Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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28. Episode 28 - Aftermath

Simran is in the living room in white. Amber and Pia find her and go to her. They are also wearing white.

Amber: Simran, are you okay? (Simran doesn’t answer.)

Pia: Don’t worry; you won’t get blamed for anything.

Simran: It’s not that either.

Pia: What is it then?

Simran: I have to go through everything, the police. And now everyone else like you guys have to go through everything. And it is my entire fault.

 Amber: Don’t worry! We don’t care, as long as we are not guilty, we can’t get in trouble.

Pia: Exactly and, Pia and I didn’t kill that stupid guy. He was an idiot to everyone so it could be everyone. Don’t worry; we are here so nothing will happen to you or anyone.

It now goes to a scene with Kokila, Shashi and Devesh in the dining room.

Kokila: Shashi, Devesh, in two days time it will be Navratri. Do you think we should attend?

Devesh: I don’t know. Someone just died.

Kokila: Not even died, murdered.

Devesh: Exactly, more the reason why we shouldn’t attend.

Shashi: I think we should. God has done everything on the right path and we should praise the lord for even all the good things that has happened.

Kokila: Exactly.

Shashi: We are definitely attending with Mino and Sachin.

Devesh: Okay if you want. Let’s just hope and pray there are no more dramas in this house. I just can’t deal with it any more.

Kokila: I can’t either. I want everything to go back to the way it was.

Shashi: Kokila everything changes. Nothing stays the same. I just hope it is good change from now on.

Kokila: I want happiness. I want health and wealth.

Pia: (Pia, Amber and Simran arrive at the dining room.) Good morning, what’s for breakfast?

Devesh: Help yourself to anything in the kitchen. (Pia and Amber go to the kitchen and Simran sits down.)

Simran: Can I just say something? You guys are thinking of going to garba, but won’t people look down on me because I am not still living with my in-laws.

Shashi: No one will say anything. They were the ones saying you have to leave when you did nothing wrong.

Kokila: Hopefully everyone knows you are not guilty and no one knows how he died so we must keep that top secret.

Simran: Okay thanks.

Kokila: And we are going tomorrow so everything should be fine.

Pia: (She enters the room.) What are you guys talking about?

Simran: The garba, we are attending tomorrow and all nights.

Pia: I am not up for it.

Kokila: Pia, I know why.

Pia: Why?

Kokila: It is because of Mata Ji. You should be blessed that you are the chose one. Many people want this to happen to them but they don’t get it. You should be happy.

Pia: Fine I will come, but only on the start of the garba and the end of garba, athon.

Simran: You are so lucky.

Amber: (Amber comes in.) And I am so happy that I have a sister like that. She can guide me and help me through life.

Pia: Yep! Lucky me!

Kajal: (She enters. She brings a big bowl of food and toast. Mahi comes and brings cups and a jug of water and Raj comes in and brings plates.) There you go, let’s have breakfast. (They all sit down.)

Amber: Where is dad and mum?

It now goes to a scene Mino in her room. Sachin is there but then goes downstairs.

Mino: (She says this to herself.) I need to find out a way of getting out of this place. I don’t know how Kajal and Mahi live here. Especially with Kokila, she is so annoying. I need to think of something. I need to cause a drama in the house which will make them realise that I can move house. It is annoying because I can’t do something really bad. I need to do something not so bad but good at the same time. Even though I hate Kajal, I feel sorry for her. She has to deal with her in-laws for a long time. On top of that, when she just got married, she wasn’t allowed to go anywhere, out for dinner or anything. I feel sorry for the poor cow. Maybe I can include her in the plan so we all can move out which will make us both happy. I need to think of it which is the problem. I better go downstairs. (She walks out her room and then down the stairs and into the kitchen.) Smells nice!

Kokila: Yep it was, you could have helped out a bit but no, it is okay. You don’t need to if you don’t want to.

Mino: Sorry mum, I will next time.

Kokila: Or next year.

Mino: What are you all talking about?

Kokila: Garba, we are all going.

Mino: (She is thinking to herself.) Oh God. I have to now get dressed in Indian clothes and look like a nice daughter-in-law in front of Chovis Gham. Kill me now!

It now goes to a scene with Mina. She is in her house.

Mina: (She is talking to herself.) I am so happy that my beta got into university. But I really miss her, so much. Maybe I will call her. No I shouldn’t. She has lessons. I miss her. The television isn’t working so I can’t watch that and I have no one to go to. If she was here then she would help me. (The phone rings.) It better not be a telemarketer. (She picks it up and talks through the phone.) Hello.

Radha: (She is on the other end of the phone and she is in her dorm.) Hi mum!

Mina: Radha! I missed you so much. I can’t believe you’re calling me. I was going to but I didn’t want to disturb you. How are you?

Radha: Don’t worry, I am on a break. I am fine, loving university and life here. I met friends and we are in the same room.

Mina: That is very good. Have you taken medication and are you eating well?

Radha: Yep I have. And I am cooking for everyone, but they get to do the dirty work. Just like you told me.

Mina: I remember. (There is a flashback with Kokila and Mina.)

Kokila: Always teach your children to cook, this means that there roommates do all the chopping and pealing while you just cook and then relax.

Mino: Okay mum, stop telling me things. It is stupid. (The flashback ended.) I hope I will see you soon.

Radha: You will, I know you are bored by yourself so I have brought you a flat near my university. It is big and very nice. I know you are bored as Tim left you but you will be with me then.

Mina: You didn’t have to do all of that, but thank you. Actually I was bored by myself so it is good that I am moving.

Radha: You will be able to have everything Wi-Fi and everything. TV cables and everything will be in the flat.

Mina: Thank you. I will pack and get in a taxi. You meet me there.

Radha: Great plan. Today at six o’clock. So we can have dinner together. I will cook your favourite.

Mina: Thank you, bye!

Radha: Bye!

Mina: (Talking to herself.) I should have listened to mum’s ideas. They were really good. I do miss her now she isn’t here.     

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