Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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40. Episode 40 - Garba Special

Everyone except Devesh is around the table eating dinner.

Kajal: So, Leila, what is new in your life? What is going on? Is your husband okay?

Leila: He is fine. I am just doing some decorating in my house, adding some more property value.

Simran: You could do a new extension. There is a lot of room there.

Leila: Yes there is. I am also doing one more thing. Trying to find out who killed Jay. (Everyone around the table is shocked.)

Kokila: Oh, that is nice. Found anything out recently.

Leila: Nope, nothing yet but we will find out who killed him and why. That’s all I want to find out. Anyway, enough about me. How are you Mahi? I found out you are having a child.

Shashi: What?

Kokila: What?

Kajal: You never told us.

Mahi: Well, I found out just today. I was going to tell you but Raj and I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. I was going to tell you then. And then with the things with Mina Kakie, it wasn’t the right time so.  

Kokila: That is great news. I just can’t wait; we will finally have a new born baby.

Mahi: I am really excited.

Raj: So am I!

It is the next day and Raj and Mahi are in the doctor’s surgery.

Doctor: Congratulations, you are having twins in just 3 month’s time.

Mahi: 3 month, it does kind of make sense. My stomach was hurting a lot and I was throwing up nearly every morning. I even though cancer at one stage. But my stomach isn’t that big.

Raj: Well, I have noticed it but I didn’t want to say, just in case.

Mahi: Raj!

Doctor: You better get ready. (She hands them over a pamphlet.) This will tell you everything you need to know when having twins.

Raj: Now that sounds, wait? Twins?

Doctor: Yes, twins.

Mahi: Twins. 2 babies. 

Doctor: Yes, you are very lucky. Don’t worry; nothing will go wrong with your children. Now, do you want to know the gender of the children?

Mahi: Yes!

Raj: Okay.

Doctor: It is a baby girl.

Raj: What? Really! Oh my god, that is great.

Mahi: That is perfect. Thank you so much doctor.

Doctor: And a baby boy.

Mahi: Oh my god. A boy and a girl.

Raj: This is just perfect.

Doctor: You guys go and tell your family the great news. (She hands them an envelope.) The picture of the babies.

Mahi: Thank you! (Mahi and Raj leave.)

Mahi: I am so happy today.

Raj: Today is the best.

Mahi: Can’t wait to tell everyone.

Raj: They are probably waiting right now.

At the home, Kokila, Amber, Pia, Kajal, Simran and Shashi

Kokila: I hope they got good news.

Kajal: I know, I just hope it is good and not bad news.

Pia: It should be good, it can’t be bad. (They two of them enter.) So, what is the news?

Kokila: Is it bad?

Kajal: Is it good?

Amber: What is it?

Shashi: Ray, Mahi.

Mahi: Its twins. (Everyone is happy.)

Raj: A girl and a boy.

Mahi: In three more months.

Kokila: This is great news.

Simran: This is going to be so good.

Mahi: I have also decided something else. In our culture, we don’t have god-mothers. But you will be the babies god-mother Simran.

Simran: Oh my God. Thank you so much. I am really happy and appreciative. Since I can never have a child again and my first child past away. This is a great, amazing surprise.

Kajal: Well done, Mahi! Thank you for this.

Mahi: I was always thinking this. I just want my sister-in-law to be happy forever.

Simran: I will try and visit as much as I want.

Pia: What do you mean visit?

Simran: I might be moving back with mum, Leila.

Kokila: This is great news.

Shashi: That is how a good daughter-in-law is.

Simran: I always wanted to but I never got the chance and the mum said that I could.

Amber: It is a perfect day.

Shashi: You are going to be a big girl as well. You will be 25 soon. You need to get married.

Kokila: Yes, I have been looking with Amber.

Shashi: You didn’t tell me.

Kokila: I didn’t want you choice of girls after what you chose. He will be coming to the garba and will be meeting everyone.

Amber: He is a good person, he is from the same village and he is Patel.

Kokila: He is good. He is a forensic scientist and he has some properties.

Simran: Wait, forensic scientist, does he do detective work as well.

Amber: Yes. He is bringing his brother.

Simran: Oh, no! This will be interesting.

Mahi: (The phone rings and Mahi goes and gets it.) Hello.

Doctor: Hi Mahi. I just wanted to call to ask you something.

Mahi: Go ahead!

Doctor: Mahi, I have known you for many years and you always get worried and never see the doctor. You thought you had cancer but it turned out to be a baby.

Mahi: I know, I don’t know.

Doctor: I just want to prevent anything happening to you like depression or anything. So come over to my house one day and I will help you deal with children and stuff.

