Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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38. Episode 38

Mahi: The last daughter of the Patel family. (Everyone looks at Radha in shock.)

Radha: Mum. (She runs forward to her.) What are you doing here, in the middle of the playground? (She turns around and sees everyone.) Wait, what is going on here? Dada! (She runs up to him and touches his feet.) Ba! (She touches her feet and runs to her mum, Mina.) Mum, you found them, your father and mother-in-law, my grandparents.

Kokila: (Kokila walks to Mina and slaps Mina. Radha is in shock.) How dare you keep your daughter, my granddaughter away from all of us? Shame on you Mina, shame on you! And you Amber, you knew about Radha but never told us.

Amber: It was Pia who told me about her, mum was pregnant with her before she left. Pia knew about it but thought it was a dream. I am so glad it wasn’t. (She runs to her and hugs her.)

Mina: I brought her up as a proper Patel. She is my life. Please bring us back to your life. We never told the community that Sachin was divorced 4 times. Get me married to him again and let’s start over again. Be proper family, with our 3 girls.

Kokila: That will never happen. Sachin, this is not going to happen.

Sachin: I do want to spend time with my daughter. Radha come here. (Radha goes to Sachin.) Are you Radha, my daughter?

Mina: I will tell you the truth, I wanted another child, a boy so that I can take all the businesses but when I had Radha, and it was a girl, I realised that God did this so I won’t be evil. I then realised to bring this girl a good girl who is nice and will one day find you and be reunited with all of you once I died. But this is a better opportunity for us all to be reunited. Please Sachin!

Sachin: I don’t know what to do. Please someone help.

Kajal: I think this is getting out of hand. Let’s not make decisions now which could change the courses of our life.

Raj: And if we do make those decisions now, there is one important person we should ask first. Shashi. He is the oldest person in the house and should really make the decisions. Dada, what do you think? (Everyone turns to him.)

Shashi: Well, I think that Mina has changed. Maybe she should life with us. (Kokila is shocked.) Everyone deserves a second chance. We have all made mistakes and many change after having a child.

Kokila: She never changed after Pia and Amber.

Shashi: But I have a really strong feeling she has changed. She will live with us for a small period of time.

Mina: Thank you, dad!

Radha: I finally am reunited with you all.

Raj: (He walks to Kokila.) Sorry-

Kokila: Don’t worry, it isn’t your fault. You won’t be blamed. No one is at fault, everyone is just fooled, but they will realise sooner.

Mino: You can’t do this, what about me, the real bhau of the Patel family?

Radha: Save it, my mum is the true person.

Teacher 3: (Walks to the family.) Sorry to disturb your family crisis but all our pupils have watched it, maybe you need some more privacy.

Shashi: Yes, let’s go inside. I will go on the computer and make a document

Teacher 3: I will take you to a classroom.

Raj: You guys go ahead; I’m going to look for Mahi.

Amber: I’ll come with you. (They all go in different ways.) I have a feeling I know where she is. (They run to the bathrooms.) What are you doing here?

Raj: You missed everything.

Amber: Did you do it? (Mahi nods.)

Raj: Do what?

Mahi: A pregnancy test. (She smiles.) After nearly 3 years, we are finally going to have a child. (They all smile and Raj, Amber and Mahi all smile.)

Amber: I prayed to God that it wasn’t anything bad, thank God it wasn’t anything bad and it was actually a good thing.

Raj: Wait, you knew.

Amber: We better go. (They all leave.)

It goes to the classroom where everyone is there. Amber, Mahi and Raj all enter the classroom. Shashi puts the papers on the table with a pen next to it.

Shashi: Everyone has to sign it. I have already signed it. Mina, sign it. It says that you can stay with us for a week and if everything goes well we will do something else. (Mina signs it.) Everyone must sign it. (One by one everyone signs the document.)

Kajal: (Kokila is the last one to sign the document.) Mum, are you going to sign it?

Kokila: Yes. (She signs it. She then thinks this.) I will make sure that Mina does not stay here for long. She will be long before the weekends. He ThakuJi, please save our family and keep our whole family safe from that nasty woman.

Shashi: Now that that is over, you can come over to the garba celebration, 2 days time. It will be very fun. Make sure you are there.

Mina: Can’t miss that. I work here anyway so I have to come.

It now goes to the scene with Simran and Leila in Leila’s house and Leila opens the door. There is a man in a suit.

Leila: Come in. (He enters.) Did you find anything out?

Man: No, but we will find out. It just may take a long time. I’ll take your leave. (He leaves.)

Simran: What was that all about?

Leila: I’m trying to find out who killed my son, Jay.

Simran: Really, what have you found out so far?

Leila: Well, I did think you were a suspect but then I make sure you weren’t.

Simran: You can then also rule out Pia and Amber, they were with me.

Leila: I will try but I think it is best that the police find out who did this to my son. It is for the best. I need to find out how he died. He was an idiot but I just want to know how killed him and why.

Simran: You know why. Because he was trying to marry me.

Leila: No, there is another reason. If you and nearly all your family except for Pia and Amber are ruled out, then there must be another reason. And if Pia and Amber didn’t do it then there must be another reason why the person did it.

Simran: I see.

Leila: Only Devesh, Kokila, Kajal, Sachin, Shashi and me went to see Jay when he was lying on the floor. Where did the killer go? Where was everyone else? Where is the knife that killed him?

Simran: I don’t know. Wait, I thought someone pushed him.

Leila: No, he died when he was first stabed and then pushed to the wall and that is why his head was cracked. I really want to know. I can’t get to sleep until I find out.

Simran: I will help you as well.

Leila: Good. Please do. There is one thing I need from you.

Simran: What?

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