Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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5. Episode 5

Kokila is sitting on swing outside and Shashi comes along to join her.

Kokila: Have you realised that this will be the first mother’s day without them? Our family.

Shashi: If they wanted to be our family then we would have moved back years ago and not lived with my evil sister-in-law, Satvika.

Kokila: I know it is very hard but I have something to say to you. I have wrote a letter and sent it that way, to the old house.

Shashi: What? You do know it will never go to them if Mina gets it and you know her, she will always get it.

Kokila: But if they get it then we know that Mina is no more.

Shashi: I hope in that house is Kajal, the kids and Devesh. I just really hope. I have a feeling it would be. By the way it is an important day in four days time, it is mother’s day.

Kokila: I know. I have a feeling it is going to be a good one.

Shashi: How is it good one if there is now Raj or Simran?

Kokila: (She is thinking this to herself.)  Don’t worry, we will be re-united and it will be great and we can finally move out from that stupid sister-in-law. 

Simran is near the door. She is talking to herself again.

Simran: I need to find out where Ba and Dada are. I need something anything! (The post comes through the post flap. She looks through it and finds on good post.) This has to be Ba’s letter to us. I just know it and it is addressed to us. (She opens it quickly, and in there is a letter she opens it up and then reads it.) Dear kids. How are you? I hope you are all find. I want to be re-united with my family. If you get this please meet me tomorrow at the cafe, there you will see your cousins. From your Kaka. (She puts the letter in the envelope.) My Kaka, my foot. A rubbish one, but maybe he has changed for the better. I need answers and to find out what is going on. This might be good. I was just hoping I got a letter from Ba. (She puts the letters on the table and flips it around. On the back of the last letter it says ‘from your Ba’.)

Kajal comes down the stairs and sees the letters; she looks through all of it, and sees the last letter addressed to her. She opens it and then reads it aloud.

Kajal: My perfect Bhau, how are you beta? (Now she is not reading the letter.) Devesh come down stairs now! (Devesh comes downstairs.)

Devesh: What?

Kajal: Read this. It’s from mum. (Devesh takes the letter and reads it.) We have already found her. We don’t need to do any of this rubbish wedding stuff.

Devesh: But we can meet them.

Kajal: We can meet them today itself, and fine with Simran.

Devesh: Let’s go a-s-a-p but not today.

Kajal: This could be the best day of my life, but we can’t take Simran along. This all has to be a surprise.

Devesh: Okay, what about we put her in a movie. I don’t know, we will think of something.

Kajal goes upstairs and them into Simran’s room; she is doodling in her book.

Kajal: Are you doing anything tomorrow?

Simran: Yes, I am going out to see someone.

Kajal: Okay, because we are going somewhere else as well. We don’t want you two to fight.

Simran: I’ll be out in the afternoon.

Kajal: Mine is in the morning. Okay well you can’t fight then okay.

Simran: Okay.

Kajal: Where are you going? You better not be meeting your weird friends.

Simran: No and can you stop integrating me like I am 6 years old. Why though, and it is because you don’t trust me! Where are you going?

Kajal: Well, I can’t say know.

Simran: So shush.

Kajal: Okay. I’ll tell you, we are organizing a party for mother’s day. So it was meant to be a surprise but you are the brat of the year.

Simran: You mean 5 months. Brat of the five months that everyone has made my life hell. Then when I wanted an iPhone 5s, you still won’t get me it. Even though the pain.

Kajal: I’m sorry, I’m sorry! (She quickly runs out crying.)  

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