Mahi: I love children and I know I will be fine but I will come. I want to make sure that my baby is fine and know how to do things. Thank you.

Doctor: Bye.

Kokila: (Mahi puts the phone down.) Who was that?

Mahi: The doctor. She just wanted to make another appointment for another scan.

Kokila: Okay.

Simran: I can’t wait for this garba know. It is going to be great. I need to make a call. (She runs to her room and calls Leila.) Hello mum.

Leila: Yes Simran. Is everything okay?

Simran: The man that is doing the detective work’s brother is trying to get married to Amber. He is a detective and forensic scientist as well right.

Leila: Yep, they own a business.

Simran: That’s the one.

Leila: Really? Oh my god, I should have guessed since he is Patel and he is from one of our Gham’s.

Simran: What do we do?

Leila: Just stick to the plan. Did you get the hair samples?

Simran: Yes. I will bring it to the garba and he can do the test there.

Leila: I will talk to them and make sure everything is fine.

Simran: See you there. Bye mum.

Leila: Bye, beta!


It is the garba celebration and all the characters, except Simran and Mina, are in the hall setting up and are all excited. They are lighting candles and doing other work. Mahi is sitting down eating. They are all dressed in Indian outfits. Simran enter.

Simran: Wow, everything looks great. The garba starts in half-an-hour but you know these women, they arrive really early to gossip.

Devesh: We have another surprise. (The teachers enter.) They will be our servants.

Simran: Aw, thank you everyone.

Kokila: (She whispers to Mahi.) How things change? (Mahi laughs.)

Devesh: Anything for you and I have something for you Raj as well.

Raj: What is it?

Devesh: You will find out later.

Kokila: (To Mahi.) Are you okay? Do you need anything?

Mahi: I am completely fine Ba. Now you need to sit down and enjoy with your friends.

Kokila: Shall we tell everyone?

Mahi: Yeah, sure! Simran said she is mentioning it her speech.

Kokila: Okay.

It goes to scene in the toilet and Mina is there putting make up one.

Mina: Today is the day when I will win everyone over with my garb skills and good daughter-in-law rules. I need to come back to this house and be with my children and nieces and nephews and just with everyone. I used to hate it before, living with everyone but now I miss it so much.

Amber: (She enters the toilets.) Mum, what you doing?

Mina: Nothing. Nothing will happen to you.

Amber: I know nothing will happen. What is up with you?

Mina: Nothing will happen to you or Pia. My two beautiful children will always be safe.

Amber: Okay, let’s go. The garba is starting. (They leave and enter the hall. It is filled with lots of people and the teachers as waiter serving drinks and food to everyone. All the men are at the back of the room drinking. Leila and the two men haven’t arrived yet.)

Ba1: So Mahi. You’re pregnant.

Mahi: Yes, 3 months.

Ba2: You hid it from us for so many months.

Mahi: Well I didn’t actually know until-

Kokila: 3 weeks ago.

Ba2: Wow, well let’s hope the baby is healthy. Are throwing a baby shower?

Mahi: Urm...

Kokila: Yes, we will. It is our first great-grandchild, we should throw one.

Mahi: Okay, yeah. In some time though. We will call when we are going to do it.

Kokila: Yes. Exactly.

Shashi is with Radha, they are talking.

Radha: I am very happy today. Today I have found my Ba and Dada. You guys are just like Dillip Dada said you were. He told me many stories about you guys.

Shashi: I know him. He was a really good friend of mine back in the day.

Radha: Dada, I need to go back to my old house. I promise I will be back soon.  

Shashi: Go beta. Be safe. (She leaves.)

Simran: (She is on the stage.) Hello, everyone! (They are still talking.) Can I just have one minute of your time. Please. (They still talk.)

Devesh: (He shouts.) SHUT UP! (Everyone is silent.)

Simran: That’s dad. I just wanted to say thank you to my Dad for organizing this, you are the best. (Pia rolls her eyes and hugs Raj.) This garba here is to remember the two brothers Jay and Avi. This is to remember them. I hope you are fine where ever you are.

Ba3: Oh go! This girl, she remembers her husband but doesn’t live with her mother-in-law. Doesn’t look after her after her husband died.

Leila: Shut up!

Ba3: Aare! I am just speaking the truth!

Leila: (Leila enters the room.)Don’t say a word. My daughter-in-law is living with me. She will be living with me. She has been and she will always. (Simran eyes get watery. Kokila and Kajal are happy. Devesh is happy but sad for losing his daughter.) Don’t say anything bad about her. (Ba3 rolls her eyes.)

