Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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3. Episode 3

Simran: Mina, your sister-in-law. I hope Dada and Ba know how much abuse I get from all of you. I just hope they know. (She leaves to go to her room.)

Kajal: I feel sorry for Simran, won’t mum and dad come back if we tell them they have left and this time they have gone, they can even see if they want.

Devesh: They never will! Never!

Kokila and Shashi have now got guests over at their house, they are Satvika and Govinda.

Satvika: So are you still keeping up with that cook book?

Kokila: Ha, it is upstairs. It is still secret.

Satvika: (She says to herself.) She is making me waste so much flour to find out how she makes those batura.

Kokila: What?

Satvika: Nothing, just thinking about your batura’s.

Kokila: My top secret recipe.

Satvika: Someone must know.

Shashi: I know!

Satvika: Great. Anyone else? Maybe you should tell someone else, someone that will not forget it.

Kokila: I already have. Kajal, she knows. (Shashi frowns and then walks out the room.)

Satvika: What happened to him?

Kokila: Nothing, just old age. He is turning like you. (She starts to laugh and they both laugh. Kokila gets up and leaves.)

Satvika: Get that recipe, I need it, okay?

Govinda: I’ll try.

Satvika: I have a better plan; maybe I should do something that will make her trust me then she would give me the recipe, if I ask.

Govinda: You are so cunning, you need to stop and slow. You don’t need that recipe. Okay?

Satvika: Okay!

Govinda: Good, now shut up and get me the mogo chip, they are great!

Simran is in her room crying.

Simran: (She is talking to herself.) I have had this for over 6 months and my parents haven’t done anything. They better do something otherwise I will get really angry. (Her phone rings. She picks it up.) Hello?

Hiral: Hi cousin! How are you?

Simran: I am fine! You?

Hiral: I am having a big dilemma. I am 25 years old. That means marriage! Arranged marriage!

Simran: I am quite busy, do you mind if we talk soon.

Hiral: No, we need to talk about this. We need your Ba to move to India so I can pick the person I want to share the rest of my life with.

Simran: I don’t care, my Ba isn’t here.

Hiral: Where is she?

Simran: (She starts panicking.) She already went India!

Hiral: That’s good then, I will see soon. I have a problem I’ll call you and if you have a problem I will try and seem like I care.

Simran: Thanks(!) Bye.

Hiral: Okay bye! (Simran puts the phone down.)

Amber goes to the kitchen for dinner and Mina and Pia are already there. The cook is giving the food out.

Amber: Where is Dad?

Mina: He is coming, not just sit. See he is here. (Sachin comes and sits down.) Hi, how was work?

Sachin: Fine. How are my girls?

Amber: Good Dad!

Pia: Rubbish! I need more clothes.

Amber: Pia, shut up! Save money, you need to do that more!

Sachin: Anyway, I wrote my will today.

Mina: (She starts to smile.) That’s great. I think it is good to do that. To whom are you giving it to?

Sachin: Amber!

Mina: What?

Pia: What about me!

Amber: Thank you dad, you didn’t have too! Really! But thank you!

Mina: Have you lost it?! Pia is older; she is getting places in life, and Amber she is going know where. Why are you giving it to her?

Sachin: To give Amber support! It is final, I am giving it to Amber whether you like it or not!

Mina: Shut up! (She starts to cry and then run away, Pia follows her.)

Amber: You won’t take the will, will you?

Sachin: Don’t worry! I won’t! (They hug each other.)

Amber: I love you Papa.

Sachin: Love you too beta! (He starts to get tears in his eyes.) Now let’s eat.

Amber: (She is thinking this.) Yes, now the will is mine, once the will goes through, I will also be in charge of the house and bring back Ba, Dada, Kaka, Kakie and also my cousins. We are going to have so much fun.

Simran goes in to the temple room and prays to God.

Simran: (She is talking to God.) My life is ruined. I get beaten up every day for something I didn’t do. I hate my life. I got to stay though, only for society but soon I will leave and never come back. Just please God give me strength until my Ba and Dada come back.

Raj: (Raj is hearing what she is saying and he is thinking this.) I know sis you didn’t do this, but I have to blame someone, but when that cow of a Kakie comes back she will die. I am going to kill her! I don’t care to go to jail. She can never put someone through pain especially my grandparents. How dare she? She will be gone; she will be no more soon! Dead!  

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