Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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36. Episode 36

Mino, Raj and Mahi are watching the big queue for lunch.

Mino: Wow, we have to wait in that.

Raj: Gosh! Forget it, let’s just go home.

Teacher2: Oh, you guys don’t worry; we get to go the quick way. (They walk around and they go inside through the doors.)

Raj: Wow! This is going to be quick. (They get a tray and go to the vegetarian section.)

Mahi: Oh my God. That looks horrible! I mean it looks very nice, thank you! (They walk across and go up the stairs.) Wow, what happens if you trip up and fall over? The food will go everywhere.

Raj: Don’t jinx it.   

Mino: Let’s go. (They go up the stairs and look at the dining hall. Everyone goes quiet.) Wow it is so big. (They slowly walk to the table.)

Mahi: (They all whisper.) SO why are they all looking at us?

Raj: Don’t worry; they probably just don’t know who we are.

Amber is walking down the corridor and finds Teacher2.

Amber: Can you help me to the dining room?

Teacher2: Yes sure. Wait, before that, I need to go to photocopier room.

Amber: Sure I will come with you. Then we can go to lunch.

Teacher2: Okay, cool. Let’s go! (They walk to the photocopier room and enter it. Mina is waiting there. They enter and are talking, she hears her and she hides under the table.)

Mina: Who is that? I can’t move now.

Amber: So what teacher are you?

Teacher2: Teacher of _____________.

Mina: (She says this under her breath.) Amber!

Teacher2: I can’t find it, let’s go.

Amber: okay. (They walk out and Mina comes up from the desk. She is crying.)

Mina: My daughter Amber! She is here. (She wipes her tears and walks out the room.)

It goes straight to the scene at home, Kokila, Shashi, Kajal, Devesh and Sachin are in the dining room eating lunch.

Kajal: We haven’t done this in a while, just us sitting here eating. The kids normally take over.

Sachin: Bhabi, you’re right. But having kids aren’t bad.

Kajal and Kokila: Okay it is hard!

Sachin: Not having the kids. Just afterwards.

Kajal and Kokila: Even worse!

Kajal: It was all right for you men. We had to look after the kids.

Devesh: I used to look after Simran.

Kajal: Yeah I think for 3 weeks.

Sachin: Yeah and I stayed with Raj for a couple of days and I used to play with him when he was young.

Devesh: It was fun, we just played.

Sachin: I did that with Pia and Amber also. Just play games or go to the park. It was fun.

Shashi: I hardly used to play with you two boys.

Sachin: At least it was equal. I would be annoyed if you had more fun with Devesh than me.

Pia: (She is hiding behind a big pillar and she has tears in her eyes.) Kaka, you never spent time with Raj. What did he do to you when he was a baby? It wasn’t his fault for anything he did. Raj has family now. He has me, and my dad who treats Raj like his son. (She walks away.)

Amber sits down with Mino, Raj and Mahi.

Amber: Hey guys. How is the lunch?

Mahi: Horribly rubbish. It is really horrible. I hope they won’t cater for the garba.

Amber: Don’t worry they won’t.

Mino: I can’t wait for the garba, I am really excited. (She stands up and walks away.)

Raj: Okay, is she actually coming?

Mahi: We might have to warn mum and dad.

Amber: I will tell Dad, don’t worry.

Mina enters and sees the table.

Mina: Oh no! I better hide my face. (She hides her face with her sari and tries to hold her plate. She then slips over and the plate falls over Mino. Mino is covered in curry and Mina falls over. Raj, Amber and Mahi laugh. )

Mina: I am sorry.

Mino: Look at me. (She looks Mino and Mino gets shocked.)

Mina: Hi, I am so sorry, I am so so sorry-.

Mino: You. (Mino grabs Mina and takes her outside and everyone runs after them. Raj, Mahi and Amber stand up.)

Amber: What the hell is wrong with her?

Raj: We need to go and see what is going on before she does something bad and ruins Simran’s garba. (The all run outside.) 

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