Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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52. Episode 52

It goes to the scene back at the house. Mina enters and goes into the dining room with a cake box in her hand. 

Mina: Sorry I am late.

Kajal: Oh, thank Mina for collecting the cake. 

Mina: It’s all right. Sorry I couldn’t get the yogurt; the cake still took some time. 

Kokila: That is okay Mina. Where is Mino?

Mina: She had to go to her parent’s house, apparently her father is ill and she had to go to him.

Mahi: All of a sudden. That sounds weird but I hope her father is okay. 

Mina: He will be fine now Mino is there. 

Kokila: Poor girl is going through everything now. Shall we pack everything away? (Everyone leaves the table and the room but Mina stays.) 

Mina: (To herself.) Oh no Kokila! I am the unlucky person. I have to deal with all of you and dance to your tunes while she is scot free, but not anymore. She will stay in that shed until she understands the consequences and realise that this family is mine now to ruin and not hers to fix. She will be in pain for a long time now.

It goes to a scene with Mino in the shed. She wakes up very slowly and is crying. 

Mino: Anyone there? Please help me! Help me! Please help me! (She looks up and around the room and finds a note.) What the hell is this? What have I done to myself? (She looks at the note and it is a timetable telling her when she can eat and other stuff.) Stupid woman! I should have never come back to this family nor should I have trusted that woman. I should have never done those things. Now I am stuck here. (Trying to shouting but she is too weak.) Please, someone help me!

It goes to a scene with Kajal, Simran, Leila, Raj and Mahi in the sitting room. They are talking about the plan.

Mahi: The house is all ready; we are getting a delivery for the baby stuff tomorrow morning. We need to also understand where everything is in the house and know every part of this house. This will show the social worker that you both are responsible and know what to do. (She hands over a folder.) Here is the folder all about the baby stuff and then the baby clothes and also has information about the house. Learn all of this. It is pretty simple and you are a natural with babies as well. We will drop you to the house tomorrow morning at 8:30. Then you guys will wait there, get to know the house and start to know where everything is and so you should be able to know where everything is and pretend that you actually brought this house. Also you can start to make the food and snacks for everyone, food and everything will be in place. Make snacks and healthy ones so I can eat it. In this folder it tells you what to make so that I will be able to eat it. And also explain to the social worker how you care for me and it will hopefully increase the chance of you getting this baby. We will collect the delivery of the baby stuff and then bring it to your new house. Then we will set up the house so it is perfect. (Kokila comes to them and sits with them.) Then we will go over some stuff and some rules and the social worker will arrive and assess us all. Then we will still have to go through three other meetings but after the last meeting which should be held next week, we will find out the verdict if you can keep the baby or not. Now this requires a lot of intense planning and so please stick to all the rules and don’t do and say anything stupid. 

Kajal: Wow, you really have thought about this.

Mahi: To the bone. 

Simran: I don’t know if I can do this. 

Mahi: You can. Just remember this stuff and remember that this all is to help you. Anyway, let’s start the food preparations for dinner. (Everyone leaves accept Simran and Raj.) 

Simran: You don’t know how much I appreciate you doing this. 

Raj: Simran, I am doing this only for one reason, to say sorry.

Simran: What? What do you have to say sorry for? 

Raj: Remember when I was young and used to- 

Simran: I remember but let’s not dwell on the past. 

Raj: But it did happen. I never did anything to say how sorry I am. I just thought that you forgave me. But you still helped me through so many things; you even went against your own husband to save me. But what have I done. Literally nothing to say how sorry I am even though you have done so much for me

Simran: You don’t need to do anything. 

Raj: Yes I do-

Simran: But wait, you don’t. I can just see it in your eyes when we finally meet after 5 years, that you were saying you are sorry. I’ve always forgiven you all my life and I will never stop forgiving you. You don’t need to do this if you don’t want to. I have forgiven you. Don’t worry. (They hug.) 

Raj: But no. I am still going to do this for my sister. Mahi opened my eyes; I will give you one of my babies because I know you will be able to look after it. 

Simran: Thank you Raj!

Raj: No need to thank me. I am you brother and it is my duty to keep you happy and so I will keep you happy. (They hug and then leave the room.) 

It then goes to a scene with Shashi, Devesh and Sachin in the other living room talking to Prem and Abhi.

Shashi: So how is the business going? 

Abhi: It is going really well. It is a shame that we cannot solve the mystery of Jay; we would have gained so much support then. 

Prem: But it doesn’t matter. I’ll check if they need any help in the kitchen. 

Abhi: I will come as well. Just to check if the food is ready. I’m famished. (They both leave.) 

Shashi: I have such a bad feeling with Abhi. We have invited him and we are even feeding him, why doesn’t he want to care about this family. I have noticed this from the beginning. 

Devesh: I have noticed this as well. We need to straighten him out. He needs to learn about the real meaning of family. 

Sachin: I totally agree or Amber will have such a tough life when she goes to his house. 

Shashi: But Pia has hit the jackpot with Prem, he is a good person for Pia and this family. 

It goes to a scene with Prem and Abhi in the hall way. 

Prem: Didn’t I tell you to behave yourself. You are making yourself look bad; you look like a total fool with the way you are acting. Stop this now!

Abhi: So I want to spend my time with these old people. I just want Amber, I just want to marry her and then we can-

Prem: Shut up! Don’t you have any shame! You are giving us all a bad name. I am not letting you do this to the family. You will ruin a young girl’s life by acting like this. Don’t you care?

Abhi: I don’t care about women. I care about what I am able to do to them. Now shut your mouth and don’t tell anyone that. Amber is less native than the other women, so she will be happy to do, you know, before marriage and then me to run away after I get that with her. 

Prem: You make me sick. Now shut up! Clean your mouth and if you dare do that, I will make sure this wedding is not even able to start. Amber is 25 years old, there are many men out there for her but she picked you so please behave appropriately or this wedding will end. 

Abhi: She won’t be able to find anyone once the wedding invitations are out. She won’t be able to stop me. 

Prem: Go die in a hole!

Abhi: Same to you! Bro, remember two main important things in life: money and girls who you can sleep with. (He walks away leaving Prem angry and disgusted by what his brother just said. Abhi then walks to Mina.) 

Abhi: I will keep on with this plan as long as I can do this to your daughter. 

Mina: You can have fun with her. I don’t mind but this time no one will be able to stop her because no one will be able to help her. (Mina then laughs while Abhi leaves. Abhi then enters the dining room with Amber in it.) 

Abhi: Amber, guess what?

Amber: What is it?

Abhi: I have to go to wedding and a reception next Saturday, my friend’s cousins wedding. It is in a nice hotel and it will be good fun. Then I can drop you home. You can only come to the reception as I’m not even allowed to come to the wedding but a reception sounds fun. 

Amber: That sounds good. Why can’t we go to the wedding? 

Abhi: I’m not invited. 

Amber: Oh.

Abhi: But you still want to come with right? 

Amber: Of course, I will come. Sounds good fun. 

Abhi: (Thinking to himself.) It will be fun for me to explore more of you. You will soon deal with it and no one will stop me. Don’t worry! 

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