Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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21. Episode 21

It is now a 2 months skip. Pia and Amber enter Raj’s room.

Pia: So how was your date with Mahi?

Amber: Yeah bro how was it?

Raj: It was really good. We had so much fun and I had candy floss.

Amber: What, where did you go exactly?

Raj: The fun fare. It was fun; I will take you there and Simran.

Pia: Not a chance, you have to worry about your wedding, it is in 4 days time. You excited!

Raj: Yeah! Really excited, trust me!

Amber: So today you are going to relax as tomorrow and the next day and the next day after that you will be busy.

Raj: Okay!

Pia: Tomorrow is Mendi Night, then it is Vidi and then finally the wedding.

Raj: Okay, everything is going to be here except the wedding.

Amber: Yep! I am so excited. When we were young we were never invited to weddings, then I had to go university so I didn’t attend any weddings and now no one is getting married so this is the first wedding I am actually going to.

Raj: Get excited and you will all be a part of it. Get your outfits out.

Pia: We will leave you see you soon.

Raj: Bye!

Amber: Bye! (Amber and Pia leave.)

Kokila, Shashi, Kajal and Mino all enter his room.

Kokila: Hello Raj.

Raj: Hi Ba. What are you guys doing here?

Kajal: Just making sure you are okay with tomorrow, we just need to talk about the wedding and stuff.

Raj: Okay, what is it?

Mino: I know a lot about since I recently got married.

Shashi: And what a wedding it was? His third. Let’s just make sure you keep him close and never let him go as he tends to do that.

Mino: Yes Dad. (Kokila and Kajal giggle.) Anyways, as I was saying, I will tell you everything. Mendi night is where the Mendi is put on the girls and guests hands.  Then it is the Vidi, which is where you pray. Then it is the wedding and don’t worry, the priest will be there to explain everything. Then we all go home and welcome the girl into the house as you are not having a reception.

Shashi: Well yes it is like that but you need to talk in dept.

Raj: Guys, don’t worry. I just want to go with the flow.

Kajal: Great plan. Let’s just all go and get prepared. (They all leave, but Kokila stays behind.)

Kokila: What are you going to wear that day?

Raj: The wedding day, I don’t know.

Kokila: Come with me. (They go into the Kokila’s room and she goes through her wardrobe.) This is the suit I want you to wear. (She gets it out and Raj is shocked.)

Raj: Wow Ba, did you pick it?

Kokila: I had you measured before I went to India and as you aren’t going to grow anymore I decided to get you one for the wedding. Do you like it?

Raj: I love it Ba. (He goes and hugs her.) I will wear it for my wedding.

Kokila: No this is for your Mendi night. (She gets two more suits out.) This one is for you Vidi. This is one is for you wedding. (The suits get better and better and Raj is happy. He hugs her again.)

Raj: Ba, you have the best taste in fashion. This is great stuff. Thank you so so so so so so much!

Kokila: You are very welcome, don’t worry. With me here, the wedding will be great. (Raj takes the outfits and they go to his room.)

It now goes to a scene with Pia, Amber and Sachin with the guards and servants.

Pia: Now you need to make sure that nothing goes wrong for these days.

Amber: It needs to be perfect and serve everyone. Guards, if anyone enters without a guest card then report it immediately.

Sachin: Make sure nothing goes wrong and keep these phones and call us if there are any problems. (He hands them the phones.) Now go. (They all leave.)

Pia: Well we really sorted them out.  

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