Simran: I love you mum!

Leila: Love you to beta!

Simran: Also thanks to my birth mum, she is the best as well. And the best siblings ever. (Amber smiles and mouths thanks.) Just enjoy the day. (Everyone claps.) But before we start the garba, the speeches are starting. (Everyone sighs.) It is not my fault.

Dada1: (He takes the microphone.) Okay thank you Simran. Dhaval Bhai from Borsad, £200. (Everyone sighs.)

It goes straight to the garba celebration and everyone is dancing and performing garb around in circles. It then goes straight to a scene with Mina and Amber.

Mina: Amber, remember the day when you saw me at the school, why did you say this was the first time you saw me in many years?

Amber: I had to do it for Raj and Mino. But let’s not talk about that day. We need to make sure that are back in the house. I never want you to leave again. (Kokila and Kajal goes to them.)

Kokila: Abhi is here.

Amber: Okay. Let’s go. The four of them meet him.

Leila: (It goes to Leila and Simran talking.) I have told them everything. Everything should go to plan. Abhi is going to talk to Amber. He really does like her so we should let them be and let them get married. The other brother is going to do all the other work. His name is Prem.

Simran: Okay.

Leila: There is classroom opposite this hall. Prem is there and he has all his things to work out from the hair samples you have.

Simran: I got them.

Leila: Good. Go now.

Simran: Okay bye. (She quickly leaves.)

Leila: (Talking to herself.) Krishna Bhagwan, I hope there name is cleared and the two girls live happily ever after.

Radha is in her old house; she runs to her god idol and is really happy.

Radha: I am so happy today I completely forgot to tell you how happy I am. I haven’t even prayed in 2 days. I promise I will make it up though. Mum has changed and I hope Ba can see she has. I just want nothing to go wrong now since everything is perfect at the moment. I am just so happy. I promise I will keep praying to you and I must thank Dillip Dada for everything he has done for me and my mum. We will move back to that house and everything will go as it will. Raj always looks after me and I hope he gets everything for his children-to-come. I love it in this house but I can’t wait to move back. Now I have to go but I will start praying tomorrow and make for the times I haven’t. Bye. I am lucky I am so close to the school.  (She leaves the house.) We have been through so many emotions and fun times but I can’t wait to have more with my new grandparents and new old family.

It goes to a scene with Abhi and the four women.

Kokila: Abhi, this is Mina. She is Amber’s mother.

Abhi: I have never seen you before. (He touches her feet.)

Mina: Bhus beta. I was busy with my job so I couldn’t meet you.

Abhi: It is an honour to finally meet you.

Kokila: (To herself.) I am tempted to say that this woman wouldn’t be here mother for long but I can’t let this jeopardise this proposal.

Amber: Maybe we could check the food and see if everything it alright.

Kokila: Sure go ahead. (Amber and Abhi leave.) This relationship will never break. It is sad when one breaks some relations like between and grandchildren and their grandparents. (There are flashbacks to Kokila and Shashi leaving. Kokila has tears in her eyes but then wipes them and leaves with Kajal.)

Mina: I just hope that they will one day forget this past. I want new memories, not old ones.

All the lights turn dim and everyone looks around.

Pia: What is going on?

Raj: I have no idea.  

There is a spot light one the stage and it is Cheryl. She starts to sing her song. Everyone is shocked to see her and the entire Ba’s dance to her song.


Waking up diagonal like an animal in a cold and empty bed, yeah
Shaking off that dream of you, I got shit to do and I'm ready to forget, oh yeah
I heard you brought that girl around in half a gown and asked if I've been there, oh yeah
Ask me how I'm doing now, I scream out loud, I tell 'em I don't care
And I don't care

I don't care
And it feels so <> good to say I swear
That I don't care
And everywhere
There are ordinary hearts that don't play fair
But I don't care

I don't care
I don't care
Oh no
I don't care
I don't care
Oh no

In this town word gets around
But don't bring me down, just static in my head, yeah
So take me out and turn it up
Well, let's make it rough
We're gonna wake the dead, oh, baby
Everyone is saying now, just slow it down
Or I'll get hurt again, oh yeah
When these things are feeling me, it's healing me
And I'm screaming I don't care
And I don't care

I don't care
And it feels so <> good to say I swear
That I don't care
And everywhere
There are ordinary hearts that don't play fair
But I don't care

I don't care
I don't care
Oh no
I don't care
I don't care
Oh no

Doesn't matter anyway
Doesn't matter anyway, oh oh
I can see the Milky Way
And it seems so far away, oh
It doesn't matter anyway
It's all falling into place
Just another pretty face
Disappears without a trace
There ain't nothing left to say

I don't care
Feels so good
Oh, I don't care, oh
I don't care

I don't care
And it feels so <> good to say I swear
That I don't care
And everywhere
There are ordinary hearts that don't play fair
But I don't care

I don't care
I don't care
Oh no
I don't care
I don't care
Oh no


Ba5: Wow. What a good singer?

