Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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31. Episode 31

Simran comes into the dining room while everyone is having breakfast.

Simran: We are holding a garba!

Raj: What?

Simran: Yes, everyone will be there. (She is smiling.) All in owner for Avi! (She leaves.)

Devesh: No, she cannot have one.

Raj: Why? She is very happy. I need to go to my room.

Pia: Yep, same! (They both leave the table. They go upstairs to his room.) Okay so we are agreed. We won’t tell anyone about what happened.

Raj: Yep, Devesh killing Avi. We can’t tell anyone. But why would he do that?

Pia: That is why he is not happy about the garba Simran wants to hold.

Raj: We can’t tell the police but we should do something about this problem.

Pia: Okay, today we will tell him. I think he is free now. (They both go to Devesh’s room. He is in there.) We know you killed Avi.

Devesh: (He is shocked.) What? No, no, no I never.

Raj: We definitely know. Okay. Now there is no way out of this.

Devesh: Okay I did.

Raj: How could you do this? I treated you with respect and never did anything to hurt you and I thought you were still best friends.

Devesh: I did this to protect you and your sister.

Pia: How, by killing the person who is the love of her life. She actually loved him more than anyone. And you killed him.

Devesh: He was going to.... He was going to....

Raj: What?

Devesh: He was going to kill you! (Raj and Pia are shocked.) He wanted the businesses. He wanted everyone which is why he was sucking up to you. He did that to get the businesses and your money. So I protected you.

Raj: I don’t understand.

Devesh: Just get it. I have to go. So don’t tell anyone anything. (He leaves.)

Pia: So do you believe him.

Raj: I want both of them to be true. I want him to get along with me and I want my dad to protect me. So I am not angry at any of them.

Pia: Okay, but I kind of believe your dad more than Avi.

Devesh is in his car and is breathing heavily.

Devesh: Oh, no! I can’t do this anymore. I either kill Raj and Pia or I just stay in a good relationship with them. Or I tell another lie. I would still need to think of it though. Come on Devesh think?! I need to do something.  I will run the garba. I will make sure I do everything and also bring Avi and Raj closer together. They cannot find out why I killed Avi, to ruin Raj’s life.

In the hospital, Raj is sitting writing and is getting tired. One man comes up to him, called Dr Li Wang.

Li: You look tired.

Raj: Not really!  Just bored of doing the same things over and over again.

Li: Well, why don’t you take my job, the CEO position?

Raj: (He stands up.) What really?

Li: Yep, I got a better job position, so do you want it?

Raj: Yes! Yes! Yes! (They shake hands.)

Radha is home with her mum, Mina. She comes home and is tired.

Mina: Hi beta.

Radha: Mum, you look very tired.

Mina: The students got nothing and I had to teach them over and over again. Just my luck to teach the lower set.

Radha: You teach all the sets but I get it. Now I will make a nice cup of tea and then we can watch the television.

Mina: Thank you.

Mahi calls Raj.

Mahi: Hi, how are you?

Raj: Very happy. I am the CEO of the hospital.

Mahi: What, yes?

Raj: Means more money and less coming to the hospital.

Mahi: That is great and exciting. So excited for you. By the way, Simran WhatsApped me the details for the garba. We have to go to the John Lyon School to arrange the garba and talk to all the teachers.

Mina: I have to go to this garba thing on Saturday. Please come, it will be boring without you.

Radha: I will come. I never have been to garba.

Mina: Then definitely come. Great!

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