Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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30. Episode 30

It is the start of the last part of episode 29. Pia is shocked and so is Raj.

Raj: Please, just tell me the truth. I don’t want any lies. Not from this family or anyone. I just want everything to be normal. I won’t tell anyone if you tell me the actual truth. To be honest I didn’t want him around as he did hurt my sister by trying to force her to marry him.

Pia: For a moment there, I thought you found out my secret. I think the reason why I didn’t get it this time is because did something bad.

Raj: What did you do?

Pia: I eat meat.

Raj: What? That small. You ate meat.

Pia: I realised when we were doing garba and I ate meat this morning. I just wanted to try it. I think it won’t get it this time but maybe next time.

Raj: I can’t stop thinking about this case. We need to find out what is going on here.

Pia: Well I have something that can help.

Raj: What is it?

Pia: Well it isn’t something physical but really information.

Raj: Go on!

Pia: We can go to the place where Avi was killed. Go through the whole thing and find everything out. We can try that. How does that sound?

Raj: We will do that. We’ll do that this Saturday. That’s the only day that I have a day off work. I start work now.

Pia: Me too! You get some sleep, you need your concentration.

Raj: Okay, goodnight! (He leaves.)

It is the next morning and Raj is up and he is in a suit. Everyone is eating breakfast in the dining room.

Kokila: Raj, have something to eat? It is essential for you to eat something.

Raj: I am going to be late for work if I go and eat so I will just eat lunch.

Mahi: (She hands him over a box.) Here is your lunch. Make sure you eat it.

Raj: Thanks. Bye! (He leaves.)  

Pia: I will be starting my business soon so I better get things ready for that. See you guys later. (She leaves.)

Mino: (To herself.) Here I will put my plan into action by trying to leave this house and move out. (She speaks to the others.) I have an idea. I don’t we hold a Katha.  We haven’t had one on this house before. We should hold one.

Kokila: Okay, great idea. We should hold one maybe on a Saturday. I will start calling everyone.

Kajal: I can prepare the food. Mino, you can help me.

Mino: (To herself.) Oh, no! Now I will have to help out. Don’t worry Mino. You will get what you always wanted. Freedom!

On the screen, it says 5 days skip, 17:00. Mino leaves the house and Kajal is in the kitchen stirring the daal.

Kajal: Mino! (She rushes in the living room and sees Kokila standing there in shock.)

Kokila: Great day to have a kattah.  Mino and Sachin are either leaving or getting a divorce.

Kajal: What?

Kokila: It was all her plan to get out the house and it started with this Kattah. She is leaving us. I hope this. She is ruining this family.

Kajal: What are you saying? You can’t, once people find this out-

Sachin: Mum is right! We are going to get a divorce. (Mino comes in and brings the papers. She is crying.)

Mino: Please Kajal, help me stay here!

Kajal: Sorry!

Kokila: Mino, you aren’t as bad as Mina. She was the worst. But you were the other mistake we made. (Mino signs it and goes up the stairs.)

Sachin: I keep making mistakes. I just hope one of them changes.

Mina is back in a penthouse, with Radha. She is really happy.

Radha: So please stop this suspense. Tell me what you are hiding.

Mina: I am now officially a Gujarati teacher.

Radha: That is great news! (They hug.) And I am a doctor and you are a teacher.

Mina: Yep got a job at the John Lyon School. They are starting a new Gujarati program and I am running it. So I will be head of the department. Now I will be able to run your life.

Radha: Mum!

Mina: I had to borrow money from my daughter. I was that desperate. (They hug and Mina cries.)

Radha: Don’t worry! I am your daughter, I can help!

Mina: Thank you beta!

There is now a 2 year leap. Simran is in the kitchen and she is on the phone.

Simran: Yes, a garba celebration. Yes, at a school. Yes to celebrate the 3 years with my husband who I died and never do garba ever. I want to do it to remember him. Yes where is it? The Lyon John School. Oh the John Lyon School. Okay, it doesn’t sound Indian but okay. 

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