Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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49. Episode 49

The door bell rings and everyone is now in the living room. Kokila goes to answer the door and it is Prem and Abhi.

Kokila: Jai Shri Krishna, come in.

Prem: Jai Shri Krishna, I am so sorry we are late. There was so much traffic on the road. How is everyone?

Sachin: We are all good, how are you guys?

Abhi: We are good, the reason we actually decided to come here was so that we can set a date for the wedding. We can decide everything, what it’s going to be and everything.

Kokila: Will it be a double wedding though or just separate.

Kajal: It should definitely be double, but we don’t mind if you want 2 weddings.

Sachin: It is up to you Amber and Pia.

Shashi: You guys decide what you guys want.

Prem: (Looks at Mino.) Sorry, I don’t believe we have met. I am Prem and this I my brother Abhi.

Abhi: Hi. And you are...

Mino: I’m Mino.

Pia: She is our... well she is...

Mino: Just a close family friend. I was going to help make nasto’s with Kajal and Mina but instead they invited me for dinner so I could meet you.

Prem: Well it’s lovely to meet you, a friend of Mina or Kajal’s is our friend to. These are for you all. (He hands Kokila a present.)

Kokila: Thank you so much. Please sit down. I’ll bring some tea and some snacks before we have lunch.

Prem: Do you need any help?

Kajal: Don’t worry, I will get it. Mum, you sit down. Simran, Leila, can you guys help me.

Simran: Sure. Come on. (They leave. And enter the kitchen.) They are such nice people.

Kajal: I just wanted to warn you guys not to talk about the case and everything.

Leila: Don’t worry; I ended that, ages ago.

Kajal: Thank you guys. Let’s get the food out. (They start to bring food out and put it on the table and also tea.)

Pia: We have decided that we are going to have a double wedding.

Abhi: Yes, I have found the perfect place. It’s big enough to hold a lot of people and two weddings. It is in London but there is parking available and everything. The wedding food will be amazing. In fact I went there for a wedding and reception and it is a perfect place. Here I have a broacher. (He hands it to Sachin.)

Kokila: Obviously we are having the Mendhi night and the Vidhi all here right.

Prem: Of course, what every your guys want we will have.

Kokila: This place does sound really nice though so we can pick it. (Radha comes down the stairs.)

Raj: All of this wedding talk reminds me of our wedding. When was it again?

Radha: 22nd March 2012.

Mahi: Wait a second, how did you know that?

Radha: Well... urm...

Mina: I told her. But how did you know that as well.

Kokila: It is a sign that Mina should be part of our family.

Raj: (He is whispering to Amber.) Oh, no. This day trip doesn’t seem to be working as well as we thought. Well done Amber.

Amber: Am I always going to make a mistake, and you will always have to correct me?

Raj: You don’t always make mistakes, I was just joking. Don’t feel bad; this was actually not a bad idea so don’t feel disheartened by this.

Amber: I just want something to go right. You have to promise that you will tell me the next time I do something good. When I do something which will show that I have done something good and helped others drastically.

Raj: I promise that day will be here soon.

It goes to the lunch scene and Mino and Kokila are in the kitchen frying Bhajia’s. Mina enters and sees them.

Mina: Mum, don’t worry about this. You sit and talk to the guests. I will do this and put the food on the table and then call you.

Kokila: Okay. (She leaves.)

Mina: It takes real guts to come to this house when you know that the one person you want doesn’t want you back.

Mino: What do you mean by that?

Mina: What do I mean by that? I am just trying to ask you, what are you doing here? Are you trying to steal Sachin away from me?

Mino: No, not at all. I think you both are a real good couple and you should be together since you were married first.

Mina: Good and stay to those thoughts. I have worked really hard now and I don’t want to spoil things now. Also, fry the Bhajia’s faster, we have people waiting; our future son-in-laws. I will start warming up the other food. (She walks off and Mino gets angry and pulls an angry face while she leaves.)


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