Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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62. Episode 62

Raj, Kokila, Sachin, Amber, Mina, the Doctor and the Nurse are in the Doctor’s office.

Kokila: The door must have locked when Mina left.

Doctor1: Where were you Nurse?

Nurse1: I was at the back of the queue of the lunch line.

Doctor1: But you wanted to really play with the scanning machine, when I specially told you not to.

Nurse1: I wasn’t there. Why would lie about something like that anyway?

Doctor1: Because you know then you would get fired and lose your job and even probably go to jail.

Kokila: Please everyone. I am fine and alive. I am absolutely fine. Let’s stop pointing the blame on everyone and let’s just go home. Was it good news for Mina?

Mina: Yes, I am fine. But don’t you-

Kokila: No I don’t want to. But I am glad that you are well. Let’s go home. I am too tired to worry about anything right now.

Raj: Come on then.

Kokila: Thank you Doctor. (They all leave.)

It goes to a scene with everyone at home and the cast at the hospital enter the doors.

Kajal: So how is everything?

Pia: Is everything all right?

Radha: I just heard what is going on. Is everything fine?

Kokila: Everything is fine. Everyone is fine. Nothing will happen to us. It must have been a false prediction.

Pia: Everything must happen for a reason. So that must have had some truth in it. So we should find out. I can even help.

Sachin: Let’s just leave everything today. We have had too much drama for one day. Where is Suresh?

Kajal: He left to go visit his nephew in Moor Park?

Pia: Oh Amber. I cancelled your plans with Abhi today; I thought today we could just relax.

Amber: Oh, okay.

Pia:  By the way, Abhi was very keen on seeing you Saturday.

Amber: Can’t think why. We haven’t made any plans.

Sachin: What about planning your wedding day, you haven’t touched upon that.

Pia: Really, Prem and I have. We have talked about our wedding and even our future.

Amber: Maybe, I will talk to him tomorrow. We should meet up. You know, just to discus everything.

Pia: That is a good idea. Let’s go have lunch. Come on everyone.

It goes to a scene with Pia in her room. She thinks about what Kajal said.

Pia: Maybe Kakie is right. I should just concentrate of Mina, I mean mum. I shouldn’t really worry about Mino Aunty anymore. I will just try and call her one time though. (She calls her again.)

It goes to the scene with Mino eating raw Meethi and her phone is ringing again.

Mino: I am determined this time to get the phone. I can see it is Pia calling.

She reaches her legs out and tries to hold the phone with her feet and then she grabs and brings it closer to her. She sees Pia is calling but then it turns off.

Mino: No. Please, ring back. I have no credit on my phone. Please ring back. Please.

Pia: (It goes back to the scene before.) I am just going to forget it. I cannot be asked to just keep wasting my time on the past. I will look to the future.

It goes to a night scene with Abhi and Prem in the living room.

Abhi: So I’m meeting Amber tomorrow. She said that we need to discuss something important.

Prem: You know what that means.

Abhi: No.

Prem:  It’s the chat. It’s the talk about how you are not moving fast enough and you need to talk about the future. I had mine with Pia.

Abhi: But you know what is coming for the future with you. I don’t know with me.

Prem: Yours is the same as mine. We will get married to the people we love or arranged to marry and we will live happily ever after. The end.

Abhi: Well that is not what my future is planned out to be.  

Prem: What is yours?

Abhi: Mine is to search the world and look at different destinations.

Prem: I don’t think that that is what Amber wants.

Abhi: Well I don’t care what she wants.

Prem: Wait a minute. I thought I told you to change for the better and not be such an idiot.

Abhi: Why should I change?

Prem: You are marrying her. You need to change to marry her.

Abhi: Well that is where you are wrong. I am not marrying her. Why would I every do that anyway?

Prem: Because it is arranged.

Abhi: No, mum arranged it.

Prem: So what was all that ‘I just wish that we could be a part of this family.’

Abhi: Well people change and that is what I have done. I don’t care about her anymore. I will have my fun and then end it before she can walk home.

Prem: You make me sick.

Abhi: No, that is what normal people do. (He leaves leaving Prem in  shock and disgust.) 

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