Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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2. Episode 2

There is now a six month leap. They live in the same house. The show starts with Raj in his room doing his homework and Kajal comes in.

Kajal: How are your studies?

Raj: Fine!

Kajal: After you are done, have a shower and then get into your night wear.

Raj: Okay fine! Now please go! (She leaves and goes into her room.)

Devesh: How was Raj?

Kajal: Getting worse. He needs to forgive and forget. How will Simran feel?

Devesh: WE need to make sure HE keeps our secret. We will be looked down in society if we do.

Kajal: It is kind off Simran’s fault. She is at fault. She should have told us and then this all would have not happened.

Devesh: He really misses them. He will never forget them. Now everything is ruined. Simran is not going university, she is bad girl now. Raj is acting up and annoying everyone. Now it is just us.

Kajal: We can do this, we can make sure no harm comes to us and that no one will find out about this all.

Simran is in her bedroom, she is filling out forms and texting people. Kajal enters her room.

Kajal: Simran, what are you doing?

Simran: Filling out forms to get in to medicine.

Kajal: If you told us we would have got you into the pharmacy.

Simran: I can’t do that. Raj needs it. Just in case. He is going to get somewhere.

Kajal: It doesn’t matter; he will make it, you I’m sorry to say won’t.

Simran: Thanks a lot.

Kajal: We have to be realistic. Come on.

Simran: Okay. (They both hug.)

It goes to someone else called Mina, she lives in a big house with 2 girls and her husband. Pia is 16 years old and Amber is younger, 10 years old.

Mina: Pia, Pia!

Pia: (She comes down the stairs.) Yes mum, what do you want?

Mina: I got you something. (She gives her a present. She grasp’s it and unwraps it.) It’s the newest edition mobile. Throw your iPhone 5s away and have this iPhone 5c.

Pia: It is about time.

Sachin: (He comes in.) Mina, why are you giving her expensive things?

Mina: I can buy anything she wants, and you can’t tell me what to do?

Sachin: I earn the money, you don’t.

Mina I don’t care. Come on Pia. (They both go upstairs.)

Sachin: (He says to himself.) Bro, I wish you were here. I am in this big house just us three, when you are living with mum and dad. You deserve this big house. I need a way to get my brother back.

Amber: (At the same time, Amber is saying this to herself.) Kaka, I miss you even though I have never met you, we need to meet. You seem so nice. I want to reunite with my family and also meet my grandparents.

Kokila: (At the same time, Kokila is saying this to herself.) My sons, daughters, granddaughters and grandsons, I miss you all. I love you all. Even if you don’t know me, I love you all. WE live here alone but I want to be with you just like Raj said. I want to live in a big house. (There is a flashback of Shashi slapping Sachin.) I miss you and I know Raj misses us. I hope we can all reunite as one. Be together again.

Shashi: (At the same time, Shashi is saying this to himself.) Raj, Simran, Devesh, Kajal and Amber I miss you all. I want to return but I can’t after all I have done to you all. Raj, I miss you the most, my favourite grandson even though you will say only grandson. You will always be the best in my eyes. I just hope you don’t blame it on your sister Simran.

It quickly changes to Raj slapping Simran.

Raj: What are you doing, get lost you idiot? You really upset dada; we will never see him again because of you.

Simran: I’m sorry-

Raj: Shut up!

Shashi: (It is back to him.) I hope someone knows the reason I left.

Kajal: (It goes back to her.) I know Simran is at fault but don’t hit her.

Raj: If I could leave I would but I can’t, I don’t know where to go, I don’t know where my grandparent are.

Shashi: (It goes back to him know.) I just hope you know I always love you. I would write but I can’t because he might see it.

Simran: (It is back to that scene.) He didn’t give you his address. He just left.

Raj: All because of you. (He slaps her again. Simran starts to cry.) Good! (Raj leaves.)

Simran: Mum, Dad, I hope you know how much I care about you, because have to deal with this everyday because I can’t tell him the real reason why they moved house. Mina!

Pia: (It goes to the scene with Mina and Pia in Mina’s bedroom.) Mum, will I ever meet my real dad?

Mina: One day, once he becomes a millionaire from Sachin’s money, he will return taking you and me.

Pia: What about Amber?

Mina: She is a daddy’s girl. As long as you agree with me, you will get everything. Like now you got an iPhone 5c and your only 9 years old.

Pia: You’re right.

Mina: This still has to be our secret. Sachin will one day break and move to his old house, and we will leave here with your dad. Time will come!


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