Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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20. Episode 20

Raj and everyone is sitting for dinner and Simran and Avi are there as well. Devesh and Shashi come to the table.

Devesh: Hey Avi, you are here for dinner.

Avi: Yes! (I’ll sit next to you.)

Pia: He is only here because Raj is getting married!

Shashi: Great, we can now plan the wedding. (They all laugh. Devesh is talking with Avi about things.)

Amber: Kaka did you hear, Raj is getting married. You son is getting married.

Devesh: Great, let’s get this wedding over with.

There is a flashback. Simran and everyone are around the table.

Simran: So Dad, do you like Avi?

Devesh: Yes, let’s make this wedding big and amazing. Big everything! 

It goes back to the original scene.

Devesh: Everything the girl pays, everything for us is on the cheap. We already had a big wedding for Avi’s. We won’t have a reception so it is fine.

Everyone stares around and feel uncomfortable but Devesh and Avi still carry on talking. Raj eats a bit and then leaves the table. Pia, Amber and then Simran all leave the table and follow him. Raj is in his room and he is on his laptop.

Pia: Are you okay?

Simran: Don’t pay any attention to him!

Raj: No, the truth time, he is remembering what I said ages ago. I said I want a cheap wedding with no reception as I don’t want to make a fool out of myself, and no speeches.

Simran: Really?

Raj: Yes, I am just on my computer looking for where to go for the place we are going.

It is now the next day and Raj is waiting outside. Then a car comes. Mahi comes out.

Mahi: Okay, you all set.

Raj: I got directions if we ever get lost.

Mahi: We don’t need it.

Raj: Why?

Mahi: Well, the place I said we are going is not the real place we are going to.

Raj: Where are we going?

Mahi: You will find out.

Raj: Tinted windows, great, I will never know where we are going.

It now goes to a scene with Radha and Dillip in the shop, he has finished telling his story.

Dillip: Great story!

Radha: Yeah, so good, it doesn’t seem true.

Dillip: Don’t worry, that is the life of them.

Radha: So why don’t they like my mum, why don’t they like her? What has she done so badly? Why is my mum in a council flat, she used to say she had money and she was rich?

Dillip: I am so sorry, but it isn’t my place to say it. You should ask her only if you want though. I can’t say. Let’s just say she lost it somehow.  

Radha: Okay, well I will go. Bye Dillip Uncle. (She leaves.)

Dillip: Bye beta. Good luck for your letter.

It now goes to a scene at Radha’s council flat. She goes to the table and there is a big letter for her. Mina comes to her.

Mina: That is your letter, the letter that will determine if you get into medical school. Nervous?

Radha: You bet, I am so scared. I just hope I get in.    

Mina: Don’t worry, you are so smart. (Radha opens the letter.) Well, did you get in.

Radha: Not only that I got a scholarship! (Mina and Radha start crying and they get excited.) I am going to be a doctor.

Mina: Dr Radha Patel Gill.

Radha: Wow, a doctor! (They hug and both of them are excited.)

Mina: And I don’t have to pay, we can use that money for a car or something for you.

Radha: No mum, use all the money you have for the house. The house you really want. Use it all on that don’t give me any of it.

Mina: Thank you, but you do need a car and driving classes, so we will work extra hours for that and then buy the house. Your education is the most important.

Radha: Thank you so much mum and I will still support you with money, like I said, I don’t want to get married, I want to support you forever. Thank you so much! (They hug.)   

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