Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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4. Episode 4

Kajal and Devesh are in the dining room having snacks.

Kajal: Okay in 5 days time it is mother’s day and now that mum and dad have left, we need to make sure everything is low key.

Devesh: You are right. Raj has been so upset the last 5 months and also always blaming it on his sister.

Kajal: If only we can find them, but where can we find them? Where are they?

Devesh: I just wish mum would off tell us, she would have told us.

Kajal: I have an idea. Mum and dad won’t be faced down in society so if we go to the wedding tomorrow then we can find them or even find out where they live.

Devesh: One problem. We can’t leave the kids home; they will kill each other alive.   

Kajal: I’m sorry to say but this is all Mina’s fault. If they didn’t find out we could have all together brought a big house and then also Raj wouldn’t have blamed his sister for what happened.

Simran: (She is the living room, she is talking to herself.) I need to bring back Raj and his grandparents. He has really missed them. I need to do this, without any disruptions. This will then make brother know what actually happened that appalling night and make sure Mina burns alive. Raj can’t do it all himself and he can’t organize this all by himself. That’s why I have to do it.

Kajal: (It goes back to the scene with Kajal and Devesh.) This mother’s day we will hold a party, we will find out where they are and we will make sure they come in the hall.

Simran: (It goes back to the scene with Simran.) I am going to find out where they live. I am going to their house and telling them everything that has happened. They will have to believe me. I will then make sure that on mother’s day they come to our house and we will be re-united with our family.

Devesh: (It goes back to the scene with Devesh and Kajal.) This will be a mother’s day to remember. Simran and Raj will love us.

Simran: (It goes back to the scene with Simran.) Raj will love me again. This is the best mother’s day to beat all mothers’ day.

Raj is in his room and he is looking at the photo of his grandparents.

Raj: Ba and Dada, I am going to miss you. First it is mother’s day and the next day is Dada’s birthday. How will I deal with the fact that you are not with me on those special days. I miss you so, so, so much! I just wish you will return. (He then faces God.) God, Bhagwan, I know I haven’t prayed to you and I know I made so many mistakes in my time, but please bring back my Ba and Dada. God it is all down to you. (The flower from the small temple flies away and lands on Simran’s photo.) Simran, I know I have to forgive her. But I have a feeling that we will be re-united on mother’s day.

Sachin and Amber are sitting in the living room and they are having a chat.

Sachin: It is mother’s day in 5 days time. On mother’s day, Ba would want no gifts or cards from us. She just wanted us to study and for her to be with her family forever.

Amber: Really? Then I intend to do that for you and Ba.

Sachin: I know you would really want that but you know it isn’t possible. We will soon.

Mina and Pia are in Pia’s room. Mina is combing Pia’s hair.

Mina: You know it is mother’s day, a perfect day to extract money from Sachin.

Pia: Mum that is great.  I will ask Sachin to have money so that I can give money to you and also Ba. He will feel sympathetic and give me extra cash which I will give to you.

Mina: Pia, you are so great. Just like me and your real dad. (They both laugh.)

Sachin: I am annoyed with all this. On mother’s day, it is going to be the best day for both of us.

Amber: How?

Sachin: I am leaving here.

Amber: What? You can’t leave here.

Sachin: No! You are coming with me; we are going to live in your Kaka’s house with him and your cousins.

Amber: You can’t just leave.

Sachin: WE can if we wanted to!

Amber: Yes but won’t mum just steal all the money and change the locks.

Sachin: That is all part of my plan. I have this. (He shows a booklet which is divorce papers which are signed by Mina.)  

Amber: How?

Sachin: Easy!

There is now a flashback with Mina and Pia on the bedroom on their iPads.

Sachin: (He walks in the room.) You are right.

Mina: About what?

Pia: About what?

Sachin: Pia getting the will.

Mina: (She starts smiling.) I agree.

Sachin: She is older and she is the brains of the family. She will become a doctor one day, unlike that Amber. (Mina and Pia start laughing and Sachin hands them papers.) Mina starts signing on the circles, Pia sign on the crosses.

Mina: Absolutely. (Mina signs and then gives it to Pia who also signs.)

Pia: Thank you Dad.

Sachin: You are very welcome. (It goes back to reality and back to the present time.) So now she is Mina Patel not Mina Sachin Patel, I can take the house and sell it. I will leave and then someone will buy it and it will be my brother and he will buy the house and we will live all together again.  

Amber: You are the best! (They both hug.) This is going to be the best mother’s day ever.

Sachin: This will be your first proper mother’s day with someone who loves you forever. 

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