutes. Everything will be fine. 

Pia: It better be. 

Prem: I hope this won’t effect our relationship.Things have been going so well and I just want to hang out with you all my life. 

Pia: Well, stop having these dreams. I don’t care about you at the moment right now. 

Prem: That is a bit harsh!

Pia: No Prem. What is harsh is what my sister has to deal with right now. She probably thinks that everything is going fine but she doesn’t realise that Abhi, your brother, is going to ditch her later on. It is pure evil and I cannot live or be around anyone like that, so if Abhi does this, I won’t be able to deal with it. Also watch out because this would jeopardise our relationship. 

Prem: Come on, we cannot let this happen. 

Pia: I don’t care, nothing shall happen to my sister. Nothing will and I will hate it if something does happen. Please just put our foot down fast, drive faster. 

Prem: Okay, okay!

It goes to a scene with Mina in the dinning room. She looks at her phone. 

Mina: Soon Mina everything will be okay. Soon I will finally get my revenge on Amber, she will not be able to deal with any of this anymore. Soon she will hopefully be so sad she will have to go to a mental hospital. Hopefully nothing will go wrong now but I am scared something will. I just have a feeling. The fact that everyone knows that they are going to a fake wedding reception is annoying but I am sure Abhi will think of something. He is really smart about this sort of stuff. I hope no one knows where this reception is held. 

It goes to a scene with Kokila on the phone to Pia.

Pia: Ba, please listen to me very clearly. This is really important. 

Kokila: Pia, tell me. What is it?

Pia: Where did Amber say she is going today for her reception?

Kokila: God, I don’t know. I don’t think I can answer that. 

Pia: Please Ba! Think fast! Ask everyone!

Kokila: Okay. I will ask around. (Kokila is now talking to Mahi, Raj, Kajal, Devesh and Shashi in the living room.) Does anyone know where Amber is going today?

Shashi: She is going to a wedding reception. You are a bit late now. 

Kokila: No, which venue? 

Kajal: Oh, it is Premier Inn. 

Mahi: Really, I heard it was Holiday Inn. 

Kokila: Which one is it?

Kokila: (She is talking on the phone now to Pia.) Okay it is Holiday Inn or Premier Inn. We are confused as to which one it is?

Pia: Wasn’t there like wedding invitations. 

Kokila: No, there was none. Abhi got them all and it had a plus one included so he thought of taking Amber. 

Pia: Okay, thanks bye! (Pia leaves.) 

Kokila: Wait, you haven’t said why you need her so badly. She is gone.

Devesh: I’m sure it isn’s something big.  

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