Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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56. Episode 56

It goes back to the scene at the end of episode 55. 

Simran: Raj might think that Devesh loves him, but we now know that he doesn’t. My fear has started up again. 

Mahi: No one was able to tell me any of this. I cannot believe that no one did. I thought everything was fine. (The door knocks.) 

Simran: You better get it this time after I got slapped the first time. (Mahi opens the door and Sarah enters, she is the social worker.) 

Sarah: I’m Sarah. You are Mahi. You are giving your baby to your sister-in-law from some reason and I am letting you do so after I have looked at everything. Let’s sit and talk. 

Simran: There’s also food. 

Sarah: Lovely, let’s eat. I love Gujarati cuisine. (She goes into the kitchen.) 

Simran: Oh God! She is a nightmare. 

Mahi: Shush! We need Raj. 

It goes to a scene and Raj goes into the house and Mina looks at him weirdly. 

Mina: What is up Raj? Why do you look glum? 

Raj: Mahi and I had a big fight, a really big one. She even kicked me out the house. She said she never wanted to see me again. 

Mina: I am sure everything is fine. 

Raj: She is thinking divorce papers. Who actually told Mahi’s parents? 

Mina: God knows, but I still think everything will be fine. 

Raj: (His phone rings and he picks it up.) Hi Mahi. Please- Oh I see. I will be there soon. One second! (He puts his phone in his pocket.) Got to go. Everything is back on track with me and her. Thanks for believing we will be together. (He leaves the house.) 

Mina: What the hell! I got so happy; I thought this was the end of Raj’s relationship. And when he was alone, I would have killed him. However I have failed! I have failed! I will kill him! I am going to kill him! But don’t worry anyone, I will find a way! If I don’t then I am truly not Mina Patel. 

It goes back to the scene with Mahi, Simran and Leila in the kitchen with Sarah the social worker. 

Sarah: (She is crying.) And then my husband just left me. (She eats the food.) Why would he leave me? What is wrong with me? 

Leila: You are very-

Mahi: Nice. You are so nice and you don’t deserve this kind of treatment from your husband but I think we should get back to your real work. 

Sarah: That’s exactly what he used to say. (She starts crying even more.)

Mahi: (Whispering to Simran.) I cannot deal with this woman. How do we get to the point with her? 

Simran: Raj, would know. I hope he comes here soon. 

Mahi: Me too. This would be a good opportunity to bond. 

Sarah: Can I have more of these? 

Leila: I will get it. (She runs to the kitchen.) 

Sarah: Anyway this baby of yours, why are you giving it away? 

Mahi: Well because Simran cannot have a baby of her own so I would be like a surrogate but without her DNA, if you get what I mean?

Sarah: Yes I get it. You’re just a lovely person. Why can’t I have that in my life? (She starts crying again. The door bell rings.)

Leila: Thank god. I will get it. (She runs and gets the door and it is Raj.) 

Raj: Okay so, whats going on? Who is she? 

Leila: She is the social worker. 

Raj: Why is she crying like a little girl? 

Leila: Just sort her out, please?

It goes to the scene with Kokila, Amber and Kajal in the living room. 

Kokila: I have someone coming over tomorrow. 

Kajal: Who is it? 

Kokila: It is a Maraj that will tell us the future. 

Amber: That sounds fun. Can’t wait now!

Kokila: Amber, can you get the holy books from the attic. 

Amber: Sure. (She leaves her room and goes down to the attic. She looks around and finds the books and picks them up. She then looks around the entire room and in the cupboard she finds a folder and in the folder she finds a piece of paper. She then gets shocked reading this.) 

It goes back to the scene with Raj and everyone at Simran’s new house.

Sarah: And everything has gone wrong for me now. 

Raj: Nothing has gone wrong, you are perfect the way you are. You have a good career which is respected by all. You will find a good person soon, someone who will want more than your money. Don’t you agree? 

Sarah: Yes I do. Raj, don’t worry about getting a bad report from me because you are going to get a good one. 

Raj: Oh, thanks Sarah. 

Sarah: I will take your leave now. Bye everyone and thanks for the food. (She leaves.) 

Mahi: Thank god!

Simran: She was a total nightmare. 

Leila: I just wanted to kill her. 

Raj: I sorted the day.

Simran: Thanks Raj. Let’s go mum. 

Leila: Let’s finally get out of here. (They both leave.) 

Mahi: So Raj. That was great the way you talked to her. 

Raj: I just calmed her down. She is a nice person. 

Mahi: I am sorry for what I said.

Raj: Mahi, don’t think about it. Come on, let’s go home. (Raj leaves and Mahi looks on at Raj.)

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