Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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61. Episode 61

It goes to a scene with Mina in the room. She opens the door and then bends down and closes the blind.

Mina: Now watch, everything wrong will happen now. Watch out Kokila!

Mina then goes to the keypad and starts pressing the buttons. She then starts going through the buttons.

Mina: Which one is the one I want? If only I had the doctors on my side. They the whole family will be worried as hell!

It goes to a scene in the scan room and Kokila is looking around.

Kokila: Where are these earrings? I just hope that it isn’t in the machine. Gosh I am so tired. I need a bit of rest. (Kokila sits on the seat of the machine.) Gosh, I hope everything is fine. I think it will be. Everything is fine.

It goes back to the scene with Mina.

Mina: I found it. Ready to be in pain Kokila, I hope so. (The button is there and she is about to press it.)

It goes to a scene with Raj, Sachin, Amber and the Doctor in the room.

Doctor: Where is Mina?

Raj: She is with Ba. They might be in the toilets.

Doctor: Well I will tell you since she is not here. Mina is fine.

Raj: That is great.

Amber: That is amazing. Thank God!

Sachin: Brilliant.

Doctor: She is fine. Nothing wrong really. What were you just gaining?

Amber: We were just checking if everything is fine. I will tell them. (She leaves.)

It goes back to the scene with Mina in the room again. She presses the button.

Mina: Not watch what happens.

Kokila then moves into the machine.

Kokila: Oh, no. What is happening? Why am I moving?

TheSiren: Gamma Rays Active! Gamma Rays Active! 5 more minutes!

Kokila: Oh no! Please, not this! (She is screaming.) Help me! I’m going to die, help me!

It goes back to a scene with Amber going back into the Doctor’s office.

Amber: Mum wasn’t there. Neither was Ba!

Doctor: Where are they?

Raj: They must be here somewhere. (They all run out of the office. They find Mina in the waiting area.)

Sachin: What are you doing?

Mina: I had a headache.

It goes back to the scene in the scanning room.

TheSiren: 3 more minutes. Gamma Rays Active!

Kokila: (Still screaming.) Help me! Please, someone! Help me!

It goes back to the scene before.

Mina: Well, where is mum?

Raj: We don’t know. You’re absolutely fine by the way.

Mina: That is good! I was so worried. Now where is mum? Did she go back to the car?

Raj: I don’t think so.

It goes to the scene with Kajal and Pia in the kitchen.

Kajal: Where is everything going? We buy things and they all just go and there is not food so it hasn’t been made into anything.

Pia: That is weird. I saw Meethi and I assumed that we were going to eat Meethi Bhajia’s. However I was wrong. It wasn’t made into that. It was just gone. It wasn’t in the bin or anything.

Kajal: Well, let’s leave it. We will have to have sandwiches.

Pia: what about toasted sandwiches and I can also make pasta.

Kajal: Okay, you do that.

It goes back to the scene in the scanning room.

TheSiren: 2 more minutes. Gamma Rays Active!

Kokila: (Still screaming.) Oh no! Only 3 more minutes left until I die. Come on! Help me! Please, someone! Help me!

It goes back to scene in the waiting area.

Raj: Maybe, she went back to the scanning room. Let’s go and check.

Mina: Yes. She did. She went to find my earrings. (Raj and everyone expect Mina left and run off back. Mina then talks to herself.) Hopefully, her dead body will be left there. That is what I hope.

Raj and the Doctor run to the room. They hear the sirens.

Raj: What is happening in there?

They try opening the door but it doesn’t open. They slam the door.

Raj: (He slams the door.) Hello. Is anyone in here?

Doctor1: Let’s check what is going on inside. (They run out. They run into the control room.)

TheSiren: 1 more minute. Gamma Rays Active!

Kokila: Help me!

Raj: Ba is inside there.

Doctor: Hit the stop button!

Raj runs to the stop button and presses it. The noises stop and Kokila gets off the scanning machine. The Doctor opens the door and Raj runs in and goes and hugs Kokila. Kokila starts crying. 

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