Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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48. Episode 48

It goes to a scene with everyone downstairs. The whole family is there except for Devesh, Sachin, Shashi, Prem and Abhi.

Kokila: When are Prem and Abhi arriving?

Amber: They will be here soon.

Kokila: Good.  (Devesh, Sachin and Shashi enter the house.) Jai Shri Krishna how was the flat?

Shashi: It was good but I don’t think we are going to buy this one.

Raj: Watch out, when Dada says that he ends up buying it.

Shashi: You know me, I love a new challenge. How is everything here?

Kokila: Everything is good. Listen up everyone. I need to talk to you all. (They all sit down on the sofa and Kokila stands at the front.) I know a lot has happened from the garba to today. But everyone needs to remember that we don’t bring any of this up when our new son-in-laws are here. Don’t mention any of it. But for your information I have accepted that Mahi is going to give Simran one of her children. (Everyone except Mahi, Leila and Simran are shocked.)

Raj: What? You cannot be serious.

Kokila: I am serious.

Shashi: You all made decisions without us men, the providers of the family.

Kokila: Yes, I am very sorry for that. Also I have invited Mino to come for dinner as well.

Mina: (Shocked.) What? Why is she coming?

Kokila: I have invited her for dinner, not to enter the mandip with us.

Sachin: It is fine with me. I don’t mind.

Kokila: Let’s have a good day today, let’s make everything okay and make sure that nothing goes wrong.

Mahi: Well I totally agree with this.

Raj: Can I speak to you Mahi?

Mahi: Sure.

Kajal: You guys can go and set the table. (Raj and Mahi leave to go to the dining room.)

Raj: What are you doing? Why are you doing this?

Mahi: Don’t you care for your sister. With the way you are behaving it doesn’t seem it.

Raj: I do.

Mahi: I used to remember you. You were the man who cared about his sister so much. You cared for her so much. You protected your sister so much and also shared everything with her. You gave her everything she wanted. You always used to save all your money while she always spent it and then when she wanted something you were the one who got it from your money.

Raj: That was different.

Mahi: How?

Raj: This is not the matter of a baby.

Mahi: But you care about your sister, don’t you want to see your sister happy and she will be very happy if she got a baby. You always told me that your sister would always take over every baby and not let you do anything. And every child loved Simran. Why don’t you want her to get the happiness again, this child is her happiness. She will be very happy if she had this baby. Don’t you want her to be happy?

Raj: Obviously I do.

Mahi: So do this for your sister. She will not do anything if you don’t agree, and so her happiness lies with you. What do you say?

They come back to the living room.

Raj: I have decided that Simran will have one of our children.

Simran: Oh my god, thank you so much! (She runs to hug him.)

Raj: Well, I do want you to be happy so you will. I will try my best.

Kokila: Well done Raj. You made the right decision.

Raj: All the thanks goes to Mahi, she made me decide.

Mahi: I just lead you to the right direction. (The door bell rings.) I will get it. (She answers the door and it is Mino at the door.) Hi, come in.

Kokila: Jai Shri Krishna Mino.

Mino: Jai Shri Krishna. Thank you for inviting me for dinner. I decided to come early so I can help you all and I really want to see Abhi and Prem.

Mina: Why?

Mino: Because Amber and Pia are like my daughters as well. I want them to be happy. Was that okay?

Pia: That was a good decision. (Pia and Amber goes to hug Mino and Mina gets angry.)

Mina: So when are the Jamai’s arriving.

Pia: Soon, they are on their way?

Mina: Great well I will make tea.

Amber: I will help you. (Mina and Amber go to the kitchen.)

Sachin: Now it is the waiting game isn’t it. 

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