Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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39. Episode 39

It goes to a scene with everyone at the house except Simran and Leila and Devesh. Kokila goes into Pia’s room.

Pia: Ba, I am sorry for keeping that from you all. I was trying to block it from my mind years ago and then I just forgot about it. I did sometimes remember, sorry –

Kokila: You don’t have to apologise. I know what you were trying to do.

Pia: What?

Kokila: Your mum is back, Mina is back.

Pia: What? When did you find her?

Kokila: She says she has changed.

Pia: Please don’t believe her, she will ruin us again, that was one other reason why I couldn’t tell you about Radha. I want Radha back, she is just a normal girl but I don’t want mum back.

Kokila: I know, I agree with you. You are the only person in this house that agrees with me. She is staying with us. You need to pretend that you like her.

Pia: Why?

Kokila: It will all be clear, just please do this.

Pia: I will do anything for you and do anything to get rid of her. All the things she has done to us in the past. She will not get away with this and all the things she got me involved with.

Kokila: Yes, like when she made you hate your father.

Pia: Oh, yes that. Let’s go downstairs and meet her. It is also Dhanteras. We need to celebrate this. (They go downstairs.)

It now goes to a scene with Leila and Simran in the living room.

Leila: Do you understand my thinking?

Simran: Okay, so you want me to invite one extra person to the garba, a person who I have to pretend is your nephew from your mother’s side, but he is actually a person who needs to catch the person who killed Jay.

Leila: Yes. And...

Simran: I also need to get hair samples from Amber and Pia.   

Leila: Perfect, you want to rule down your cousin sisters, the ones that looked after you.

Simran: Yes, so I have to do this. What do you think the reason this person wanted to kill him?

Leila: It could be many reasons, he could have had a love-affair with someone and they killed him. Something about his past which I don’t know. Does that make me a bad mother if I don’t know my son inside and out?

Simran: No. I kept things from my parent’s lots of times. It makes you a normal mother, other than an over-protective one.

Leila: Also, one other person hair. Mahi.

Simran: She is a suspect too. Thinking of it, I don’t even know where she was during this time. It can’t be her. (She gets a text from Mahi. She reads it.) She is pregnant as well. I just found out know.  Is that baby my brothers or his?

Leila: Simran, don’t worry, he died ages ago. It can’t be Jay’s child. Don’t worry, don’t get too tensed. You better get home. It is getting late and it is Dhanteras. I still have to make dinner and everyone is gone. You take care beta.

Simran: I will, but you need to take care too. Come on, you are celebrating Dhanteras with us.

Leila: Thank you Simran.

Simran: It’s okay.

It goes to a scene with everyone in the temple room.

Shashi: Where is Simran? She is going to miss it.

Kokila: We will have to carry on without her. Chall.

Kokila and Shashi mix the money in the sugared milk and then Pia and Amber clean the money with the water and place it on the tray. Then Raj, Mahi and Kajal put red dots on the money and they put one piece of rice on it. They then pray to God.

Amber: I will put the tikka on everyone’s forehead. (She puts the red tikka on everyone’s forehead and touches their feet and Kokila passes the sugared milk around.)

Kokila: Dhanteras is over, it is time for dinner.

Raj: Yes, let’s eat. I’ve set the table.

Mahi: I cut the salad.

Kajal: I steamed the vegetables and helped cook.

Kokila: I cooked the food with Kajal.

Shashi: I sat on the sofa and watched the cricket match. (They all laugh. They all go downstairs. Leila and Simran enter the house.)

Kokila: You just missed the Dhanteras event.

Simran: Oh, I knew we were going to be late. But don’t worry, let’s eat. I am so hungry.

Kajal: Come Leila, sit in the dining table. Food is all ready.

Leila: Thank you. 

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