Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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47. Episode 47

Amber goes and answers the door and she opens it and finds Mahi, Simran and Leila at the door.

Amber: What a surprise? Come in. (They enter. Everyone else comes out of the kitchen and are confused.)

Simran: Hi mum.

Kajal: Morning beta but what are you doing here?

Mahi: I have made my decision. (She hands over the contract to Kajal and Kajal opens it and sees the signature of Simran and Leila.)

Amber: What decision?

Pia: What actually happened last night?

Kajal: You decided to give one of the babies to Simran. (Everyone is shocked.)

Mahi: Yes, I have made the courageous decision to give it to Simran. And she has agreed that she will fight to get this baby.

Raj: What? We never decided anything?

Mahi: She is your sister.

Simran: You mean to say that none of you agree.

Raj: You mean to say that you thought we would agree to this.

Mahi: Stop “you mean to saying”. I am doing this good deed and that is final. We have a contract.

Raj: (Raj rips it up.) I am not letting you make promises to Simran that you cannot keep. I am not letting you give up your baby that you won’t be able to do. I am not letting you. This contract means nothing to me. It means nothing! I am telling you nothing.

Mahi: I know you would do this. So I didn’t give you the real copy. The real copy is hidden and not near you. The social worker is coming tomorrow.

Kokila: Social worker. No, this cannot happen. If you really want this baby Simran, you take it. Don’t involve social workers.

Mahi: Why not Ba? We need to make it official.

Pia: Okay stop! I don’t know what is happening between all of you but, you all need to get ready because our future husbands and your future son-in-laws are coming. So please chop chop!

Kajal: Pia is right. We will decide this later. Right now we need to think of the future.

Raj: What about baby supply shopping because apparently we are also giving baby supplies to Simran and Leila.

Mahi: And also a better baby safe house.

Raj: What?

Mahi: Don’t worry, I already have one in mind. It is near here and it is such a nice area. You will love it.

Kokila: Mahi, you are doing so much for them.

Mahi: I know, I am just making sure the transition is better. Also, I already have the baby supplies, they are getting delivered today in the evening and that will mean that the new house will be ready for the social worker tomorrow. I have everything under control.

Kokila: Mina, Kajal, Amber, Pia and Raj, you all have baths. Mahi and I will have a little talk. Leila and Simran, stay with us for the day, you can meet the new family members and also have dinner. (Everyone goes there different ways.)

Leila: Simran, are you happy that you might get a child?

Simran: Very happy but I really want the whole family members to be on our side.

Leila: I really want that as well, I really do.

It goes to a scene with Mahi and Kokila.

Kokila: Mahi, why are you doing this? You are going to give up your baby and give it to your husband’s wife. I know that even I wouldn’t be able to do that.

Mahi: I know Ba. It is a very hard and I have put myself in a very sticky situation. But I know, in my heart that it is telling me that I am doing the right thing. Simran is like my older sister that I never had, and it breaks my heart seeing her every day without Avi. She misses him and she will always miss him. She has the potential to be a great mother, she is going to be the best mother to any child and it breaks my heart even more when I know that she can never me a mother to anyone. I am giving her one of my children; she can look after it, feed it, and let it grow up. I have thought about it for a very long time and I have even tried to get these thoughts out of my head but they will never go. It is a sign that I need to give it to Simran. She will be a great mother and this will show it. I know that she wouldn’t accept this child if everyone doesn’t agree. Please do agree, please persuade everyone to agree. Simran needs this child more than me, she doesn’t have anyone else. She needs it. Now do you understand my point? Are you on my side now?

Kokila and Mahi come into the living room to see Leila and Simran.

Kokila: After speaking to Mahi, I am giving you my blessing. You can have this child.

Simran: Really?

Kokila: Yes, you need this baby and Mahi has persuaded me. You will win over Raj’s blessing too. This reminds me, I need to do something. I will be back soon. (Kokila leaves.)

Simran: I can’t believe you are doing this for me. Thank you so much Mahi.

Mahi: You don’t need to thank me, if you are happy I am happy. 

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