Cheryl: Oh, thank you.

Raj: (He, Mahi and Pia goes to the stage. Everyone else is talking and drinking.) I am one of your biggest fan!

Cheryl: Oh thank you so much.

Mahi: Yes and your wife is here as well.

Raj: Oh yes.

Mahi: You know the one who is carrying your child.

Raj: Can we just take one big group selfie?

Cheryl: Sure! (They take a big picture.)

Teacher4: You don’t need to take it like that. I am your photographer. I will take it.

Cheryl: Cool. (They take a group picture using the camera.)

Teacher4: I will be back and take a big family picture when you guys are ready.

Devesh: (He comes to the stage.) This was for you Raj. Your surprise was Cheryl. Now Cheryl you are a woman with different surnames. How about I dare you?

Cheryl: I am getting scared now.

Devesh: How would you like to be Patel for a week?

Raj: Dad, what are you doing?

Cheryl: As we promised.

Devesh: (A man with a form and a pen comes to the stage and hands it over the Cheryl.) Sign this and you are officially a Patel for a week.

Cheryl: (She signs it.) Did it. (She hands it back to the man.)

Devesh: You are now Cheryl Ann Tweedy Fernandez-Versini Patel.

Cheryl: Yay!

Mahi: She is officially one of us.

It goes straight to a scene with Simran and Prem.

Simran: Here are the hair samples. (She hands it to him.) Pia and Amber.

Prem: What? Pia.

Simran: Yes, but please we need to do this fast.

Prem: Oh okay sure. (He starts to put the hairs in the machine and does other technical stuff. He shows Simran the hair.) This is the hair we found on the body. We should find out in 30 minutes.

Simran: Okay. Please come to the garba, you could meet your future sister-in-law and her family.

Prem: Amber and Pia. I know Pia.

Simran: How do you know her?

Prem: I knew her. She was once the love of my life. (Simran is shocked.) She still is and I know she loves me too.

It goes to a scene with Amber and Abhi.

Abhi: So the food smells lovely.

Amber: The chefs are really good.

Abhi: Do you know how to cook?

Amber: Really?

Abhi: Really what?

Amber: You are questioning me on my daughter-in-law skills.

Abhi: I am just making sure. It is just rules and regulations. So can you cook?

Amber: Yes.

Abhi: And can you make roti?

Amber: Yes. Do I pass the food part of the test?

Abhi: My grandmother is really good friends with your ba. They get one really well. She was so happy that I am picking you.

Amber: Oh I see. You want to marry me to respect you grandmother’s wishes.

Abhi: No. We will get on really well and I will treat you well to. (Amber smiles.)

Prem: (Simran and Prem are sitting down on the chairs.) Pia and I really got on really well. She told me everything about her family. She would talk about you, Raj, everyone. That’s when we fell in love. Pia knew that we would get married and her family would always accept it because I was from the same Gham and everything. But I really wanted to pursue my passion of Law. We talked on the phone everyday for like a month and it them faded away. I didn’t become a lawyer at the end of the day. I realised it was because of my love for Pia. The relationship we shared was more than my work. I wasn’t treating her right. I was putting myself before her. I know realised why I didn’t make it. This relationship was made by God and I broke it. I am now a forensic scientist with my brother. I am happy with my job but it was not what I wanted. I never wanted to hurt Pia but I did and she left. We never talked since that. After that I never wanted to get married now. I am 30 years old. All I hope for is that we could one day get married again.

Simran: Do you know the family tree?

Prem: I know everything. Kokila and Shashi are at the top, then Kajal and Devesh and also Sachin and Mino, then it was your first Simran, then Pia, then Raj and then finally Amber. Even though Raj was younger than all of you, he was always the oldest in the family. He was the older brother for her. They were only a few years younger than each other.

Simran: We are all three years younger than each other. You know your brother; Abhi is going to get married to Amber.

Prem: That would be great. That would mean if Pia and I get married then they will never have to move apart from each other.

 Simran: You know our culture. It would never be allowed. It would look really strange.

Prem: I know, but love it-

Simran: You know it as well. It is strange for our culture to handle. I have to go but stay there. Find out the results, I will find out everything else.

