Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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46. Episode 46

It goes straight back to the scene of episode 45. Leila and Simran are still in shock.

Mahi: So what are your thoughts? This is not a joke, this is very real. It took me a couple of days to realise what I want but I know understand what I want and this is it. I can’t tell you how I feel right now. I am so happy with everything. So don’t let me wait, whats the verdict?

Leila: Are you crazy?

Simran: What mum is trying to say is that, why do you want to give me one of your babies? Can you not cope with them, whats the logical reason?

Mahi: You are never gonna be able to have a child. You will be all alone with no one here.

Simran: Mums here.

Mahi: Well, you both will be alone and have no one. You both want a child, so I am giving you one. Also the baby will be healthy and family.

Simran: I don’t know.

Mahi: Please, everyone has left me to make the decision, even Raj who doesn’t agree to this. I have drawn up this contract. (She hands it over to her.) I need a signature today. I need to make sure I tell everyone and buy baby supplies for the both of us.

Leila: We can buy the baby supplies.

Mahi: No it is part of the contract. It also states that I will give you a nicer house which you both can live in peacefully.

Simran: You can’t just do all of this for us. How do we make it legal?

Mahi: Well that is the contract. The contract states that you will say yes to having this baby and you will adopt it from me.

Simran: Is that even allowed?

Mahi: Yes, you have to make a decision because then I have to book an appointment for the social worker. In the contract it says that I will provide you with the baby, the supplies and a new better house you can both live in which is perfect for a baby to live in.

Simran: Why are you doing this? It’s you baby, I can’t take it away from you.

Mahi: Yes you can, the social worker says that you have a very high chance of getting one of these babies.

Simran: No but why? Why are you helping me?

Mahi: I just want to make you happy and make you comfortable I a nice house, with a baby. You are going to be a great mother.

Leila: And what about me?

Mahi: Well you are grandmother. You will be the baby’s grandmother.

Simran: What would I do if the baby asks me who its dad is?

Mahi: You will say that Avi’s the dad and that you are the mother but then he died.

Simran: He died 2 years ago.

Mahi: Well make it up then.

Simran: What shall I do?

Mahi: Say yes. Don’t you agree?

Leila: Yes, you should say yes. As long as that is okay with you and your family.

Mahi: Sure is! I need both of you signatures, so are you going to do it!

It goes to a scene with Raj, Kajal, Kokila and Mina.

Raj: Morning everyone.

Kajal: Morning. Where is Mahi today?

Raj: I don’t know, she left a note but I don’t know where she is?

Kokila: I hope she has thought about her decision.

Raj: You all need to remember that it is my baby to. I have the right to decide everything just as much as she does.

Kajal: Yes, we understand.

Mina: You both are going through a difficult faze. Are you sure Mahi can cope with a child? It doesn’t seem like it if she wants to give it up.

Raj: I am 100% sure that she is fine with a baby as she was just as excited as I am when she found out the news she was pregnant. (Amber and Pia comes down the stairs and into the kitchen.) It doesn’t matter now.

Pia: Morning.

Kokila: Jai Shri Krishna Pia and Amber. How was it yesterday?

Pia: It was really good. We had such a fun time.

Amber: What happened here yesterday?

Raj: Nothing much, just had dinner and relaxed afterwards.

Amber: What you guys preparing for dinner today because Abhi and Prem?

Kajal: They are coming here.

Mina: We need to make lots of preparations. This is going to be a big party.

Amber: It’s not a party, just you future son-in-laws coming for dinner. They are coming now anyways.

Kokila: I do not understand anything. Can you please tell us properly?

Amber: Prem and Abhi are coming over to hang out with us.

Mina: Early in the morning.

Pia: Yes. I didn’t decide any of this. She did.

Mina: Well, I will start the preparations and you guys have a bath and put some good clothes on. We need Mahi.

Raj:  Where is that girl? (The door bell rings.)

Amber: There here. I’ll get it.

Raj: Oh no. What have you done Amber? 

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