Prem: Please, I love Pia. She loves me. We make a good couple.

Simran: Then we fight. I will find Pia. We all will talk. (Simran leaves.)

Prem: (To himself.) I just wish that we could get married one say. She loves me too.

Shashi: (Simran is looking around the hall and Shashi find her.) Hi Simran. What you doing?

Simran: Looking for Pia and Amber. There is a big dilemma.

Shashi: What is it?

Simran: You will find out soon.

Another garba song plays and the entire women starts to dance. Simran quickly runs out of the hall. Mina goes next to Kokila and dances with her. Kokila gets annoyed but carries on. It goes to a scene with Mina.

Mina: (She gets a text.) Meet me outside of Oldfield. Who is this person? Why should I meet them? They signed it off as P. It could be Pia. I must go then. She quickly leaves.

Mahi: (It goes to a scene with Mahi and she meets her parents Manav and Kinjal.) Mum. I missed you so much.

Kinjal: How are you my child? I missed you a lot. Are you fine? I tried to call but Manav here wanted me not to.

Mahi: I am fine and they treat me well here. I have good news. I am having a baby.

Kinjal: What?

Manav: That is great! 

Mahi: I know, 3 months’ time. And here now is a performance from another bhau, Roshini.

Roshini from Jamai Raja dances to Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan.


Kalaiyaan... Kalaiyan…
wrists, wrists..

Tu leya de meinu golden jhumke..
Main kanna vich paavaan chum chum ke
You get me Golden earrings
I’ll kiss them and wear them in my ears.

Mann jaa ve... mainu shopping kara de
Mann jaa ve... romantic picture dikha de
Requestaan paayiaan ve..
Chittiyaan kalaiyaan ve
Oh baby meri chittiyan kalaiyan ve
Chittiyaan kalaiyaan ve
Oh baby meri white kalaiyaan ve
Chittiyaan kalaiyaan ve
Oh baby meri teri hisse aayiaan ve
Chittiyaan kalaiyaan ve
Oh baby meri chittiyan kalaiyan ve..

Please agree, take me shopping..
Please listen, show me a romantic movie..
I request you..
White wrists,
I have got fair-complexioned wrists..
White wrists,
I have got white wrists..
White wrists,
They’re yours now..
White wrists,
I have got white wrists..

You're my darling angel baby
White kalaaiyan drives me crazy
Shiney eyes glitty glitty glittery
You're the like that makes me going hazy 

Oh mainu chadhiya hai rang rang
Main khwabaan de sang sang aaj uD-di phiraan
Main saari raat uD-di phiran
Oh badle jindaDi de rang dhang
Meri neendein bhi tang tang, aaj uD-di phiran
Main saari raat uD-di phiran

I've got Colors all over me,
Today I fly with dreams..
I fly all night..
The ways of my life have changed
Even my sleep is reduced, I keep flying..
I keep flying all night..

Mann jaa ve... gulabi chunni diva de
Mann jaa ve... colourful chudi pavaa de
Requestaan paayiaan ve..
Chittiyaan kalaiyaan ve..

Please listen to me, get me a pink scarf..
Please listen to me, get me some colorful bangles..
I request you..
White wrists...

Ghumde phirde saare citiyaan milkiyan
Chittiyaan kalaaiyan ve (kalaaiyan ve..)
Tere hathaan nu chumda rehnda
tu lai liyaan, oh chittiyaan ve

I have roamed all the cities,
You have got White milky wrists..
I keep on kissing your hands..
White.. oh white..

Mann jaa ve... mainu shopping kara de
Mann jaa ve... romantic picture dikha de
Requestaan paayiaan ve..
Chittiyaan kalaiyaan ve..  

Everyone claps and cheers. Then Amber and Abhi arrive and Simran goes to them.

Simran: Amber I need to talk to you.

Amber: Just after this dance.

Simran: Amber.

Amber: One second.

Radha: (She enters and runs to Amber.) What have I missed?

Amber: Just one dance but look its Pragya and Abhi.

Abhi and Pragya from Kumkum Bhagya dance to Manva Laage.


Manwa laage.. o manwa laage
Laage re sanware
Laage re sanware
Le tera hua jiya ka, jiya ka, jiya ka ye gaanv re

Manwa laage.. o manwa laage
Laage re sanware
Laage re sanware
Le khela maine jiya ka, jiya ka, jiya ka
hai daav re

Musaafir hoon main door ka
Deewana hoon main dhoop ka
Mujhe na bhaye.. na bhaye, na bhaye chaanv re

Manwa laage.. o manwa laage
Laage re sanware
Laage re sanware
Le tera hua jiya ka, jiya ka, jiya ka ye gaanv re

hey hey...

Aisi kaisi boli tere naino ne boli
Jaane kyon main doli
Aisa lage teri ho li main, tu mera..

mm.. Tune baat kholi kacche dhaago me piro li
Baaton ki rangoli se na khelun aise holi main
naa tera..

O.. kisi ka toh hoga hi tu
Kyun na tujhe main hi jeetun
Khule khabon me jeete hain, jeete hain baawre

Mann ke dhaage, o mann ke dhaage
Dhaage pe saanwre
Dhaage pe saanwre
Hai likha mene tera hi, tera hi, tera hi to naam re

Ras bundiya nayan piya raas rache
Dil dhad dhad dhadke shor mache
Yun dekh sek sa lag jaaye
Main jal jaaun bas pyaar bache

Aise dore daale kaala jaadu naina kaale
Tere main hawaale hua seene se laga le
Aa.. main tera...
O.. dono dheeme dheeme jalein
Aaja dono aise milein
Zameen pe laage, na tere, na mere paanv re

Manva laage.. manva laage
Laage re sanware
Laage re sanware
Le tera hua jiya ka, jiya ka, jiya ka ye gaanv re

Rahoon main tere naino ki, naino ki,
naino ki hi chaanv re...
Le tera hua jiya ka, jiya ka, jiya ka ye gaanv re
Rahoon main tere naino ki, naino ki,
naino ki hi chaanv re...

Amber: Okay Simran, so what did you actually want?

Simran: Come on! (She takes Amber and Abhi is left on his own.)

Abhi: Okay, fine leave me. Is this how it is when we get married? (Abhi walks off and Kokila looks on as Simran and Amber walk away.)

Amber: (She enters the room where Prem is.) Who is this?

Simran: This is Prem.

Amber: Oh my future brother-in-law.

Simran: No. This is your sister’s future husband. (Amber is shocked.) Please Amber, Pia loves this man. You can get married to any other person. Simran has no one, only him. Save your sisters love and her heart. Please let your sister marry her love, Prem.

Amber: Why can’t I marry Abhi?

Simran: It is not allowed. Prem, tell her everything.

It goes to a scene with Mina walking towards Oldfield.

Mina: Oh god, it is so dark. I wonder if it was actually Pia. I think I saw Amber in the hall so I don’t think it was her. I will only find out who it is when I go. I wonder what they want. I just hope my Pia and Amber are safe always and they should be now since I am back. Radha has no problems but I always worry about Pia and Amber after what happened. No mother wants to see their children hurt. I will want me to be hurt than them. But let’s see.

Radha is sitting down on her own and Sachin comes and sits next to her.

Sachin: Hello princess.

Radha: Hi Dad.

Sachin: Wow, every time I did that to Pia and Amber they would tell me off and say stop treating me like a child, but you?

Radha: Probably because I never got that said from a dad. (He hugs her.) Please, I never want to leave this house again. Please stay with me.

Sachin: I will always stay with you Radha. You are my world. I love you so much. I would do anything for my 5 children. Anything. Literally anything.

Radha: I know you do!

It goes to Amber, Simran and Prem.

Amber: I can’t believe it, my sister who I thought told me everything, said nothing to me. I can’t let my sister get hurt.

Simran: So let her marry Prem.

Amber: But if we talk to Ba, I am sure she will understand.

Simran: She probably won’t. I wouldn’t want to take the risk. And when she comes to know about this, she will be so proud of you that you gave up your love for your sister.

Amber: Okay I will do this. I can do this.

Prem: Thank you so much Amber.

Simran: Don’t get too happy, Pia might not want to see you.

Prem: I will try and try again. I will do anything for Pia. And I know I will make her happy.

Amber: I will tell Abhi now and then we will tell everyone later. We will just make a reason up why we didn’t want to get married.

Simran: Okay. I am proud of you.

Amber: You don’t need to be, even if you said don’t do it, I was going to do it anyway. After the garba I will tell everyone. (Amber caught sight of the machine.) What is that?

Prem: I will explain later.  We should go, I will get the readings. (The machine goes off. Outside the room, Kokila quickly runs from the door to the side of the entrance to the staff room. Simran and Amber walk out from the room and Kokila goes inside.)

Kokila: What are you doing?

Prem: (Prem turns around and is shocked to see Kokila.) Aunty. I am Prem. Abhi’s brother. I might as well tell you. I am doing work to find out the killer of Jay.

Kokila: Oh. Have you found anything out?

Prem: Well this hair we should on Jay could be the killer’s hair but we have to find out. Do you want to know if it is Amber or Pia? I don’t think it is them, but just need to clear their name.

Kokila: Could you tell me after you read it?

Prem: Okay. (He reads the paper and is confused.)

Kokila: What did you find out?

Prem: Well, it isn’t them but it is someone who is closely related to them. If it isn’t Amber, Pia, Raj or Simran, who is it?

Kokila: I don’t know. I am now confused. But I need to discuss something with you.

Prem: Go ahead.

Kokila: Do you love my granddaughter?

Prem: (He drops the paper.) What?

Kokila: I want to know.

Prem:  Well, it is a bit embarrassing but yes I do.

Kokila: And you want to marry her?

Prem: Of course I do. But I just feel a bit bad for Amber.

Kokila: Why?

Prem: Well it seems she really likes Abhi, but she can’t have him since he is my brother.

Kokila: I know that back in the day, those rules were not allowed and it was a bit weird for that to happen but now it is different. Everything has changed. I don’t care what community thinks, all I want it what’s best is for my granddaughters because I love them so much.

Prem: I care about both of them as well. I want whats best for them.

Kokila: So you will marry Pia and Amber will marry Abhi. That is my final verdict.

Prem: (He goes up to her and touches her feet.) Thank you so much.

Kokila: May god bless you always! (Abhi enter the room.)

Abhi: Sorry ba, I thought this was the toilet. What are you doing here Prem?

Kokila: Come in, I need to tell you something.

It goes to a scene with Amber and Simran.

Amber: I don’t know how to tell Abhi. What do I say?

Simran: (She gets a call.) Hello. (She listens to the person on the other end and smiles. She puts the phone down.) No need to tell Abhi. He is already gone. You will have to tell him later.

Amber: Oh. (She sighs.)

Simran: We are at a garba, and we haven’t done any garba yet. Come on.

Amber: Okay.

Kajal: (She comes to them.) And I will join you. Let’s go.

The garba music starts and they start to do garba in a circle with the other women. It then goes to a scene with Mina and she is walking to Oldfield and has finally arrived.

Mina: Hello! (Pia appears and touches her. Mina jumps.) You scared me Pia. Why did you call me here?

Pia: I need to know something. You said to Amber, you would do anything for us. Even if it was the biggest thing, you would do it.

Mina: Yes, and that still stands today. Even at this point.

Pia: Would you kill rapist Jay if he was going to hurt us? (Mina is shocked.)

Mina: What?

Pia: Would you? Jay was going to come on to Amber. Would you kill him?

Mina: What are you talking about?

Pia: I will tell you everything; I have finally figured it out.

It goes to a scene with Amber, Kajal and Simran.

Simran: That was fun.

Kajal: Next one is Dhandyas.

Simran: This one everyone has to do. (Simran gathers Sachin, Devesh, Raj, Mahi, Radha, Kokila and Shashi.) I can’t find everyone but we all will do Dhandyas.

The music starts to play and all the family do Dhandyas. Prem and Abhi peak inside the hall.

Abhi: This will be our family one day. It will be great.

Prem: Yes, they look so happy. We will be a part of it.

They start to think of everyone dancing and the whole family do a dance to Bole Chundiya. 


Bole Chudiyan Bole Kangana
Haay Main Ho Gayi Teri Saajna
Tere Bin Jiyo Naiyyo Lagda Main Te Margaiyaan
Lehja Lehja Dil Lehja Lehja Soniye Lehja Lehja
Lehja Lehja Dil Lehja Lehja Soniye Lehja Lehja
Bole Chudiyan Bole Kangana
Haay Main Ho Gayi Teri Saajna
Bole Chudiyan Bole Kangana
Haay Main Ho Gayi Teri Saajna
Tere Bin Jiyo Naiyyo Lagda Main Te Margaiyaan
Lehja Lehja Dil Lehja Lehja Soniye Lehja Lehja
Bole Chudiyan Bole Kangana
Haay Main Ho Gaya Tera Saajna
Tere Bin Jiyo Naiyyo Lagda Main Te Mar Jaava
Lehja Lehja Soniye Lehja Lehja Dil Lehja Lehja

Haay Haay Main Mar Jaava Mar Jaava Tere Bin
Ab To Meri Raatein Kati Taare Gin Gin 
Bas Tujhko Pukara Kare Meri Bindiya Ishaara Kare
Lashkara Lashkara Teri Bindiya Ka Lashkara 
Aise Chamke Jaise Chamke Chand Ke Pass Sitaara
Meri Payal Bole Tujhe Jo Roothe Manaye Tuhje
Oh Sajan Ji Haan Sajan Ji
Kuch Socho Kuch Samjho Meri Baat Ko
Bole Chudiyan Bole Kangana
Haay Main Ho Gaya Tera Saajna
Tere Bin Jiyo Naiyyo Lagda Main Te Mar Jaava
Lehja Lehja Soniye Lehja Lehja Dil Lehja Lehja

Apni Maang Suhaagan Ho Sang Hameshaa Sajan Ho
Aake Meri Duniya Mein Wapas Na Jaana
Sehra Baand Ke Maahi Tu Mere Ghar Aana
Soni Kithi Soni Aaj Tu Lagdi Weh
Bas Mera Saath Yeh Jodi Teri Sajdi Weh
Roop Aisa Suhana Tera Chand Bhi Deewaana Tera
Ja Re Oh Ja Joothe Teri Gala Hum Na Mane 
Kyon Taare Se Karta Hai Tu Humko Sab Kuch Jaane
Meri Dil Ki Dua Yeh Kahe Teri Jodi Salamat Rahe
Oh Sajan Ji Oh Sajanji Yunhi Bite Saara Jeevan Saath Mein
Bole Chudiyan Bole Kangana
Haay Main Ho Gaya Tera Saajna
Tere Bin Jiyo Naiyyo Lagda Main Te Mar Jaava
Lehja Lehja Soniye Lehja Lehja Dil Lehja Lehja
Lehja Lehja Soniye Lehja Lehja Dil Lehja Lehja
Aaja Hiriye Ja Ja Ranjhda 
Aaja Hiriye Ja Ja Ranjhda 
Lehja Lehja Soniye Lehja Lehja Dil Lehja Lehja
Lehja Lehja Soniye Lehja Lehja Dil Lehja Lehja
Na Judaa Honge Hum
Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Ghum


It goes back to Prem and Abhi.

Prem: That is the dream. (They look as they see the family dance.)

Abhi: Let’s go. (They go back into the classroom.)

It goes back to Mina and Pia.

Pia: That night, Jay said he couldn’t want it, but he called Amber. Amber, being innocent back then went up the stairs. Jay pushed hence the marks on her arm. He then dragged her to her bed hence the marks on her arm and legs. Then he tried to take her clothes off hence the ripped dress. Amber has always been in contact with you and you wanted a big reunion so you came to the house trying to make your say. You went around the back as that is where Amber said to meet you.

Mina: One second.

Pia: Just let me finish. As all this happened you went up the stairs and went into the room and you saved Amber from Jay. He then ran from the room to the top of the stairs and then you stabbed him and pushed him from the top of the stairs. You saved Amber, but you killed a man. What do you have to say for yourself?

Mina: You have this all wrong. You have got the wrong end of the stick.

Pia: Oh, please. Now you return back to our lives when you are the one who ruined it.

Mina: Okay fine, I admit it. I did kill Jay. (Pia is shocked.) I did it to save my whole family. I saved Amber, I saved Simran, I saved everyone’s dignity. I saved everyone and you should be happy about that not telling me off.

Pia: You are lying. I have brought you here because you have saved someone from prison. I know it is not you. Then who was it? Who killed Jay? Was it Amber? (Mina’s eyes get bigger and she is shocked.) Oh my god, my sister is the killer. She killed Jay.

Mina: No, she isn’t.

Pia: Don’t lie to me! Please don’t! Do you know who it is? (Mina is silent. Pia screams.)Just tell me!

Mina: I do know. Okay, I know. But please don’t force me to say. I can’t say. I just can’t.

Pia: Please mum, just tell me. Please, I beg of you. Just tell me.

Mina: What would you do if I did tell you?

Pia: Nothing, I just want to clear my name off everything. (Pia’s phone rings. She shows the person who is calling to Mina.) Is this the killer? (We cannot see who the killer is yet though as they don’t show who is calling. Mina nods. She answers the phone.) Yes. I am coming back. I can hear you are having a fun time. I need to tell you something. (She puts the phone down.)

Mina: Now you know, don’t tell anyone.

Pia: I want to know why they did it and then I will decide.

Mina: Please, don’t do anything you are going to regret.

Pia: I won’t mum. I have finally found out who killed Jay but it was someone who I wasn’t expecting. (Pia starts to cry and falls to her knees.)

Mina: (She gets down next to her and holds her.) Don’t worry beta. Everything will be alright. (Pia cries and cries and starts screaming and Mina cries next to her. The camera pans out and it shows them crying in the middle of the playground.)

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